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post #526 of 557 (permalink) Old 2017-12-11, 11:41 AM
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While writing this the fibre conduit is being installed on my street.

My questions are this: I want to get 4K for TSN which is Bell so that should be a no-brainer but any Rogers stuff will not be available on Bell, is that correct?

I will also be getting Fibe Internet where I only need a clean line for D/ling 1 to 2 GB files occasionally but mostly for surfing the net.

Would a 25/25 service give me all I need? If they rely on copper to the home will I get this speed? Or is their roll-out predicated on installing FTTH? [I'm in Kingston, ON]

Anything else I should be aware of when switching to Bell Fibe?

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I don't think Rogers would be prevented from getting TSN 4K and Vice versa for Bell offering Sportsnet 4K channels, that would be anti-competitive and a very bad thing, and incase you were not aware the non 4k guys can get both sportsnet and tsn on each providers package respectively. I am sure those 4K channels should be available to any provider provided the carriage agreements have already been negotiated and the customer has the appropriate package that includes the channel.
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@ExRobotGuy you already started a thread to discuss your internet situation - if you still have questions you should ask them there, so we don't take this thread off topic and make 4K info harder to find.

As I posted earlier in the thread, both TSN 4K and Sportsnet 4K are included with the Better and Best packages and an extra-cost option with Good. See the Bell page:

See the Bell 4K page for additional 4K content available:
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post #529 of 557 (permalink) Old 2017-12-11, 07:21 PM
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OK, Dr. Dave. Sorry.
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post #530 of 557 (permalink) Old 2018-03-04, 11:42 PM
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Exclamation Vip 5662W and Sony Bravia XBR65930E issues

Good Day All,

I have a Sony XBR65930E 4K tv and i'm having some issues.

I have added Arris VIP5662W to the Bravia set top box configuration but the Sony Remote does not control the set top box with the IR Blaster,(worked fine with my older fibe pvr). I have rebooted the 5662 and removed the batteries from the remote in order to activate the ir on the receiver since the new receiver uses a bluetooth remote. Also, CEC does not work between the bravia nd the receiver.

Other issue. I have the whole home pvr with 5 receivers all wireless with the exception of the PVR. Right now only 2 tvs are on and the pvr kicks me out of hd due to a scheduled recording. I never had this issue with the older PVR.

Thank You
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@Pmonte I moved your post to this thread where we discuss the VIP5662W.

1) Arris did a total redesign on the box and decided to use a different IR code for this series compared to the other Fibe TV boxes. Your Sony remote may not support the new IR code. Here is the most recent post regarding IR and there are others if you search further back:

2) I haven't seen any info that the PVR supports CEC - a lot of STBs don't.

3) I see you posted in another thread that you are having problems with your line speed and you are getting bonded pair. That may help with the number of streams you receive - you should ask the installer while he's there. The official limit for FTTN is 3 HD and 1 SD.

EDIT: It occurred to me that you may have been watching or recording a 4K channel. FTTN only has enough bandwidth for 1 4K and 1 HD live channel, although you can watch previously recording programs on the other TVs.

Last edited by Dr.Dave; 2018-03-05 at 04:39 PM.
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post #532 of 557 (permalink) Old 2018-03-07, 11:03 PM
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Thanks for the info Dr. Dave, bell told me that they had to downgrade my speed tp 25 until they figure out the problem, apparently there is a lot of noise in the line that is why it is kicking me out due to bandwidth, they replaced one line but nothing got fixed. Never had issues until i upgraded the modem and the service... I asked the tier 2 support why would they upgrade me without checking if my line could handle it and he could not provide an answer, i've been having issues since Aug 2017 and still waiting to get bonded.... Lets see if they make it this week. Also, i have a late 2017 Bravia and when adding the PVR to the tv software it recognizes the arris 5662 but the sony remote will not control the pvr, looks like i have to invest in a new harmony remote.
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post #533 of 557 (permalink) Old 2018-03-17, 07:10 PM
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I'm considering updating to a 4k box. Can someone please let me know what 4k programming I can get in the Montreal area. I sub to NHL center ice. Will I get any Leafs games in 4k or only local Ottawa or Montreal games?
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post #534 of 557 (permalink) Old 2018-03-18, 10:35 AM
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I haven't heard of any Centre Ice games shown on a 4K channel on any TV provider. A limited number of NHL games are shown on Sportsnet 4K and TSN 4K. Here is the Sportsnet fall/winter schedule for 2017/18:

I don't think those games were blacked out, but the TSN games from Toronto probably were since TSN is a regional channel. (I'm not an expert on NHL blackout rules.)
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post #535 of 557 (permalink) Old 2018-03-18, 11:50 AM
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Thanks Dr.Dave. It does appear that TSN Leaf 4k games are blacked out here even with the Center Ice Package. Also looks like only 1 Leaf game to come on Sportsnet this season so I will shelf plan to upgrade to 4k box until Bell can offer more content.
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It's not a matter of Bell offering more content, there just isn't much 4K material being "broadcast". Rogers also only has a couple of 4K channels and very little programming on them - mostly Jays.

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post #537 of 557 (permalink) Old 2018-03-18, 12:45 PM
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Agreed but it would be great if Bell and NHL could offer all of the few games broadcast in 4k to customers who pay the additional money for NHL Center Ice instead of having some of them (TSN) only available in the customers region.
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Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed that when I start to watch a show that is currently recording after fast forwarding through commercials the sound completely shuts off. Stopping playback and switching to live tv does not correct this. The only way to get the sound back is to turn the PVR off and then back on again. I have never seen this behaviour on recordings that are complete and not currently recording. It happened to me twice last night, once during the Junos and once during The Walking Dead. It's pretty weird.

I searched the web and found a reference to the same thing in a Telus thread from 2016.

I don't remember seeing (or hearing ) this bug on my previous non-4k PVR.

Just happened again while catching up to The Voice. I was able to go to settings and change the sound to stereo and save and the sound came back without having to shut down the PVR.

Last edited by kibosh; 2018-03-26 at 09:03 PM. Reason: Added new details
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post #539 of 557 (permalink) Old 2018-04-08, 03:31 PM
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I've been considering upgrading my bell fibe service to include a 4k pvr. I currently have a bell 2000 router, paired 50/10 internet service, a VIP 2262 HD PVR (co-ax connection to router at month 59 of 60 rental to own) and 2 VIP 2202 (co-ax connections to router one at month 59 of 60 rental to own and other at month 52 of 60 to own).

I called bell today and was told that I can pay the remaining month or 2 and keep the VIP 2262 HD PVR and continue to have it connected and also add a new Bell Fibe 4K PVR to the router thus having an HD PVR, a 4K PVR, and 2 HD receivers all connected to the Bell 2000 router. From what I've read on this forum I can't have both pvr's connected at the same time. I questioned the bell rep several times about it and told her that I'm sure she's wrong but she insisted that it can be done and that I would just have to pay an additional $ 20 per month for the new 4k pvr unless loyalty wanted to do something.

My questions for our knowledgeable forum members:

1)Is it possible to have both PVR's connected to the router? If so must the HD pvr be disabled and only used as a receiver?

2)Would the new Fibe 4k receiver be connected to a lan port of the modem since I understand that co-ax is not possible. Also the bell rep told me that it could be connected wireless without upgrading the router to a model 3000. Is that really possible?

3)What reachable department of Bell is best to arrange this with in order to get accurate info (tech support, loyalty, billing, or other)?

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Pixelation When Changing Channel from 4K

Just a quick question to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Most nights we are recording shows while we are watching the Jays etc. on Sportsnet 4k. Any time we change the channel when on 4k there is a slight delay. The issue however is when we watch our recorded shows. At the same time frame when we have changed the channel the recorded shows go all pixely for a few seconds. It's almost as if there is not enough bandwidth to flip channels from 4k to HD while recording shows.

The internet speed is 100/10 and we don't notice any other issues with our services.

Has anyone encountered this before? I can explain further if needed.

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