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post #286 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-02-26, 07:09 PM
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I actually called and talked to Customer Service and Retentions/Loyalty team again last night. Since they had kept recommending I "downgrade" my plan until the node split was completed I simply told them that I'd be downgrading all the way to High Speed 25 if I were to do it (since that plan pretty much illustrates the capabilities they are demonstrating in my area).

I then said that I'd rather keep my Broadband 250 plan since the upload speeds have been great, but I wanted it for the High Speed 25 price of $60/month.

So I've got Broadband 250 for $60/month for 6 months... If they haven't fixed the node by then I will probably consider Telus at that point. Right now I'm extremely happy with Shaw's customer service, to the point that they have retained me a little while longer.

Here's hoping they've bought themselves enough time to get that node split done. Since I've been experiencing this problem since November, that will have given them 9 months to get it fixed. If it takes them longer than that to get this done, they really aren't showing a commitment to providing the services they offer and that's incentive to try out Telus.
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post #287 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-03-28, 08:41 PM
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I am relieved to see that I am not having a unique issue.
I have been with shaw for over 10 years in the same house. I am on BB50 and have never really consistently got those speeds. Speeds and quality have been acceptable, on occasions.
Recently, however, there has been a daytime issue where web pages take forever to load then just time out. It is very variable, from moment to moment, but when it is bad it is really bad. Today the trouble started again, I have made sure its not a modem issue.
I phoned Shaw, he new immediately what my area was and said "they have had issues in my area and are doing technical work to improve things". He could not say when it would be done, and only offered to downgrade my plan, so I "get what I am paying for".
Meh! I don't want slower speeds, if I downgrade then I can't complain when, and if it should be corrected.
I currently use Telus IPTV and only use Shaw for high speed internet.
I am tempted to switch, the only thing that keeps me with shaw is my my Shaw email address is so ingrained in everything I do, it would be a pain to give it up.

I heard a rumour that Shaw are very over extended with their bandwidth capabilities in many areas.
Perhaps its because of their Shaw Go Wifi expansion?
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post #288 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-04-17, 11:26 PM
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on broadband50 plan, is it acceptable?

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post #289 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-04-24, 10:22 PM
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In the past couple weeks I've had a recurring slow Internet problem almost every night starting around 10pm or 10:30pm'ish and lasting about an hour or two.

I'm only on the base HS10 plan but during the slow period, pings rise to between 1000ms to 3000ms, and downloads and uploads crawl to roughly 0.6Mbps and 0.2Mbps respectively. Yes, that's Megabits per second. Internet is so slow that even website surfing results in timeouts.

Rebooting the modem etc. doesn't help.

The problem always resolve itself about an hour or two later, without me needing to do anything.

It looks as if the node is saturated with traffic during those times?

I'll be contacting Shaw after I collect more evidence with speed tests and ping results.

Is there anything I can explain or add to my communication to Shaw to help expedite this?

Internet is pretty much unusable with pings measured in seconds. Requests often get timed out, not to mention the slow throughput speed.
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post #290 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-08-26, 01:10 PM
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Slow in Vancouver

Apologies for long story. Similar story to others. Originally thought there was something wrong with our iPad but realized downloads on our BB50 drop down to about 6Mbps during prime hours. Varies very widely from 3Mbps all the way up to a full 52Mbps. Upload speeds seems roughly stable at 3Mbps.

Called Shaw a couple months ago and they sent out a technician even though I told them it is highly unlikely to be an issue inside my house. I didn't want to waste my time or Shaw's but they insisted. Tech showed up and basically didn't do anything after he heard my story. He said clearly it was a Shaw issue. He called in and they ran a test which indicated saturation.

A couple days later Shaw calls me and says the test they ran was somewhat incorrect and I didn't have saturation. In fact he said they really want to address slowdowns that affect my real life usage and not speed tests. That's when I started getting really frustrated. I called in originally because my iPad was too slow. Turns out Shaw speedtest was showing around 5Mbps that night. Also, I was paying for BB50 which is an advertised bandwidth, and I was testing it using a Shaw provided tool. Shaw charges different prices based on the bandwidth. Why would I not expect to get that bandwidth. It was silly, it's like saying Chevron doesn't sell by the litre of gas, but instead addresses the issue if your car dies on the road, meanwhile they are posting $ per litre as the pricing method.

Eventually it escalated to someone who assured me it was saturation and they were looking at when it could be fixed. Meanwhile they would credit me part of one month service charges. I was ready to go with Telus but thought I would give them a chance.

Called in again recently and once again they credited me some $ but still no date on a fix.
Really not sure how patient I can be. My goal is to get smooth internet BB50, not get credits for bad service. If shifting to Telus didn't involve re-pricing my Shaw home phone since I have a bundle package, re-pricing my home cable package, and setting up install appointments with Telus, I would have switched already.

My guess is Netflix and other streaming boxes have leaped in popularity and Shaw hasn't updated their network to keep up. Also Shaw Go Wifi is probably an additional burden on the system. Meanwhile long time Shaw customers like myself are left with either cancelling or calling in periodically hoping for a network upgrade that might not be coming anytime soon.

By the way, Shaw keeps advertising their Shaw Go Wifi as a feature. It was good before but in Vancouver most of the time it's a bother as it's so congested it bogs down my usage. I use the online parking meter system and 70% of the time when my cell phone connects to Shaw Go Wifi I need to turn off my wifi and use cell data to connect properly.

Not too happy with Shaw at all.
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post #291 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-08-27, 10:36 PM
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Slow in Winnipeg as well

We are experiencing the same issues here in Winnipeg. I have Broadband25 and up until 4PM today, I have never gotten better than about 10-12MBPS download and .5 upload! After complaining a lot!, at 4PM, all of a sudden my modem is manually adjusted by Shaw(remotely) and I am now getting what I should have been getting since April of this year. It seems that I had been getting 10 MBPS all along BUT there excuse was the "traffic" in my neighborhood will slow it down to 10MBPS often. I think the solution is probably, in my case, never pay for more than Broadband 25, as that is all that there is. The difference between 10 & 25 speed is $5 a month! Not worth complaining about it.
I am like a lot of people who have been with Shaw for ever and my email address is very important.
CRTC has to start looking into transportability of email addresses just like telephone numbers.
Anyway, you are not alone. A pipe can only carry a maximum of volume whether it is water or data! Some of Shaw's pipes are full.
Have a great day.
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post #292 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-08-31, 10:29 AM
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Every story about Shaw in Winnipeg is the same, it seems - Shaw is unable of delivering any faster than maybe 28MBPS, and usually closer to 15, in most areas.

Last edited by 57; 2014-08-31 at 10:56 AM. Reason: Unnecessary Quote Removed
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post #293 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-11-27, 06:52 PM
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Slow speeds

I am getting 3.2 to 3.5 Mbit download speeds.

Ping 33ms on Shaw's speed test.

Please fix this. It's not the early 90's.
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This is not the Shaw Company's forum.
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post #295 of 303 (permalink) Old 2014-11-27, 10:58 PM
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My Broadband 250 node split still hasn't happened, FYI. Although there are finally crews in the area running new wires.
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High pings and constant dropouts

I just moved into a shared-apartment and they are using Shaw internet using Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Data Gateway and experiencing terrible wireless signal, high pings and connection dropouts. The roommates don't really notice as they are tech illiterate and hardly use the computer but they have told me they experience dropouts and slow internet.

I have tried rebooting, hard factory reset, unplugging everything for minutes and plugging back in, changing wireless channels.
I have a feeling the DPC3825 is the culprit but not sure if it's the modem or the Shaw backend that could be causing these pings and dropouts. I'm tempted to buy a new router and bridge the existing modem/router but i'm not sure if i'd still be stuck with poor internet because it may be the modem. I also want to prevent double NATting in bridge mode.

I'm not sure what else to diagnose. Any suggestions on how to find out what's causing the dropouts and high pings?

Here are ping results:

Ping Router Internal gateway
(The high pings seen on the top half of the screen is whatusually happens every 10-30minutes. During this time, web browsing is not usable and can't load websites. Then when that period is over web browsing appears to be normal (as seen on the bottom half)

Ping tests to the Router External IP address
Abnormal high ping spikes constantly
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post #297 of 303 (permalink) Old 2015-08-18, 12:19 PM
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Slow in Calgary

I am on a 15 mps plan and am usually only getting 10-12.

During certain slow times it can go as low as 5.

If I move to a higher speed plan, would the slow times be just as slow, or would they be proportionally higher?
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post #298 of 303 (permalink) Old 2015-08-21, 11:40 PM
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I'm on the 60 plan, and my speeds and connection the past few weeks has been atrocious!

I've actually signed up with a monitoring group, SamKnows, and it monitors internet connections, traffic etc.

This is what I've been getting the past week, and then below for the last 30 days:

According to SHAW, there is nothing wrong with my internet connection!!!

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post #299 of 303 (permalink) Old 2015-09-02, 01:28 AM
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I just ordered Telus. Shaw has been inconsistent for days and won't admit a problem A modem refresh solved it for about an hour. At $63 for crap I'll pay Telus $30 for a little better than crap for 6 months and $58 for the following 6 mos.
Also just killed Netflix. We're in recession. I can contribute to more of one!
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post #300 of 303 (permalink) Old 2018-08-19, 12:58 AM
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Question Have you checked your upload speeds recently?

To my surprise, I normally get over 15 Mbps but now I only get less 5 Mbps.

I am using Shaw's Hitron Modem.
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