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Unhappy MTS HD in Winnipeg...poor quality?

I've had MTS Digitital TV for over 1 year now...and was totally happy with the product.

I've now upgraded to the MTS HD package. And I'm totally disapointed in the quality of the picture....

The non HD channels look terrible...almost like watching analog signal into a HD TV. The pictures vibrate....and looks bad. to the point where it annoying as heck to watch.
As far as the HD channels, the colors are great, but the pictures are grainy!

I know what the HD channels should look like because I had Shaw installed fro approx 1 week. (I switched to SHAW HD withount realizing that MTS had HD in my area )

I even had an MTS tech come down to look at my picture last weekend...he confirmed was I was seeing. He walked in and looked at my picture and said " no, that isn't right"

So there sending another guy out tomorow night...

Has anyone else experience the same picture quality issues as me with the MTS HD boxes ?
Any one got any ideas???
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Two things to check: Have you connected the HD box to your TV using component or HDMI? And make sure the HD box is outputting either 720P or 1080I.
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My HD and SD PQ are fantastic. I hope MTS is able to resolve your issues. Did the tech mention anything about new channels...more streams...etc.
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my HD pvr is downstairs. it's connected to a CRT TV, because eventually that's where my new TV will go.
upstairs is where my current HD flatscreen is.
on my upstairs tv, I have an HDMI cable running frm teh HD box to the TV. I've changed from HDMI, to coaxial, to component, the picture is the same. \

However from the main "vertical box" from which everything is run.... THE MTS guys has run a coaxial from that box to my upstairs HD box. He says coax cable isn't the problem, even though thee is so much extra coax cable, it's looped in a giant spool. I'd say there's and extra 30 feet of it...

I'm thinking it may be causing some sort of interference or something...

my downstairs TV (CRT) is connected to the HDVPR with coaxial and that box is connected to the vertial box via thick phone line( don't know the name of that type of cable. )

They better figure this out....
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I have absolutely no complaints about my picture quality, both SD and HD look great on my TVs.

Sounds like an ingress problem.
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post #7 of 57 (permalink) Old 2009-05-27, 09:03 AM
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ingress - noise entering your system and causing interference with the signal.

Like static on a radio station when you drive under power lines.

Certain objects cause interference in strange ways. I remember years ago when I worked for the Cable Company in Yellowknife NWT. Our satellite dishes were up on a platform that extended out into our parking lot a bit. When we switched over to digital, all of sudden we found that at certain times of the day we would get interference on a couple channels, which was really strange, and we couldn't figure it out, until one day we realized that one of the technicians would drive his snowmobile to work and park it beside the dishes. when the snowmobile was idling it caused interference with the signal.
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Well both my sleds are in my much for that.....
The mts guy came again last night.. This time. they replaced the the HD change, still grainy...
next he removed all of the un-necessary coax calble that was spooled up...
no change.
He then ran more test on the checked out o.k.
So he finally decided to remove the co-ax all together and replace it with some other type of cord. (the same that runs to my PVR from the iterface unit"
It improved the picture slightly on the HD channels...but it's not where Shaw's quality was...
so...that's it....for now....

So now I'm only - so impresses....the SD picuture still leave alot to be desired compared to MTS digital...and the HD I would say is ....90% of what Shaw's HD quality was.

A friend of mine says that HD quality depends a lot on the type of boxes being used combined with the service provider and with the actuall HD TV being used...some combinatiosn work well, some not so well.

I'm stuck with the not so welll.
I'd like to see what someone elses HD picure quality looks like compared to mine...maybe it's the best there is...

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MTS TV has a lot of issues related to how far you are from their nearest station (they won't even install the new HD for me yet because I'm not in one of the "zones").
I wonder if you're on the fringes of one of their zones. Which means your situation might improve as their upgrades advance. Or it might mean you need to switch back to Shaw.
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post #10 of 57 (permalink) Old 2009-05-29, 05:17 PM Thread Starter
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well I won't be doing that.
I do prefer MTS's gude over Shaw's
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post #11 of 57 (permalink) Old 2009-06-06, 01:53 PM
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I do prefer MTS's gude over Shaw's
I had MTS TV about a year and a half ago and their guide was crap - i.e. the description for "Law & Order" would be..."Drama". ooooooooh thanks. Meanwhile Shaw's guide would have "A young man is found unconscious in Central Park, the victim of an apparent robbery..." etc.

Is MTS' guide like that now for episode descriptions? MTS HD service is supposed to be in my area by the end of June. I wouldn't mind giving them another try if their episode guide has improved and the HD quality is comparable/better than Shaw (my current provider).
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I just upgraded from MTS to MTS HD. I agree their old guide is getting a bit long in the tooth, but the MTS HD guide is completely different. It has picture-in-picture previews of other channels as well as a Media Centre style interface for other features.
It's a huge improvement over their old guide and I strongly recommend it. Drop in at an MTS Connect Store and check it out for yourself.
Also, the picture quality is terrific. I resisted getting MTS's old HD service because the PQ in the store was so unimpressive, lots of artifacting and chunkiness. Their new version is a huge improvement.
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Thumbs down

Here we are Aug and I'm still not convinced my HD quality is what it should be.
I read somewhere that MTS's HD signal is "compressed" and leads to graining issues...anyone else ever hear of that?
I would love to compare my pic quality with someone elses MTS HD just so I could tell. .
If this' will be back to SHAW for me.....unfortunately....
It also apears that some HD channels look better than others...I dint' erven know that was a possible .....


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You should check your settings on your tv as well as the mts set top. Hopefully you were left with a users guide that tells you everything about the new mts service. In there, it mentions how the box has to be set to either 720 or 1080 to output HD. If its only set on 4:3 or 16:9 standard def, you'd still receive the HD channels if you're subscribing to them, and they would look better than the SD channels, but the box just wouldn't output HD.

Not sure about the compression thing. I do notice that a lot of channels vary in picture size, more than likely because of what that network is broadcasting in. The picture size often seems to change even when it goes to commercials (probably because most are not filmed in HD or upconverted...?) CBC in winnipeg (not HD) doesn't even fill the whole screen, and there is black all the way around the picture!

The one thing people sometimes cant wrap their head around is that even if you're tuned to an HD channel, if that show you're watching is not broadcast in HD, it will have lower pic quality. And also that people think any channel can be received in HD. Probably because of the "This show is broadcast in High Definition" icon at the beginning of some shows. You have to have that network's equivalent channel in HD (like on mts, 102 is TLC standard def, and 441 is TLCHD)

The guide is way better than it used to be. It even has "original air date" below the much improved show description.

Lorne, I had a chance to try the old MTS HD service, and the big thing I noticed was that there was a delay (quite long) when you changed from a SD channel to one of their 8 (gasp!) HD channels, because the box had to change modes or whatever every time you went from an SD to HD channel. Not seamless at all!
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Bottom line here is "ALL" cable providers in Canada compress there HD signals which means you will see macroblocking(legopic i call it/artifacts) on any fast moving scenes. It's a fact of cable HDTV life so you have to get use to it. Also not all HD is created equal, Some movies/tv shows will look better then others. If you have a plasma panel then graininess is a tiny issue with plasma, it's the nature of the technology, some plasma's are better then others,I own a plasma and would never "EVER" consider another LCD/LED LCD again(pq is too artificial on all LCD tech) but correct me if I am wrong on any of these points as I don't pretend to be and expert, I just go by what I read and learn from it. It could be as someone else suggested here and that is you are on the fringe of a zone. It could be a combination of everything I mentioned above also. Maybe something in your house that is close to your TV and/or wires that you may think isn't causing interference that is doing it. Sometimes the answers to questions are right in front of us lol. Good Luck with this, I do hope you get your issues fixed my friend.
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