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Internet Speed Issues with MTS

Hey guys... for those of you in the Winnipeg area with MTS Lightning 10 or 20 plans I'm wondering if you would be willing to share your speedtest results here using Curious to know what you are getting with your respective plans.

I have the 10 plan and have never been able to achieve the posted speeds of 10Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. I'm getting about 6.5Mbps down and only 700kbps up. I know if you read the fine print they state that "Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Many factors affect speeds such as location, customer equipment, topographic and weather conditions and network management." Not sure why they post these speeds then...

Anyhow, I'm not as fussed with the down speed as 6.5 is more than enough for my needs. But I do run a slingbox in my home and am having difficulty at times with the poor up rates. Switching to the 20 plan won't help as that doesn't increase up bandwidth.

Anyone have any advice on how to approach MTS on this? I'm pretty sure I am being throttled versus this being a "location or weather" issue. Oh yeah, perhaps I should mention that I am not an MTS TV customer so I can't take advantage of any other internet packages other than these.
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What brand of modem do you have? Is it a 2wire or something else. You may be on an ADSL profile as you do not have TV and you will not receive the advertised rates. Your best bet is to upgrade to 20 Mbps (if your address qualifies) and they will come out and install a 2wire gateway which is VDSL2. You will then get 20/2. You can always downgrade back to 10/2 and keep the new profile and modem and will have better speeds for the same price.

Hope this helps.
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My question would be have you called MTS to see what they can do?

I found I had slow speed on my lightning 10 / Mts Classic service and after calling them saying I had slow speeds doing a run, they opened a ticket. I received a call back about 2 hours later from the MTS test desk and was told they did something to my profile that increased my speed.

Also where are you testing to? I find with the best rates seem to come from the Rainy Day server over the other two servers offered in Winnipeg.

Rainy day just now was 9.01 down and 1.84 up.
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he is concerned about his upload speed and since he doesn't have TV there is a very good chance he is on an ADSL port with an Actiontec or equivalent. You cannot get above 1 Mb up on an ADSL2+ port at best of times its between 512-800. If he calls in and upgrades to 20Mb service they will upgrade him to a 2Wire/Pace modem and put him on a VDSL2 port which is capable of 20/2. He can then call in and downgrade back to 10Mb internet and would maintain the new modem and port and will be able to keep his 2 Mb up. ADSL2+ is capable of the 10 Mb down but is not capable of the 2 Mb up so calling MTS may get his ADSL2+ profile changed to 10 Mb may help his download but his upload will still not be as good as on VDSL2.
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Hi guys... first, thanks for your responses, really appreciate it. I have a Siemens Speedstream 4200 ADSL Modem. I called MTS and they indicated that for this modem my down speed (6-6.5M) is normal and my up speed (700k) is actually well above average.

They suggested the same thing as you guys -- call sales and offer to increase to 20/2 and have the new modem installed. 20/2 is the best that can be done given where I live. If you were me do you think this would be worth my while? It's a minor PITA to coordinate an appointment and take time off work to be home. Don't get me wrong I am really willing to go this route, but really only want to do so if its worth my while. If you were me would you do it?

Also, how hard is it to connect slingbox to this setup? I see from another thread that someone had troubles. I'm really unfamiliar with this hardware, is this difficult to do??

Finally, just want to say that MTS tech support service is fantastic. I experienced 0 wait time and both times they were really helpful, courteous. I wish there was a way I could dump my Bell as their CS support is lacking, but we are really "all-in" in terms of our hardware investment to date...
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Here's mine - but I have Ultimate TV, so probably isn't too relevant:

Also - you could always sell your boxes from Bell and switch to MTS TV?
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Yes I would go this route. If you are using a sling box you really do want a faster upload speed and if your upload is 700 kbps now, it will be almost 3 times faster. You will also get a nice increase in your download speed again, just for swapping the modem and port. This will also make things easier if you ever decide to get MTS TV in the future, as the TV service runs through the 2Wire/Pace modem.

Also, having an installer come out to upgrade your service means that everything will get inspected and brought up to current standards including the outside drop and connections, grounding and a whole home POTS filter will be put in to dedicate a jack for the modem so you can stop using those small micro-filters at each phone. this really improves your internet connection.

This is all included and MTS does Evening and Saturday morning and afternoon appointments just so you know in case that makes scheduling easier.

Also, not too sure on the Sling box as I used to just do the MTS portion of the installations but I'm sure someone else on here knows them inside and out. Sorry I could not be more help on this.
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Getting the Sling Box to work turned out to be simple:
Originally Posted by general224 View Post
I was not able to make it work through my switch I had to connect it directly to the 2wire rg
It sounds like the customer's "switch" was really a router and blocked some ports.
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Thanks again guys, appointment scheduled for Saturday afternoon!

As for the slingbox, it sounds easy but as I noted I'm really unfamiliar with this hardware. Until I actually see how this thing all connects up I can't really visualize the switch, modem, etc (internet just not my forte). Right now I have everything running though my linksys router, some hardwired CAT5 and others wifi, and even another hub in the house serving a number of wired devices. My home is completely cat5 wired head to toe. If possible, I am really loathe to change this up much just to keep things simple on the wired-side and to avoid having to reset all of my MAC filtering on the wifi side. I'm hoping it's just a matter of plugging the router into the new modem (setup like how it is now) and everything will be good to go. I'd ask the tech to disable the wifi on the new modem as I understand the modem comes with this functionality. I'll probably need to do a hard reset on my slingbox as well.

Do you think getting it all up and running again will be this easy? Anything I should be asking the installer?
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The slingbox is very easy to setup as long as you do the Port Forwarding from the Slingbox BEFORE you try to run the installation software. MTS has uPnP turned on on the RG, and the installation fails if you do not have the port forward in place.

Step 1 - hook up Slingbox
Step 2 - log into RG and select the Slingbox
Step 3 - set port forward (it is a selection in the predefined port forwards
Step 4 - run the Slingbox installation
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Thanks for your advice, guys. I am consistently getting 19+ down and 1.8 to 1.9 up with the upgrade. Have tripled both speeds so interested to see how this performs going forward. MTS gave me a good deal too, giving me the 20/2 at the 10/2 price as a six month trial.
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Great stuff!
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Hi MrGrinch, just read your post about MTS internet and if you don't mind I would like to ask you a couple of questions. I am currently with shaw and have the bb100 plan. Unfortunatly, due to congestion in my neighbourhood, at peak time in the evening(from 5pm until after midnight and almost all day on weekends), I rarely see above 3mbps dl out of that 100mbps dl. I had Mts before and can't remember how the consistancy of their speed was. Are you still getting consistant speeds? I am into Shaw for a Gateway and 2 portals but would gladly sell them and switch back to Mts if I new I would be able to use the internet when I am actually at home and not at work or sleeping. Thx for your help
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I have had MTS for many years now and speed is fairly consistent regardless of time of day.

I recall back many years ago when high speed was first rolling out that Shaw was essentially running a common line to a group of houses that would then share it from that point. MTS went with a system that provides an individual line from your house to the company's network back end. Wording it slightly differently, Shaw is still running party lines while MTS is on a one-subscriber, one-line setup.
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I can vouch that I can always depend on MTS' speed - no matter what time of day, it will always give me the speed promised (give or take 5%!). I'm actually thinking of going from the 10/1 to 20/1 profile again. I regret dropping the 30/1 profile that I had to save $10/month now...
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