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Adding the screws to the bottom of the radio had a consequence. They stuck down further than the feet of the radio, so the radio would not sit correctly, would not be stable, would fall over more easily, and the screws would probably scratch up any surface you put the radio on.

So I had to get creative and make new feet to raise the radio a little higher to clear the screw heads.

I did it like this, by simply gluing up some more pieces of the same clear plastic and building up legs a little higher.

Over all NOT a NICE LOOKING repair - but works, and sits under the radio so you really don't see it.

Getting a cover to work exactly like the original, to click in/snap in like the original, and look good - was not going to be easy.

So that's the best I could do ... with what I had at hand.

More pictures of the radio / different views, in my album ...
no need to post more pictures here.
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