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Whole Home Wi-Fi from Bell brings fast Internet to every corner of the home
MONTRÉAL, Jan. 24, 2018 /CNW Telbec/ - Bell today announced the launch of Whole Home Wi-Fi, Canada's first Wi-Fi service that brings smart and fast Wi-Fi to every room in the home while adapting to changing user requirements.

Bell has partnered with Plume to deliver new access points, called pods, that work with the cloud-based networking intelligence of Bell's Home Hub 3000 modem to deliver a fully adaptive Wi-Fi service.

Whole Home Wi-Fi learns how households use the Internet and continually optimizes the home network to ensure all devices receive the strongest signal and the fastest speed available throughout the home. The Bell Wi-Fi mobile app also allows customers to manage their entire home network remotely, including parental control over every Wi-Fi connected device.

"The number of Wi-Fi enabled devices Canadians are using throughout their homes is growing fast. Backed by Fibe Internet, Bell Whole Home Wi-Fi offers them the full coverage and control they want from their in-home Wi-Fi experience," said Rizwan Jamal, President of Bell Residential Services and Small Business. "Whole Home Wi-Fi is another example of the connected home technology that has made Bell the innovation leader in residential communications."

Plume pods plug directly into standard electrical outlets to deliver whole-home Wi-Fi coverage free of dead zones. This mesh network solution also learns the household's schedule and user routines to ensure the network is optimized during peak usage hours.

The Bell Wi-Fi mobile app for Android and iOS enables quick and easy pod and device setup and lets you quickly view the location of each pod and all connected devices in real-time, track bandwidth optimization, share network access with guests, and change the Wi-Fi network name and password.

Initially available to qualifying customers in Ontario and Québec, and soon in Atlantic Canada and Manitoba, Whole Home Wi-Fi pods are available for $5 per month for a 4-pack and $2 per month for added singles.

For more information, please visit
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Does anyone have any information about when this might be available in Atlantic Canada?
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So I called Bell and said I wanted to order the pods. Went through the deal and then they said $5/mth and I played the game and said I didn't want to give Bell anymore money as I just saw prices are going up in April for Internet and phone. I guess she felt bad because she was able to give me a discount (in addition to current discounts) on my internet that more than covered the $5/mth of the pods. So I went ahead.

I set them up tonight, not too bad a process. I started with a hardwired one and that confused the system a bit. Perhaps because it's going through a switch, but it does work. Installed the others wirelessly, then renamed them all to the rooms they are in, painless. Says it could take 24-36 hours to optimize. I also noticed I can no longer access wireless settings in the HH3000, there is a whole home wi-fi toggle there now and wi-fi is managed through the Bell Wi-fi app. The app works fine, but again doesn't like my hardwired pod so I have to go to another room. I'll wait a day or 2 to see how they work. So far, so good, and for no investment, my wi-fi coverage will be much better.
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To anyone who has or is currently renting the Wifi Pods:

How have you found your wifi speeds since installing the pods? I have found that my speed have decreased drastically. I don't know what it is with Bell Fibe Internet, but I pay for speeds of 100MBps download and 10MBps upload and find that when I do a speed test on a wireless device standing relatively close to the HH3000, I get around 30-70MBps, but it is never consistent.
I installed these pods thinking it would be a good alternative to having a second router in the basement as I really liked the optimization and features that the Whole Home Pods and HH3000 offer together. I have had to exchange 2 HH3000 modems in the last week as when they are set up with the Home Pods, speeds become unbearable. No tech support or technician have been able to help fix my problem, its very frustrating! They claim that the speed test to the modem is the same as the speeds emitted via wifi and not to trust other sites to measure speeds (which I think is major BS as it takes like 2 minutes to load Facebook).

My house is not relatively big, the modem is on the second floor in a pretty open space and I have the pods spaced out properly. When I was with Rogers I could get wifi speeds of upwards of 110MBps even though I only paid for 100MBps! I don't understand why the major difference as Bell prides itself on their "Fibre-optic technology".

Does anyone have any tips or similar experiences with the tech? How did you get it back to normal speeds? This is really making me regret my decision to switch to Bell.
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See post #8 in this thread. These pods will always decrease speeds but should not be noticeable with a 100Mbps service. It will be noticeable at higher speeds, especially as 1Gbps is approached. Placement is a key issue. If the repeater is getting a poor signal from the router, it will be a bottleneck rather than an assistant.

Try placing the pods closer to the router. Unless the distances are excessive, about half way between the router and the device in use, or furthest location in use, should be optimum. If the router is in the basement, try placing one almost directly above it on the first and second floors. Some experimentation may be necessary.
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New plumes for bell 3000 home hub trouble shooting

Just got my new home hub with 4 plume pods
My pods do not function well UNLESS one of them is plugged directly into modem.
In fact they will flash a dull steady slow blue light continuously unless I have one plum plugged into the modem. If one is plugged in, there is no blue light flashing.

It is clear through the app that the plums are working independantly from the modem as there is no link contecting the plums to the modem when one plum is wired.

Can you explain why this would be the case?
I am using the bell 3000 home hub and a ethernet expander for all my lights, spinkler system and garage door opener.
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had same issue, had to plug one pod into router and it seemed to improve a lot.
But this is not the way the pods are suppose to work. When all 4 pods are running wirelessly, my house was way slower than before.
Quite frustrating but at least it is working now with 3 pods
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I have worked in I.T. and Telecom for close to 20 years now, and have spent a lot of time setting up networks and Wi-Fi for people (as an independent technician NOT working for an ISP) and businesses over the years. one of the biggest things people/consumers do not seem to understand is that the advertised wireless speed from your Internet Service Provider is NEVER guaranteed over a Wireless Wi-Fi Connection. Businesses seem to understand this and tend to install a more complex wireless setup than most individuals, but individuals for some reason will order a residential internet service of 100 mbps, will get 100mpbs over wired connection, but when they are on wi-fi they will get like half that speed and will try to call their isp and raise hell because they believe they are getting ripped off. I am pretty sure that the pods will bring the wi-fi signal closer for people whos devices are farther from the modem, so it will take care of one of the issues for wireless reach, but remember, wi-fi has shared lanes of the highway so you get signal but it might be slower, think about the highway 401 for example, many people can share it, its not your personal highway but a dedicated RJ45 connection to your modem/router is like your own private highway and nobody can use it thus you can get the full speed, this is the best example I can tell people
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I think some modern routers have an extra radio for the backhaul from the mesh devices to the centre. Which should alleviate the slowdown somewhat.

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I investigated the Bell solution as well as various Mesh networks. I was going to buy the Plume Mesh hardware over competition but ultimately knew I would be dissatisfied with the performance and the price.

My solution was two TP Link AC 225 Ceiling Mounted Access Points. They are AC so excellent speeds, support beamforming and band steering and bought them for $150 + taxes. Sold my old Router for $100 so my net cost was $50 plus the taxes on $150.

These are access points so no repeating and because they are wired using POE, the backhaul is over Ethernet not wireless.

Performance is vastly better than the Plume (Bell) solution (or any mesh network solution)

Highly recommended alternative.
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Wi-Fi Pods Installed

We live in a condo that has some interior walls solid concrete etc. Wi-Fi signal ranges from excellent to zip depending where you are in the unit (1600 sq ft) Have used extenders etc with little success. Installed the pods this week and have seen a remarkable increase in speeds throughout. We only have Fibe 50 available at this time and the worst pod location in the living room , some distance from the 3000 and behind a solid wall now has speeds near 40. More than satisfactory for our needs. The installation with the Bell App was simple although lacking in details but it worked on first try. So far so good.
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