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I called Telus a few months ago to demand they take off the $4.95 fee for LD. After arguing a bit, they agreed to do it only when I threatened to cancel my Telus account. This morning, I looked at my Telus phone bill and noticed the $2.95 fee because of 1 LD call I made last month.

I called Shaw this morning and signed up for their residential "Lite" phone service as I rarely call LD(I use skype). Not only will my monthly phone bill be $30 less, I'll also get a $8.95 reduction in the cost of my Shaw X-treme speed Internet connection.

Just wish I had done this months ago.
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Originally Posted by asif9t9 View Post
Just noticed this extra $1.25 on my Bell bill. We pay for the most minimum phone plan. No frills, etc. I guess now we have to pay an extra $1.25 month when we decide to make a long distance call.

Is there a consensus on who has the cheapest landline? Our Bell landline is $25.72/month. Includes 911 and the ever-popular touch-tone service. And then add tax. Is that as cheap as it gets?
I just have a standard phone line from Bell. No other features, no LD plan. It's now 24.83 a month down from 25.05 a few months ago. That includes touch tone service. I wonder if I can get that taken off
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I just called Telus this morning to say that I was considering cancelling my service and switching to Shaw. Out of the blue I was offered the same no frills plan at a reduced cost of $16.95 per month instead of the $23.90 I'm currently paying (this excludes LD as I cancelled this as soon as the addition $2.95 LD charge appeared).

If I want LD and Caller Display she offered me a $22.00 per month plan!!
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Telus sucks

Hey guy I hear where you are coming from we switched our LD service from telus to shaw years ago I'd say it's was the best move we've done I went up to a guy at the telus store and I asked him how much is a basic line with no features he's like $23.95 my jawdroped and I switched my cell service from telus to rogers best move ever!!!
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Any body have any news regarding this decision or rebates?

I thought it was time to give this issue a bump.

When Telus dreamed up this blatant end-run cash grab, it infuriated many
customers who like myself left Telus to protest.

On April 17, 2008 the CRTC ruled that it indeed was an end-run cash grab
and ordered a refund to affected customers.

I have not heard any follow-up news since and have certainly not received
my refund check from Telus .

Anybody out there with some news?

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Thumbs down

We had to call Telus at my house to have it removed from our bill and the agent told us that they had been talking more to the CRTC and would be issuing credits in the October billing cycle.

I'm skeptical that the credit will come without a fight.
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Hi all,
I have been following this string and wanted to weigh in with my situation to get your thoughts.

We currently use Telus as our landline provider. We use YAK for our long distance calls. Occasionally, we make a call without using YAK - usually a house guest or someone calling home and we forget to mention the YAK process.

So since Dec 2007 we have been charged the $2.95 in 6 months (Dec, Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Oct) when we have not used Telus LD - only YAK.

In 5 months we were charged the $2.95 and did use Telus for at least one LD call (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Sep). These 1 minute calls are killing me

So for our bill on Oct 7, for services from Oct 7 to Nov 7 we did not get a refund and were charged $2.95 and did not use Telus for LD. So, no refund on the Oct billing cycle.

If I am understanding this correctly, then Telus is within there right to charge me the $2.95 for the 5 months I used Telus to make at least on LD call. They are NOT within their rights to charge me for the 6 months where I only used YAK. Is this correct?


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hey guys thanks for the post

Today was the final straw from Telus ...
Googled LD network access fee

Does anyone have a working thread to the CRTC ruling ?
As I would like to have it so when I call telus I can shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Well you want to hear a better story..
I have had a normal home line with telus since the dawn of time. Cancelled there LD plan ages ago...
And have been using yak or less2talk 10-10 number..

Any how times have been great with super cheap longdistance calls.. Then this 2.95 charge comes about ?
Call telus and there BS excuses !!!

Well i call and the lady tells me that if I use the 10-10 number they will charge me the 2.95 for the month. And if I do not use the line for telus LD then the 2.95 will be refunded next month.
I said to the lady that is the biggest BS story I have heard in my life. Basicly you are charging me and counting on that I forget about it.

Any how this magical refund never happened.. and now they charge the 2.95 even when no long distance was made..

Thanks guys
Telus is on crack
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I undestood it differently when I was on Telus, Hip.

My take was the $2.95 fee was to have LD with Telus, and that fee stood no matter if I used them for LD or not. I called Telus to have them take the fee off, and they said they would; warning me that any LD calls would be billed at the full price rate; so like 45¢ per minute within Canada.

I haven't been with Telus for ~18 months, but when I did for the previous 3 years I didn't have an additional fee on my bill. I was fortunate however to not have ever missed using the dial around number first; so maybe Telus sees LD activity and decides to throw you back on a plan.

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Telus was charging me $4.95 LD fee as I was not on a plan. When I queried them about it a couple of years ago, they basically said they were allowed to do it, so live with it. That was one of the straws that broke the camel's back for me. First opportunity, I bolted to another provider and haven't looked back.
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Hi camshaft

This link was working yesterday

But is appears that the whole CRTC website is down right now....even their homepage does not work.

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Does anyone have call guardian with Telus? If so, can you still use YAK or some other dial around service?

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Thanks myhippocket..

A couple people had posted the ctrc url and none of them seemed to work..
Then even attempting to just access the main url it was down.
Which is funny as its a government site LOL

I would like to have a actual peak at this ctrc ruling and be able to use it against Telus.
When I call to raise hell over the lies they told me.

That really pisses me off..
You call to ask about a charge on your phone and the company has to lie to you.
Make up some BS about the charge coming off next bill..
That is really sad...
Because as I said above I told the lady at Telus that was the stupidest thing I ever heard.

I guess they can do what ever they like as its almost impossible to find them again in the call center.
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just so when she goes down again
CRTC orders TELUS to rebate customers
OTTAWA-GATINEAU — The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today determined that TELUS Telecommunications Company (TELUS) was improperly charging certain customers a network-access fee. The Commission has ordered TELUS to rebate residential customers who paid this monthly fee, but did not make any telephone calls on the company’s long-distance network during the month. However, TELUS is not required to rebate customers who made long-distance telephone calls during the same month.

“When applied to customers who did not make any long-distance calls, the monthly fee was equivalent to an unauthorized increase to the residential local service rate,” said Konrad von Finckenstein, Q.C., Chairman of the CRTC. “We will use our powers whenever necessary to uphold the interests of consumers of telecommunications services, particularly in instances when companies impose unauthorized charges.”

In November 2007, TELUS began charging close to half a million customers in Alberta and British Columbia a monthly network-access fee of $2.95. These customers had not signed up for a long-distance plan, either with TELUS or another company, and the charge applied even if they did not make long-distance calls or if they made long-distance calls using only dial-around long-distance services.

Customers could have avoided paying the network-access fee by subscribing to TELUS' toll-restriction service, also known as Call Guardian in certain areas, which permits only local or toll-free calls. While there is no initial charge associated with this service for residential customers, there is a $10.00 cancellation fee. The Commission has directed TELUS to waive this cancellation fee during the next three months if a residential customer subscribed to the toll-restriction service after October 2007 and now wishes to cancel it.

The CRTC no longer regulates long-distance rates. While local telephone companies can set their long-distance plans and rates according to market conditions, TELUS is required to provide its customers with access to the long-distance network as part of its local service rates.

The CRTC is an independent, public authority that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.
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Ok guys

sitting down

So I called telus today lol

Well this is just stupid !!!

So if you are a bottom of the barrel customer basic line with no features..
ADSL being the problem..
You get a refund on your 2.95 charge.

If you are like me and have ADSL your screwed, CRTC ruled that if you have that you do not receive refund.
And telus can charge you the LD network fee


So i pulled the wild card and told the lady that I had called months ago and complainted about this. And that the person had told me I would receive a refund, but have not seen it. And was the reason I was calling..

The lady gave me a refund in total to 40 bucks.

So the only way around this guys
Is telus has a bundle out 22.00 basic phone line with call display and basic long distance 4cents to us and canada.

This 22.00 bundle you will not get charged 2.95 fee.

So my basic plan was 28.90 and had nothing ..

so i'm saving 6.90 and no more 2.95

I'm just shocked that telus screws over there ADSL customers.
So I pay more money and I get screwed.. well if I paid less money I would win

Go figure
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