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The Number is 1877-322-6447 good luck my friend just got a deal add to play the game add to call Rogers BellAliant give him a call for a better deal Good luck
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If you do go to Rogers, you count as a new customer again after a few months and get a much better deal.

It's stupid, but Bell seems to think this is how you take care of the customer.
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Thanks for the number gang.

Got somewhat of a discount for 1 year.

- Free wireless receiver for 1 year with install fee waived
- Free DIY/Food Network (whatever that package is) free for 1 year
- Loyalty discount of 28$ for 1 year
- Gigabit Fibe upgrade for 15$ instead of 30$ for 1 year
- New modem/router which it says it needs ($100 modem fee waived + $100 technician fee waived)

I tried to get 3 years. No go. Looks like I will be doing the dance again in a year.

With the loyalty and gigabit discount I'm netting $13 drop in price, plus the cost of diy/food, plus the cost of the receiver (only need an extra one for a few months - in-laws coming to live with us for a bit) and finally all the fee's associated to new receiver+modem+technician.
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I called on Sunday (Nova Scotia), and spoke with loyalty dept.
i'm currently on their "Better" bundle.
i pay roughly $200 tax in (incl a small amount of LD like may $5/month).
They offered me a $28 discount, a renewal of 2 free themes for a year.
i'm also getting more than 300 Mbps download speed and they upgraded my router to the r1000 and i'm told i can get the HH3000 once they work out the kinks.
On Monday i received an Eastlink promo in the mail for 1 year at $120 - speed is 150 mbs, and the fine print says 3 year commitment. i'm sure some of this could be better negotiated. I'm not sure i want to change but if my bill keeps going up, even with this $28 discount, i may consider moving to Eastlink.

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Call them again they are ripping you off I get $50 off loyalty credit and have for last few years. That Eastlink deal sounds like your ticket to get real discount from them and since the promo says three years you are in for Bell matching that as well rather than the one year they always get me on as that is all Eastlink offered around here last renewal. You do not actually have to make a move just go like you are going to, call Eastlink setup a switch over call Bell tell them you are going to them as their price is too high put in cancel/dis-connect notice (give yourself three weeks to month for it). Then if true to their form they will call with equally useless first offer as you got from them now decline and wait for second call/letter in mail with real offer they will do when contacted at that number in it. Or you could try like I did this last time call the number posted a few above these posts (previous page) and just lay it on the line hey lets forget all the foolishness and get the real deal done right now. You just need to make it plain to them that you have seen the deals people are getting online in this forum and you are not going to be ripped off and if they are going to do that then they can kiss your business goodbye. Oh and looking at my last post the movies and cravetv disappeared from my account I had thought they were included still I never used them so no loss and I did get the unlimited long distance everywhere in NA for $148 something taxes in Better bundle, couple of theme packs and free extra receiver.

Luckily I decided to login in to my account to confirm all this and could not see the details there so had to call. Well in the time between the deal being made on 22 Dec. and today my loyalty went down to $47 and the receiver for free got lost in the shuffle. As the lady I talked to at the time had made notes on the account as to exactly what was agreed to it was simply a matter of the guy today taking that and applying it to my account like it should have been already. Slimy Bell weasels the nickel and diming or dollaring in this case is truely underway as per their corporate mandate of scamming your cash at all times you have to watch your bills like a hawk with them people.
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Yeah so fun story. In 3 days, we got about 5 calls reminding us about the apppointment. It was really fun fielding those and one that we missed insisted that we call back in the voicemail or it would impact our appointment. I called back and they said "oh it was just a courtesy call but make sure you answer when he calls because they will reschedule." We even got a call today confirming us a different time than the others.

Well the tech showed up on the exact time which was great. He put the new wireless digital box in and said "ok done". I said "what about the home hub 3000 and gigabit?". "sorry, not on my order and too many things to try and set that up before my next appointment, you'll have to call sales again."

He was a great guy and showed me the order on his phone which had no internet at all.

So now after 1 hour and 4 different people at Aliant/Bell they are now going to have to find a new appointment in a different system to make sure it goes through. But it could be weeks due to the freezing rain/power issues as they are all backed up from 2 weeks ago. Huh, I had the order in and an appointment 2 days out and now it could be weeks.

I'm going to keep the deal as I wasn't going to take the chance of them not calling me to negotiate if I ordered Rogers. That and my wife had Rogers already for her work at home here. So I probably wouldn't get a 'new' offer there either.

When the year is up I'll probably try it all again.

Sad part is that I used to work for NBTel back in the day. I should have expected this. 5 reminder calls in 2.5 days and they still messed up.
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post #82 of 117 (permalink) Old 2017-03-07, 07:37 AM
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$38 credit (best bundle) plus a free second receiver to re-up for another year.
Not great, but Eastlink wasn't offering a good deal to switch.
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post #83 of 117 (permalink) Old 2017-06-12, 02:51 PM
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Got my overpayment back on the Best Bundle (you've been paying an extra 10 or 15 dollars a month if you're on the old bundle and never made a change to your services within the last year). See pricing discussion thread for details.
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At the end of March Rogers canvassed the neighborhood. They offered me a bundle for $185/mo tax in, compared to the $210/mo tax in I was paying. Channel selection was the same, gave up speed (150/50 to 100/10), Rogers had a better phone package (not that I cared), and Rogers PVR was a step down. Price was good for three years with no contract, so I signed up, keeping my phone number. I let Rogers look after the cancellation notice.

The night before the install I received a call from Bell retention, because Rogers had given them 5 hours notice on moving the phone number. The number they called from had no caller id. They offered me a three year deal at $155/mo tax in, bumped the phone plan to free NA, through in my TMN and time shifting packages for free (actually added the Super Channels as well), which was too good to refuse.
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post #85 of 117 (permalink) Old 2017-09-07, 06:37 AM
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Rogers came to my door last week and made me an offer of about $150 a month tax in for internet(500/20) tv and home phone. I am currently paying Bell/Aliant around $230 after tax (that includes 300/100 internet, extra cable box and 2 extra theme pack and unlimited north American calling. So I took the deal. The night before the switch over Bell calls from a local number and offers me a $52 credit for 2 years, free second box rental, free theme packs and free north amercian calling. They are also upgrading my internet to gigabit. All in after tax my bill will now be Around $155
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Great deal. I almost did the same recently but Rogers doesn't offer fast enough upload for me so I didn't go through with the cancel. The agent was really good about it and told me I'd be notified when Rogers upgrades their backbone for faster uploads. I really would prefer to stay with Fibe, but it appears that the best deals only occur when you really commit to cancel and I couldn't take the chance with Rogers Internet in case Bell they didn't counter-offer.
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you can call the loyalty dept and ask them for a lower price. just be honest with them and sometimes they will offer you a deal.
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greenshadow: that is what I did last year called and said hey do I have to go through the foolishness of pretending to cancel and you guys can waste your time calling twice sometimes three times or are we just going to get the deal done now, worked great.
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^^ *snicker* SO MUCH THIS. Every. Single. Time. "Here we are again, what's the best you can do? Really? That's all? Oh well, let me cancel my service then so you can call me back with your real bottom line offer"

Customer loyalty is the magic number. They also fixed my account and restored my credits when I moved back in April. Sucks that I couldn't get a 3 year guarantee here in NS like I did in NB but that's because of the competition here. So I will be calling them in March and saying "Hey, here we are again, what's the best you can do?...." (lather, rinse, repeat)
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I tried the nice route with loyalty earlier this year with mixed results. I mean, I received a pretty good deal, but I was attempting to get the same deal my brother-in-law received with his full cancellation notice. They told me it was a promotion they could not offer by loyalty unless you did take that step. It was basically the same argument as above "well if I cancel I'll get that deal, so please save yourself the time and resources". The deal he received was also locked in for 3yrs and quite a bit better than what I received.. maybe it does depend on who you get.

His Bell contact told him bluntly that when they finally receive the 'port phone #' request from Rogers is exactly when they offer the incredible retention deals. They believe you're serious then and not before. And yes, I know that everyone's experiences are different.
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