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Talking Question about MTStv (IPTV) setup for home DVR/PVR

Hi there!

Got a quick querry. The other day me and my wife signed up with MTS tv as we recieved a promotion voucher with a kick ass deal for 1 year (13 channel packages, and Lightning internet for $60 a month). We wanted to inquire about PVR/DVR's because - well - my VCR is on it's last legs and I'm having a heck of a time finding blank vhs tapes in stores these days - Walmart doesn't even seem to have them any longer). What we were told is that if we get the PVR we need to get the HD channels. Problems is our tv is several years old (non-Plasma or LCD - it's an older big black box raytube based tv - a 26" tv that weighs about 80lbs easy lol) and there is no way it can benefit from the HD (although it does have dual s-video, dual RF tuners, and 1 RGB, and 2 component (red white yellow) inputs). Also the way it was described to us was that we pay the basic rental for the converter box, then an additional $9 a month for the HD service, and then another $5.00 a month for the rental of their pvr, and that there wasn't any other option if we wanted to get the pvr. I have no idea if what was told to us was accurate, but thats what we were told.

Being relatively computer savy who likes to dive into Linux, I know I can (and have) made small pvr's in the past that worked well with Shaw (without the digital cable box). MTS uses a different video stream (IPTV) than what Shaw does, so I have no choice but to use their reciever box... Or do I? Is there another way around this? Has anyone setup their own DIY PVR that works with MTS? Do you still get access to the menu's or do you have to use one of the menu systems available online through MythTV or something similar? The stream coming from the MTS box, is it Digitial or Analog? I heard stuff about "NextLevel" - what is this technology - what does it do? Can NextLevel be taken advantage of within the PC world, either in Windows or Linux?

So many questions LOL

Someone also mentioned that the MTS reciever box can output to 3 different devices. Each output is set to a specific channel so that one can watch on the tv set to channel 2, record a program through a vcr set to channel 3, and so forth. Not sure if this is true or not either. If so, I could set up a digital (or analog depending on the output video stream) pvr with dual tunners that mimic's or uses this feature.
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You seem to be confusing stuff about MTS's old service that they call Classic and the new HD service they call Ultimate.

First thing, you do not have to subscribe to any HD programming to get ultimate and the PVR. when I first got it, I did not yet have a HD TV.

Second, with Ultimate TV, you don't need to get PVR service, but if you are not getting either HD or PVR, then you may as well just subscribe to their Classic service and use your own VCR, PVR, Tivo, or whatever. The issue with using a 3rd party PVR, is that you have to record what you are watching in you have ultimate. If you have their PVR, you can record up to 3 channels at once, also you can record a show and watch another one at the same time, plus the PVR works on all TVs. there is no better PVR solution for ultimate than what MTS offers.

If you want to use your own pvr or tivo I would suggest you go with classic tv, as you were told you get 3 streams or 3 channels and you can set you pvr to record one stream and watch a different one. It is not nearly as elegent as ultimate but you have more freedom to do what you want with your own pvr.

Personally I won't be giving up my ultimate tv and my whole-home pvr any time soon, there is nothing better that I have found.
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In this case, I would suggest you try the "Classic TV" offering from MTS. At $19.99 a month for the first six months (I think that's the current offering), it would be a great option. You only require one box for three TVs, and can actually use two outputs from one box and use a "picture-in-picture" option if available, or record one show while watching two others on a separate PVR.

If you want the MTS PVR, then go for the Ultimate option instead.
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If you want to DIY a DVR, never mind what the back system is feed ing the box, you have no direct access to that anyhow. You will just connect A/V fromn the box to your PC tuner/capture card, and an IR blaster to control the box.
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If you want a DIY pvr with MTS just get a Tivo.
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Originally Posted by vjose78 View Post
If you want a DIY pvr with MTS just get a Tivo.
Before you make that decision, be aware that using a Tivo will cost another $12 per month for listings. MTS is far cheaper at $5 per month.

Dave S.
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Now I'm confused - more about the service than anything.

When me and my wife went down to the MTS Connects store, we were told in order to get the PVR we also needed to pay for their HD service, as well as continue to pay for the rental of the cable box, ontop of the $5 a month charge for the PVR and the service we are getting.

I think we are going with their ultimate service already - since we are going with their 13 channel package + Lightning speed internet for $60 a month.

The actual flyer ad that we got and signed up with states:

$60 a month/12 months
MTS TV Basic + 13 Theme Groups
up to 108 Channels
MTS High Speed Internet - Lightning Max
Plus Free Installation.

The first time we went to an MTS connect store, they never heard of this offer and were only pushing the 19.99 tv service and the lower of the Highspeed tiers for internet.

The second time we went was to inquire about the PVR and thats when they told us we need to also pay for the HD service on top of the current price, plus the rental box fee, plus the $5 a month for the PVR. When my wife called one day while I was at work they started talking to her all technical and didn't understand them. By the time everything was said and done the $60 a month went to over $90 a month with less packages, and for a shorter time period (6 months instead of the year). Its funny I'm getting straighter answers in the forums here than from the reps LOL
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MTS has two offerings, MTS Classic and MTS Ultimate. MTS Ultimate is the only one with HD and PVR offerings and right now I'm paying $80 a month for the TV/Internet/Phone. The TV Package came with HD service, PVR, and 2 extra boxes for a total of 3 TVs. The rental fees are waived for first 24 months while the $80 price is for 12 months.

I think your $60 a month offer is for the MTS Classic, wherein they'll give you 1 box, and all the other TVs will be plugged in to that 1 box via coaxial cables (your standard TV cables). For a maximum of 3 TVs. MTS is basically outputting 3 channels (4, 8 and 11) which will be picked up by your TV and each remote is set to a particular channel (i.e. the Channel 4 remote will allow you to change whatever program you are watching but you are still basically in Channel 4 on the TV). MTS Classic does not have HD service nor PVR, and the only way to get PVR is probably to get a TV tuner for your PC and IR-Blaster to control your MTS box to change channels. Tivo is basically a box that has TV Tuner/IR Blaster that will also allow you to record TV shows.

I see that the $60 a month offer you got doesn't including the Total Home Phone, so I guess, your getting the 29.99 TV and 29.99 Internet... but basically, it the standard deal and not the promo offer we got for switching from Shaw to MTS. I would probably call MTS on the phone and ask the TV/Internet/Phone deal for at least $80 with free HD PVR and extra boxes for other TVs instead. Even if you don't have an HD capable TV, you can still use the HD PVR and set top boxes to watch basic non-HD programming... and later on if you decide to get an HD TV, you are already set...
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Actually with Classic TV you can technically get more than 3 tv's with just 1 box. We currently have 4 tv's hooked up to 1 box. The only thing is 2 of our tv's are hooked up to the same remote and thus have to be on the same channel at the same time, but since we don't watch both at the same time, it's not an issue. So you could theoretically get 6 tv's hooked up with 1 box, but only watch any given 3 at one time.
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