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While I was searching for Bell's Own With Bell movie rentals I noticed that Bell is offering 20 movies in 4K?


Do you need a 4K receiver to rent these movies? or can you use regular HD receiver but they won't be in 4K? The reason I ask is channels 1399,1396 & 1395 although they appear in my guide every time there's something on ,on those channels they don't appear? There just some info screen? Do need a 4K receiver to actually watch those channels or do the regular HD receivers show whats playing but not just in 4K?

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no the 4k channels will not have a picture as I only get sound on my wireless receiver and of course picture and sound on my 4k receiver

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I have a question about installation that hopefully someone on here can answer.

I currently have 3 receivers, 2 on the main floor and the HDPVR receiver along with internet modem upstairs. My 4K TV is on the main floor so does the 4K PVR need to now be installed on the main floor along with the internet modem where my 4k TV is?

If that is the case, that room is not pre wired with bell wiring so I will have to drill holes or find a way to get cabling into it. I have a couple bell boxes in the basement where the conduit from outside comes in, is this where I need to create a route to my 4K tv? and is there a type of cable I can run my self or should I just have a fish tape/string left there for the Technician?

I would like to be prepared before booking an appointment so I don't waste mine or the tech's time.

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The 4K PVR is wireless but temporarily they use white wall plug adapters that communicate with a wireless transmitter and the modem(supposedly the correct transmitter will be available in the summer). There is no cable connection option on the 4K receiver, only Ethernet cable so if you want a direct connection you will need the modem and receiver to be in same room. I am not happy with this wall plug adapter approach as it is sub optimal from a picture quality standpoint.
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I'm not very tech savy. Does that mean I can have the 4k receiver without changing my current set up at all?
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Yes you can have 4K tv and 4K PVR on main floor while keeping modem and transmitter upstairs. One white wall plug on main floor into the PVR via Ethernet cable and the other white wall plug upstairs into the transmitter via Ethernet cable.
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Perfect, thanks!
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Just to clarify the upstairs white wall plug goes into the modem. The transmitter I have upstairs with my modem is for my wireless receiver in the basement.
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What a debacle. Bell tech came today and replaced the original 4K PVR and all the initial issues continue to occur. The sound on all 4K channels is 2 channel vs 5.1 , the voices and picture are out of sync, and I can only watch/record 1 4k and 1 HD simultaneously. As well the HD pictures are not as crisp as they were on the old HD PVR. The 4K content is not on par with the 4K I watch on my Smart tv via Internet. The only current supposed fix is to connect the 4K receiver directly to the modem by Ethernet cable which for me would have been drilling through brick and making a big mess( the current wall plug approach is sub optimal). Bell was aware of the sound issues and tried a patch to fix but it did not work. As far as the bandwidth/stream issue there is to be a expansion in June. As far as a transmitter for the receiver that will be July. I would be interested in hearing from others if the have same issues that have been resolved. Or did those with the direct modem connection have no issues?
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Not sure if you mentioned. But do you have "pair bonding"? My first install appointment, tech came to test my line. Said I do not have pair bonding and another tech would have to come install. Reason being is the 1 line to my house would not be strong enough for 4k. They had to activate a second internet line. So now 1 is dedicated to fibe tv for 4k quality, and a second line dedicated to internet. I am connected direct to the modem and no issues. There should be 2 internet lines going into the modem.

Also, do you have a Sony 4k? I think there are issues with those tvs. I'd recommend trying the DSL Reports forum as there are many Bell techs on there.

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I had to get pair bonding back when i upgraded to the 50/10 connection speed as the one line coming in was no where near enough to provide that speed. I'd be surprised if 4K would work well at all without using pair boding to provide the extra bandwidth. I actually have 3 lines in my basement, the 2 for the internet, and 1 for the phone.

Even with a bonded connection, if I am watching a 4K feed, and there is 1 HD show recording, my wife on another TV can't watch live TV, pretty sure she can watch a recorded show though.
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I have pair bonding and a Samsung television.
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I am fortunate enough to live very close to the local Fibe node and have a very short loop length as a result. I do not have pair bonding, although they did crank up the sync rate on my profile to accommodate 4K. At this point I am very happy with the results, the Masters in 4K was incredible yesterday albeit it with only 2 channel sound.

One question for all on the forum, has anyone got their receiver working with a Harmony Smart Hub? Mine only has a profile for the VIP5602 and it doesn't work.
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Newtvfanatic I also had my 4K pvr replaced yesterday and no change with audio issues (2 channel sound on all 4K channels and out of sync). The video works fine and looks great. I do have the 4K pvr hard wired to the router with an Ethernet cable.

Can you let me know how your audio is hooked up to your stereo receiver? My set up is:
- hdmi from 4K pvr to Samsung tv one connect box
- audio optical cable from Samsung tv one connect box to stereo receiver

I also tried running an optical audio cable from the 4K pvr directly to the stereo receiver but that made no difference.

I am wondering if the only way to get 5.1 channel sound on the 4K channels is to use hdmi. Unfortunately my stereo receiver is old and does not have hdmi inputs.

Can anyone give me some guidance on this issue? Especially anyone that has been able to get Dolby digital 5.1 sound on the 4K channels. Please let me know your set up.
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If you can get DD5.1 from the other TV channels, then there is likely an incoming audio issue on the 4k channels that only have DD2.0 (or improperly encoded DD5.1 with only the LF & RF channels active). Here's the FAQ on DD5.1 audio. See the bolded part about going "through" a TV, which can sometimes cause issues in older TVs. The settings in the TV need to be appropriate to pass DD5.1, however, the direct connection via optical from the STB to your AVR should work. BTW, it's best to call it an AVR (Audio Video Receiver) and not a "Stereo" receiver since "Stereo" has a two-channel connotation.

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