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I just don't like the buzz words and deceptive advertising companies use to try and get customers.. They all do it, but it's especially annoying when you know more about something than someone trying to sell you the product.. It's hard not to be rude

Yes, Eastlink uses Fiber, but the last few meters of the line into your house is copper, which is susceptible to EMF/EMI and potentially old/bad coax wiring in your house, depending on its age. To me, it would be like if you got your driveway nice freshly paved but they left that last few feet of your driveway just gravel. Sure you can still drive on gravel and it will hold up your car, but it will get messy, and if they advertised "We pave your driveway with high-quality asphalt!" - that wouldn't be the whole story - a TRUE ad would read "Our network is 99% Fiber!"

I had Eastlink for years in my old apartment (building wasn't wired for Fibe) - It was an old building with RG59 in the walls. At least twice a week, the DOCSIS modem would lose connection. Took them 4 or 5 tech visits to determine the old RG59 cabling (which they could do nothing about) was at fault. They basically said you have to live with it, or disconnect service. I own a home now, and in 5 years, Bell Fibe FTTH has not once disconnected (that I've noticed).

I'll never use an FTTN service again if I can help it :P
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I'll never use an FTTN service again if I can help it :P
Not everyone has that choice, as coax was installed years ago. While it wouldn't be difficult to run in fibre in my condo (conduit straight from my unit to the utility room), in many buildings running in new cable is a huge job. Years ago, I lived in an apartment building that was recabled for TV. They attached conduits to the exterior wall and then drilled through the brick and concrete walls to bring the cable inside.

I haven't lost my mind. It's around here...somewhere...
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@GhaladReam - I can, with confidence, say that it most likely was NOT an Eastlink customer but rather someone charged on their behalf to make those sales calls. When I lived in Woodstock, NB (before I moved here to New Glasgow), I had a pair of Rogers reps come to my door. I was very nice to them. I did a SHORT stint as a contracted "cold call" sales person in my younger years so I know how back it would suck given how nasty some customers might get.

The reps started their pitch, and then asked if I had TV or internet service. I replied that I did. They asked who I was with. I replied "Aliant". I'm on FibreOP. "Oh" was the only response. They kept smiling and then asked if I would be interested to hear what Rogers had improved. I said "not really because I don't think Rogers can come anywhere close to Aliant". He replied "probably not", we both had a small chuckle, they thanked me for my time, I wished them luck and they went about their day.

They knew not to try and sell me. They didn't lie. They didn't skew what Rogers had. Truth in sales calls may hurt, but it's still the truth and MUST be held to. It's funny that the Eastlink sales rep referred to it as "FibreOP". I know, though, that it's because "nobody" knows what they'd be talking about if they just said "Fibre". "What, like oatmeal???" But with Aliant's powerful marketing of "FibreOP" over the years, EVERYONE knows what it is. And yes - the other thing is that now it's symmetrical (same speed up and down) - cable providers can't pull that off without a LOT more upgrading of their networks (and the wiring in people's houses).

I too am on the Gigabit internet only. I love it.
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Originally Posted by Tridus View Post
Eastlink's calculus is probably similar to Rogers NB service: the cost of competing on the high end simply isn't worth the return. It would cost a lot to upgrade everything to compete with FTTH on raw performance. At the moment, the number of people who actually understand the difference and care about it isn't high enough to make that investment back. Maybe it will be one day (if stuff like Stadia takes off there will be a lot of demand for very high speed connections).

But at the moment? My mother in law doesn't notice a difference, and there are a lot more of people like her than there are people like us.
Yeah I imagine for most people very high upload speeds aren't a concern.
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Curious what speeds people are getting for uploads outside of NB.

For example, I can only get around 15 MB to gsuite
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gigabit ethernet

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