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post #16 of 51 (permalink) Old 2011-01-14, 03:46 AM
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I just had actiontec v1000h installed last weekend. After doing some research, I found that you can change the lan IP or change dhcp ip ranges from some unlisted pages.

to change your v1000h lan ip, just point your browser to

to change dhcp settings, go to

(replace with your modem's current lan IP if it's different)

For those who feel a bit adventurous, here is the page for you to upgrade its firmware

and you can find actiontec opensource firmwares here:

You would need a linux box to build the firmware. I can confirm that the lan IP and dhcp setting can be changed. However, I did not try the firmware update since I have no way to revert it back to telus one if something goes wrong. I also can not guarantee that the firmware actiontec provided is compatible with your hardware. So please do it at your own risk.
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post #17 of 51 (permalink) Old 2011-01-14, 12:37 PM
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rewrite, you give some mighty bad advice here. TELUS does not want you changeing the address range on the Actiontec, you need a different range change your router. You have a great deal of equipment and that will be time consuming? Suck it up, that's just too bad, change YOUR router not the Actiontec.

The firmware on the Actiontec was chosen by TELUS, and is optomised for Optik. The Actiontec belongs to TELUS. Customers have no authority to update firmware for TELUS routers or any equipment from any source other than TELUS.

You will be charged for any problem you create doing this sort of nonsense. READ THE SERVICE AGREEMENT. You are not permitted to make unauthourised changes to TELUS equipment. Its not just forbidden its foolish.

Same goes for opening up rental STBs, you want to try to modify your STB, buy it.

Behaviour such as this will only drive up costs for everyone. Just don't please.

- another TELUS tech
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post #18 of 51 (permalink) Old 2011-01-14, 01:32 PM
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I did not encourage people to update the firmware on their actiontec. In fact, I stated that I didn't do it because I do not know if the firmware is compatible. I just post the information I found myself to share with others. That's all.

And I don't see the reason why the LAN ip on the actiontec can't be changed. Obviously an average user won't bother doing it because they don't know what they are doing. but see the previous post which stated that even the installer changes the LAN ip for the customers. AND to ask your tv customer to "suck it up" is very harsh don't you think?
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by the way, if I have the option to buy the modem and/or the router. I would love to buy them. If I break the router myself, i am fine with telus charging me in order to fix it. I even look on the net to see if I can buy the actiontec router or ALU modem myself because telus refused to provide ALU modem to me. But I haven't found the places that sell these.

I did buy my own STBs. I bought a digital box and a pvr. I want to own these boxes because I didn't want to see a telus tech harass me about looking into their equipments that are rented from them.
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I understand why it is not a good idea to fool around with a box I don't own. It is not my intention.

I just think it is a better approach in the end for a Telus tech to be honest and to tell its customers why messing with the firmware is a bad idea rather than lying and saying it is impossible to change the gateway ip address.
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As far as I`m concerned the IP can`t be changed on the Actiontec, I`ve never done it and wouldn`t. There are good reasons to leave the IP address of the Actiontec at its default setting. Optik requires the Actiontec have the firmware that it comes with, or that TELUS sends to it at a later date. There is QoS in the firmware that is required for the product to work.

Optik is an IP TV service that is delivered over your internet. TELUS provides internet in additional to Optik. The services coexist, and as a result of the required Optik QoS not all internet peripherals or software routines can or will work with Optik and or its related equipment.

If you have specialised internet requirements that the Actiontec can`t address then you are free to purchase your own router and install it behind the Actiontec. The Actiontec is configured to the address range. If you need to connect a second router YOU need to set that router to ANOTHER range. TELUS does not have to change the Actiontec because their service will work as intended with their equipment set up as intended. So you see it`s you adding the second router that requires a different IP be used, so why is that TELUS`s responsibility?

Even if you install your router behind the Actiontec and set it to DMZ you may not be able to get certain peripherals to work, this is because of the QoS. This can`t be changed.

My suggestion? If you have complex network requirements don`t sign up for a service agreement until you know your `mission critical `components, software etc work with Optik. If they don`t, you may have to consider other options. It`s not a TELUS techs job to reconfigure all your equipment or your router, that is `customer owned equipment` and is your responsibility. Some techs will, but none are required to. In fact TELUS discourages techs from working on customer`s PCs due to liability issues. We are internet providers, not technical support techs, if you want technical support type techs call Geek Squad. TELUS techs are concerned with your TELUS service, not your PCs or peripherals, you`re expected to know how they operate.

Just my opinion.

- another TELUS tech
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so if a customer had a tv that was connected fine with the telus owned D-link modem/ router, and then the actiontec modem/ router was then installed again owned by telus and the same tv with the same service and settings no longer connected to the internet and the tv tech says it is a modem router issue. Then in your oppionion who do you think is responsible for making the connection to the new modem/router work? AS a telus employee? SHould the customer have to take a course on the modem router when it doesn't even come with a book?
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I would put you back on a D-Link.

- another TELUS tech
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Wiremonkey, I totally agree with you. TOTALLY!!!!


When I sign up for three years, no one have told me TELUS's roter is lousy.
When I sign up for three years, no one have told me TELUS's tech support is useless.
When I sign up for three years, no one have told me I have to wait for an hour to listen to on hold music and spend one minute to talk to a tech and finally get an answer "sorry, i don't know".

Yes, I suck all these up. Therefore, I came here to seek for help.

rewrite, thanks for your great help!!

I just need to be able to change my ip. A simple task that could not be done by a great company. If TELUS can not offer their customer a full functional router. They should consider to give out separate devices instead all in one and stop advertising how nice their all in one is.
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TELUS provides the service as is. You get Optik IP TV and an internet connection. There are no promises that your peripherals will be able to use that connection. TELUS makes no statements that I'm aware of that they will troubleshoot your internet connection problems to your peripherals. As a TELUS tech my responsibility to you as a customer is to set up the service to ensure the TV is working and that you have link & surf from your Actiontec on LAN and WiFi. If your PC or equipment won't connect, but my laptop will, thats not TELUS's issue. We are NOT Geek Squad, we don't work on your gear. Period. Full stop. Go see Geek Squads rates and understand, we're giving you free install, not personal tech support for all your toys. Geek Squad wants nearly $100 just to come plug in your TV.

If Optik doesn't work as provided, then its not for you. Its that simple. So yup, suck it up.

- another TELUS tech
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WireMonkey, for the advanced users, they know what they are doing and if something breaks, they know how to bring it back to its original setup. They don't need telus support on customized setup (and we all know how bad their CSR are so this is obvious even telus provided setups). I break the actiontec many times but I restored the connection back everytime.

What these customers need are the options to do advanced setup in the telus provided routers. These people are not trying to get Telus to help them setup their network. They are just looking for an option to set up their network the way they want by THEMSELVES. They are not trying to destroy telus. So I failed to see why you are so against this and keep asking your customer to suck it up. In my opinion, you are really destroying telus image, and you should stop saying you are a telus tech if you want to post something like that. There are many ways to say custom setup are not recommended but you choose the worse way to say it. We don't owe you anything and in fact, we pay money for the company you work for. So please remember this.

As you stated, it is not telus's issue if your customers PC/equipments doesn't connect and yours works, so why telus don't allow their customer to fix their equipments by themselves? These customers are not asking telus to troubleshoot their equipments, they are just trying to find a way to fix their own issues. For me, I never call telus to talk about tech issues because they really don't know much about the product they are providing.
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@ rewrite

I am in no way 'destroying TELUS's image", try not to be so histrionic please.

My opinions are my own, read my profile.

I identify myself as a TELUS tech because I am, and it is out of consideration of this forum's policies that I identify myself as such, so as to be upfront about where I work, particularly if and when I compare Optik to say Shaw or another competitor. I think thats just good ethical behaviour, I've never intended to represent TELUS on this forum. TELUS has no representatives on this forum as far as I know.

I never log onto this forum from work or on work time.

I don't represent TELUS here I represent Wiremonkey, for you to state otherwise is untrue and inaccurate, in addition to being ill informed.

If you have an issue with me please feel free to take it up with the mods or an admin. Don't bait me in your posts, I'm much too old to care.

FYI, I have never told one of my customer to suck it up. They usually stop their questions when I say "that's not supported". I have told people here on this forum that they wouild have to suck it up, but thats my opinion, remember I do get one, just like you. I save that as my closer if you will, for when people don't understand that what they want isn't supported.

Just to be clear, I don't make the rules, or the policies of TELUS, but I am required to follow them in my work and by extension I make every effort to give honest answers here that are based on reality and my experience with the Optik product.

- another TELUS tech

(like it says in my profile, "my opinions are my own!")
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post #28 of 51 (permalink) Old 2011-02-01, 05:16 AM
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My opinion is thats incredibly lousy customer service. Telling a paying customer to "suck it up" when a perfectly reasonble request is just another sign of what is wrong with companies like telus.

I called in a little while ago because the actiontec was having issues (couldn't bring up the page to forward a port).

after 10 minutes answering the same question on the phone, very patiently doing everything that was asked. Finally I got told that they don't support this and the only troubleshooting they do is to configure the wireless settings. I was offered a fax number for actiontec.

Is trying to forward a port really that much of a request? I wasn't trying to alter the QOS settings. I wasn't trying to do anything complicated. I just needed to setup port forwarding so I could use some programs.

But thanks to a modem that has been continously having issues (can't access config page at all, logs me out when I try to forward a port, DHCP quits working on the wireless, etc...) I couldn't even get something that basic done. I try to get help and get nothing. Now I can understand some things being unsupported and/or actively discouraged (as you pointed out QOS settings are needed to ensure proper television support) but when the modem can't do something as basic as NAT then support should be stepping in to help.
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same problem here , my customers use VPN to connect at their business and normally we install a small business grade router like sonicwall or fortinet so TELUS just muck up this setup , one customer called me because he could no longer connect to his business and after some research I discovered than telus change his local ip network to 192.168.1.x and the customer also use 192.168.1.x in is business so you CAN'T connect two network together with same SUBNET and telus don't want us to do this ! , bravo TELUS another good reason to push my customer at cancelling your service and buy something else. TELUS is the new BELL ,
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post #30 of 51 (permalink) Old 2011-03-03, 07:35 AM
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Posts have been edited and removed.

While its perfectly acceptable to complain about Telus' policies, it is not acceptable to throw inflammatory comments at another member of this forum who is trying to help and/or explain, whether they are a Telus employee or not.

In addition, Digital Home has a zero tolerance for swearing and vulgar language.
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