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Bell Fibe Alt TV streaming service

EDIT: See post 29 for the actual product announcement and press release.

Bell will be launching a new video service in 4 to 6 weeks for cord-cutters and cord-shavers within their TV footprint according to comments during their conference call.

George Cope wouldn't be specific for competitive reasons, but it could be similar to Both companies use Ericsson Mediaroom for their existing TV platform and Telus is using Ericsson MediaFirst for Pik TV.

For anyone that wants to listen to the conference call, Cope's initial comment was at 7:45 and there several questions starting at 28:00. A transcript should be available in a week or 2.

My guess is the service will be similar to Telus Pik TV - it will only be available to Bell internet subscribers and will include local and mandatory channels to comply with CRTC regulations. Additional specialty channels and VOD will also be available, but the pricing and packaging would be different than Telus.

Since Bell already has an app for Apple TV 4, I would expect that will be the platform, although they could also use the official Android TV operating system like Telus at half the cost. Mobile access will also be available, but certain content may not be available outside the home due to licensing constraints.

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reserved for official launch.
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Honestly, I don't see how this will be any more of a success than their Fibe or Satellite service. Knowing Bell, the pricing structure will be similar to Bell Fibe TV and Bell satellite TV. If they want it to be a success, it can't be $25.00 minimum package for what is essentially your local OTA stations, public access channels and a bunch of French channels that is of little interest to the majority of people outside of Quebec and Eastern Ontario. Same goes with a la carte pricing of specialty channels. If they ask for $7 for specialty channel like Food Network or $18 for TSN, it will fail before it even starts.
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This is likely a strategic move to counter Vmedia and Zazeen who offer similar services. I don't know how Vmedia and Zazeen are doing financially or with subscriber numbers but I doubt they have the resources to go head to head with Bell and Telus.
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If they think a conventional TV package, just "over the Internet" will appeal to cord cutters, they have absolutely no idea what they're doing. The whole appeal of cord cutting is to get away from overpriced conventional packages and dealing with network scheduling & commercials.

A Netflix competitor has to be better than Netflix. Not the archaic system that existed before.
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Well, I am willin to try this new service. It will mostly depend on how much will Bell be charging for the Internet.
I would love to have service similar to what Vmedia offers.

I have tried Vmedia but unfortunately they throttle their internet service.
Their tv is unreliable and not HD quality, contrary to what Vmedia preaches.
Too bad because after being on the market for a few years they should have been able to fix all the bugs. @Tridus
This new service is not competing with Netflix as it offers live tv which Netflix does not.
I would say that Crave tv is competitor to Netflix.

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I agree. This is not an OTT service. Bell's OTT offering is CraveTV. Maybe this thread should be titled, "Bell to launch new IPTV product."
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George Cope called it "an innovative new product" to "address OTT substitution". In the Q&A he mentioned that it will be offered in the "TV footprint," so we know it won't be an true OTT product. Anything else, including what I said in post 1, is just speculation. My plan was to change the thread title once the product is announced and post the details in post 2.
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Well, I'm curious to see what they're offering.

Here are things to look for that could make this new product appealing to those who aren't interested in a cable subscription today (especially millennials), and will be a good gauge in the relative competitiveness of the product:

1. Does it require proprietary hardware, or can people use it with existing streaming products (e.g. Chromecast, Roku, etc)?

2. Is it priced competitively?

3. How much content will be available?

4. If you must pay a subscription fee to use this service, must you still contend with advertisements?
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Only will be worthwhile to me if it is true a la carte, requires no other services from Bell, and no hardware rental or purchase from Bell.
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Perhaps it's just an update to the Fibe TV App. For a number of months now this App has "coming soon", for ability to watch recorded programming. This is what I want provided that you can skip commercials.
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Bell published the conference call transcript:

Here are George Cope's (CEO) OTT comments, the first one during the presenatation and the 2 responses during the Q & A.
On the IPTV side, we added 22,400 net adds, clearly seeing it maturing, as our footprint expansion is not as aggressive as it had been in the past, and absolutely seeing some of the TV subscription OTT substitution. We will address the OTT substitution market in the coming weeks with a new innovative product for the marketplace, which the street will hear about over the next four to six weeks.
In terms of the OTT, I will not comment much, other than—obviously, I mentioned it, so it is a fair question. We will enter that marketplace in a short period of time. There is clearly growth there. There are customers who are choosing OTT as the way they want to view video, and so we want to make sure we are playing in that. That is important for our TV product, it is important for our Media assets, and it is important to our drive towards Internet subscriptions. So, on all three businesses, for us, strategically, it fits, and of course it can even enhance our Wireless position, and so you will see us pursuing that market, and we will be coming back to the marketplace with some announcements in the coming weeks, to make sure we capture our growing market there, as well.
I probably will not be able to answer all those to that level of details, but what I would like to do is maybe defer some of the questions on the OTT until we are in the marketplace, but let me just back up.

There is clearly a cord-cut and cord-shave marketplace. I think we have seen that not just in Canada, but in North America, and given that we are the leading TV provider in the country and the leading media company in the country, we want to make sure we are playing in that space, in the footprints that we provide TV marketplace today, and so you will see us doing that going forward.

Frankly, in terms of whether or not people will migrate from one product to another, that is an harder call, other than to say if there are customers who are cutting the cord from our TV service or another TV service, part of the strategy around this approach will clearly be to make sure we are in the marketplace, to have an offer for that customer.

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Since this service will require Bell's internet then I can assume that Bell will be playing games with the price of Internet.
Exactly what it is doing with Fibe tv.
If the price structure will be anything like Bell Fibe then I am not interested.
This service should have competitive price of TV and Internet and no deals with loyalty department or other gimmicks like credits or discounts and then it may work.
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I have Fibe tv and probably won't switch over but my brother who already has Bell's high speed internet but Fibe tv isn't available in his area might be interested in switching over from Rogers to this new service... Other important factors that would make this a viable alternative: Cloud DVR with programmable recordings, support for most major (legal) streaming box such as ROKU, not just Apple TV. Hopefully Bell gets this right on its inaugural launch but wouldn't be surprised if they screw it up!!!

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If it will be anything like Telus pick tv then buying a box will be required. Most likely there will not be recording available since it would make just duplicate service to Fibe tv.
I do not really care if I had to buy their box as long as the price was good and the same for everybody so no need calling Bell for discounts.
I am pretty sure that it will not be available on Roku because it does not have much support in Canada and there is no guarantee that it will be available on Apple TV as well.
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