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Shaw Internet and Home Phone complaint and rant thread

Need to vent about Shaw Internet and Home Phone?
This is the place for getting that thought off your chest.
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Shaw won't fix my internet

This is something that has become increasingly frustrating over time just simply due to the complete indifference this company has shown my family. Over the past year, our internet has been consistently out of service or working at a snail's pace. We have addressed this problem many times and it has never been resolved.

We have purchased new router's out of our own pocket to try and fix the situation as per their customer service recommendation. We have been given new modems by their company and we have had a technician visit our house 5 times as well. One of the visits included placing an amplifier on the connection as well as replacing the outlet which we connect the cable to in the wall.

At this point Shaw has admitted there is a problem with the connection that is buried underneath to road on our street. Multiple technicians have told us there is nothing on our end that would cause this issue and it is something that needs to be fixed on their end.

This is what bothers me the most: Shaw will not fix the issue. They said that it would cost too much to dig up the road and replace the internet lines in the street. They have outright refused to resolve an issue that they acknowledge is theirs. We have put in money out of our own pocket to replace a router when we didn't need to. We have spent days home from work because a technician would be there on tuesday between 8 and 4. We have been so patient in trying to get this issue resolved.

I can no longer play and games over the internet because my ping is ridiculously high or I simply have no connection. Whats the point in having internet if you cannot use it how you wish?

My question is this: How can we get shaw to do their job and fix their internet that they are charging us for? Or if I switch provider's would the bad cable line in the road affect their internet providing as well?

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The bad cable line in the road would likely only affect Shaw service, and any local cable resellers. If you went with your local phone company's DSL service, they would have their own lines to your house.

Unless you're on Shaw Lite you shouldn't be seeing speeds as low as your speed tests indicate. If the problem is on Shaw's end, and they refuse to fix it, let them know you'll be switching all of your services (incl. TV and phone) to the competition, and when you switch let them know exactly why you're switching. Nothing less will get their attention.
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I told Shaw two weeks ago that I would be dropping all their services, and Shaw told me with the advance ten-days notice and they were to come and do something to the-something on outside of my building, the date was set for March. 4 as the very last day. And I mailed the head office a formal letter outlining why I left.

And what do you know?!! Today, TODAY at 3 in the afternoon I get a bill from Shaw for March, for the whole months bill-- as they bill a month ahead of time. And on March 1 they automatically withdraw the amount from my bank; as this was the option I picked way back in the beginning--direct withdrawal. The invoice date was Feb.21. I'm sorry but I can't help but feel this was deliberate, and they are going to make me fight them for a refund. I called my bank to try to do a stop payment but I couldn't even get through.

So I called up Shaw--Customer service. This lady cut me off in the middle of my sentence and told me in this rude voice that I only owed Shaw $17 so far and when I tried to say something further--she HUNG UP ON ME.

I have had a bundle package with Shaw since 2007. Not once, not even once have I even made a late payment.

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I'm not going to promote Shaw or Telus, but I have worked as an outside service tech for both of those companies in the past. If there is bad cabling buried in the street, nobody is going to replace it unless it affects a large number of subscribers. There are areas in a city that has older wiring, and it can affect Shaw and/or Telus. The newer areas obviously are not having the same issues. I know that when I was working for Shaw, they spent many millions of dollars upgrading street equipment in Calgary to provide better TV and internet service.

As a tech I found that over 60% of the issues were related to internal wiring situations – bad wiring, splices, cheap splitters, etc. Right now Shaw is the ONLY company that will come out and replace the cabling in your house at no cost to improve the quality of signal. Telus will charge you (it used to be around $75.00 an hour but that may have changed).

Yes it is frustrating when the internet is slow, or your favorite TV channel is not working, but your alternatives are limited.
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Originally Posted by serviceguy View Post
Right now Shaw is the ONLY company that will come out and replace the cabling in your house at no cost to improve the quality of signal. Telus will charge you (it used to be around $75.00 an hour but that may have changed).
TELUS charges have changed in the case of OptikTV installations. All Optik TV customers get free installation for the internet and first two STBs. Each additional STB is a $50 one time charge. This includes any additional wiring that may be required.

- another TELUS tech
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@Wiremonkey I think he means after installation (Doesn't Telus have labor fee's of $19 every 15 minutes eg such as if you move home and the new home needs to be wired? or if there are technical signal issues in the home resulting in poor service experience?). Post install, the only charges Shaw has are for additional outlet wiring. Anything at all Service Related has been free in my experience such as underground drops and re-wiring inside of the home if needed.

Right now all Shaw Gateway installs are free for up to 6 STBS.

Typical install charges with Shaw are:
1 Service $29.95
2 services $14.95 (2 brand new or adding another to make 2)
3 Services FREE (3 brand new or adding a 3rd service to make 3)

Shaw Employee, Opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
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@ ShawChamp

If a customer moves, their service will be moved and installed at the same rates as their original installation. As noted previously Optik installation is free for the line, modem and first 2 STBs, with an additional$50/STB as a onetime charge on the day of installation. There are no additional charges for materials. During installation any and all wiring upgrades required to facilitate the proper operation of the OptikTV service will be done free of charge. Any additional jacks required to provide Optik will be installed free of charge. Repairs to OptikTV are made without charge. Since we did the original installation we would stand behind that work. If there was mallicious damage, or damage due to work being done by say a contractor working on the house, this would be billable.

The $19/hour + materials charge is for inside wire repair or replacement for non Optik service, such as telephone wiring in the house that has been damaged or for jack adds for telephone or internet service only. If the customer finds the TELUS price too expensive they can opt to do this work themselves or hire a contractor to do the work. TELUS charges for this in response to the CRTC ruling on customer premise equipment, the CRTC has determined (in the 80's) that all wire within a customer’s premise beyond the demarcation is the customers property and their responsibility, not that of their providers. This came about in response to deregulation of telephone and internet. I'm sure Shaw is aware of this ruling.

This makes perfect sense when you consider it. Should TELUS or any provider, rewire or repair the telephone system in your home for free, when you could then go to another provider once the issues are fixed? Many other providers charge similar or greater fees for inside wire work. Will Shaw for instance repair inside telephone wiring @ no charge? I know Rodgers Home Phone will not, and neither do the other internet providers such as Uniserve etc. In fact in most cases they charge considerably more than TELUS.

Hopefully this post will not be construed as me marketing TELUS on your forum, it is intended solely as an answer to your inquiry.

- another TELUS tech
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Shaw doesn't charge for rewiring outlets or repairing a damaged outlet. Only wiring in new ones
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Starting to wish I hadn't signed up again, 24 hours later

So I left shaw back in January to try out telus like alot of people. I didn't have too many problems with telus other than the 6 hour install, but for the most part very few problems with connectivity (at least none that I had to call about). I wanted a bit more speed so I was like hey, I'll give shaw a try again with these new deals blah blah. It is starting to seem like a big mistake, here is what has happened in the past 24 hours.

I had an appointment from 5-7 last night for the install. Time goes by, it's 7, hadn't heard anything, so I decide to call customer support and see what is up. They are apologetic and what not which is fine, and they are going to call dispatch. So they do, about 7:30 I get a call from the tech saying he is on the way. 8PM arrives and he finally gets here. I show him where the cable modem should be hooked up (where it was done before when I had shaw) and asked if he had already taken the filter off outside cause I know they put one on when they picked up their modem. He says yes so I say alright. He hooks up everything, we wait 15 mins as he says the SMC modems take a while the first time, nothing happens so we go to the switchboard where my cable comes in, he checks the cable and doesn't get a signal (not sure what he was checking on the end with the modem when he did and why he tried without a signal), anyways we go outside to the side of the house and he checks the cable, no signal. I ask again if the filter could still be on, and he goes and checks, of course it's still on. Finally around 8:45 he gets everything going and he is on his way... HOORAY... for a while.

This morning I used the connection and tested it out a few times before I went to work for fun. I get to work and I usually remote into my house while I work, and everything is fine there and the router did it's job port forwarding just fine. Around 1PM I notice I can't connect anymore, can't ping, nothing so alright, the internet is out or my IP changed already (which I was sure it didn't as shaw is fairly static). I get home, yup, everything is out and the only the downstream light is blinking. I power cycle it a few times, nothing. So I finally call tech support, gave me a notice that there were some outages in Hawkwood (I live in edgemont so I figured, Hey it's right next to me, maybe it skipped over sarcee and is effecting me as well HA). There's a 10 min wait time so I have them call me back. A helpful guy named Mark I believe called me back and walked me through the usual obvious things, unplug everything, plug it back in, okay nothing, now unplug the signal booster, plug back in, nothing. Then he finally checks to see if there are any issues where I live but there was no alerts about it. He comes back a few minutes later and says there are about 4 houses in my area that ARE effected and they will send out a team right away and if I dont get any connectivity in the next 4-5 hours to call them back. I think "great, I can live for now it's no big deal". So time goes by and I power cycle the modem probably about 20 times with no success sadly. I try calling back tech support, waited on hold for 25 minutes then hung up. I get onto which I find to be much quicker, takes about 15 mins to get through but at least I could do other things while I waited. The person on chat goes through the same stuff I did before on the phone after I explicitly said what had happened already, but I humored them. I mention that there was suppose to be a service call to my area cause there was some small outage, they tell me there are no alerts and no service calls at all. (I am pretty mad at this point as either they don't know what they are doing, or the guy on the phone lied to me). So the person on chat tells me they will send out a tech as soon as they can, and they go to check the next available time. So the next available time is 3-5 on monday... WTF Now I am pretty effing mad. I tell them that this is unacceptable for a few reasons including the fact that people have jobs and I am definitely not going to take time off to babysit their tech. At this point I'm pretty livid and tell them that if they don't have someone out here by the end of the weekend to fix their garbage service, I will be asking for my money back (so far just the 50 dollar deposit) and they can come pick up their phone at my convenience. The person on chat "escalates" it and blah blah. This is where I'm at right now sadly.

Saving grace is that my telus is still hooked up and reliable .

Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that out and hopefully it will make someone's bad day feel a bit better.


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@DannyCalgary was reading elsewhere and noticed that everything worked out for you in the end. Good to see!

Shaw Employee, Opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
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@ Shaw Champ

Where did you read that? This is his latest post (post number 10 of this thread dated 2011-06-24, 09:12 AM). I see nothing about a resolution anywhere on this forum. Was it a PM or am I missing it?

- another TELUS tech
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A colleague on a different website/forum let me know. It seems Danny's issue was with a signal booster which got bypassed.

Shaw Employee, Opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
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Yes i can concur that his issue was fixed on a different forum.

ShawSean helped him out.
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OK thanks.

- another TELUS tech
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