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Originally Posted by Lorenzo1000 View Post
Another question. This one about the wireless access. Is there a way to turn on the wireless access? I tried looking for a wireless access point with my brother's new pc but found no networks. Could it be that it's not broadcasting a wireless signal?
You need to go to the home page of your 2-wire gateway. I forget the address, but when you go there, you will see a icon for wireless networking. you have to turn it on and decide what encryption you want to use.
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Burning from PVR or from rented "on demand" movie??

Hello everyone,

This is my first time on a forum so I am posting this properly. I am not sure if this is where I should post this. I have just received MTS ultimate TV and I am enjoying it but does anyone know if there is a way to copy the PVR content to a DVD or other external source?? I have the Motorola VIP1216. Also, someone told me there was a way to copy an "on demand" movie by switching the cable from the tv to the VCR. I tried that but a notice came up and said that I couldn't because the content was protected. Does anyone know a way around this? Seeing as how I am not as technologically advanced as you all, please try to dumb it down for me : ) Thanks so much for your help.
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DVD and PVR help

We have MTS tv but our VCR died so we moved a JVC DVD/VHS combo and hooked it up to the MTS box. Now I can't get it to record through the MTS menu. Does any one have any suggestions for me?
Also, I then received a Motorola VIP 1216 as a gift but my understanding is that it only works as a PVR if I get the MTS Ultimate service. Is that true or is there something I can do and if I use the Motorola I have and get Ultimate will MTS charge me less since I will be renting one less box from them. Any suggestions would be great. It is driving me nuts not being able to record.
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I'm kind of baffled at how you got one as a gift? The ones MTS has are always MTS property. They're never actually sold to customers.

Their system is set up to have only one 1216 and up to 5 VIP1200's running as "slaves" off the 1216.

So if you try and ask them if you can have your 1216 installed alongside theirs, I don't think it's likely they will let you do it. AFAIK, their system will only allow registration of the set top box MAC ID's that is in their stockpile. Each and every one is accounted for, so yours won't jive.

But I'm only 99% bet is to call them.
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PVR/DVD combo

Thanks for the information! In addition to the model number it also says that it is a AT&T U-verse tv so maybe that is why.
Any suggestions of how to get my JVC DVD/VHS combo to record through the MTS system we currently have?
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Quick question - I have an install appointment next week. However, I'll need the installer to use an RJ45 coupler to join two lengths of pre-existing cat5e to get cat5e from my phone "demarc" to the area where my TV and 2wire will be.

Will there be any issues with this? Or does the run of cat5e from the demarc to the 2wire have to be a single uninterrupted length?
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AFAIK, to meet MTS standards it should be one continuous run. If it's easy enough to replace yours with a new wire that is one continuous run (instead of splicing it) then the installer should do it properly and replace it.

Otherwise it could potentially cause problems, which is what they're trying to prevent (saves them money on truck rolls for repair calls). It might work fine spliced, but they do spot checks and poor quality installations get reported back to management, which looks bad on the contractors part.

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Thanks Macman. I'm not surprised. New runs are not an option as all the wiring is in a finished basement with a drywall ceiling.

However, I do have a continuous run of cat5e from the demarc to the TV (rec room). The run is from my office computer, which is right beside the demarc, to my HTPC. This is what I'll use for the TV install.

But I need a wired connection from the HTPC to my office computer (wireless is just to slow for transferring large files). I'll have the installer join the two runs (currently unused) to create a wired connection from the 2wire to my office computer.

Do installers normally have cat5e couplers on hand? If not, I'll pick one up before the install.
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Based on my personal experience do not accept anything less than a new CAT5e run to your PVR

My installer got away without running any new cables and I have had nothing but issues with the service.
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MTS doesn't supply couplers since they don't want us doing this. But they do have a modular baseboard jack that I've used as a coupler in a pinch, where you can take two modular cat5 ends (female) and join them together with about 2" of cat5 line, basically making a coupler but having it inside the baseboard housing. It's bigger than the couplers I've seen, but it's cat5 inside, so I try and keep the wires as twisted as possible. It's probably not to standard anyway.

It's better than the installer just crimping each individual wire together, which I've seen before, but it looks like a rats nest.
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I believe thats what they did on mine. I have one wire coming out the bottom of the wall plate and an open conector for a phone should I decide to use it. I took the plate off ad all the wires are twistes together....

Macman, should this be fixed?
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Thanks everyone.

All three lines are brand new. We just finished our basement and the runs were put in (behind drywall) four months ago. The RG6 coax is also brand new, so that won't be an issue either.

No couplers is a good thing to know. The equipment that is linked to is already in place for the two separate runs, except I have wall plates and Leviton data jacks. But I want to use a coupler (behind the plate/in the outlet box) instead of using a line that connects the two jacks - the latter wouldn't be very kid friendly.

Either way, I'll hunt down a coupler before the install and I'll just be using it for my 2wire to PC connection.


Hey Macman, you obviously know what you're doing and it sounds like you don't cut corners. Is there anyway I can request you for the install? All the coax and cat5e lines are brand new and already in place (except the coupler), probably be an easier install. I could PM you with my appointment information.
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Oops, I hope it wasn't wrong of me to post that link to a non-sponsored company. Sorry.
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