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post #76 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-08-07, 12:47 PM
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I called back again and from what I gather the issue is local to me (I am in Whitby). Apparently my area is so new they have known issues with the new equipment installed, in fact I am the first person anyone in the technical support area had spoken to from Whitby. Even the installer commented that he had never worked on the equipment in the closet on my street and had to call in for help in setting up my router connection (it uses DHCP).

Anyway, they told me to call back in a week to get an update. They said they should have a resolution by then.
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Oh ok that would make sense as it is a new area, wow they are already in whitby? pretty soon they will be all over ontario and Rogers will be losing alot of customers as once people see how great the service is they will be installing it.. Yeah once they are able to provide you with the new 2202's a 2262 go for it, you will love them....
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post #78 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-08-08, 04:35 PM
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I just cancelled my Fibe service after Bell completely screwed up moving the service from my old address to my new one. Despite giving them almost a month's notice and calling a couple of more times to confirm all the details.

The last straw was spending hours on the phone yesterday morning being given different numbers to call (some of them meant to be used by employees only) before finally finding an agent who was apparently getting it all straightened out. Then I got transferred to a supervisor who had no idea why I was transferred to her.

I loved the Fibe service, but Bell is a nightmare to deal with. I'd say good riddance, but I'm sure I'll still be dealing with billing issues months from now.

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post #79 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-08-08, 07:34 PM
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Sorry to hear that Dioneo,
It is a shame, the service is like none other out there, Im sure the issues with the customer service you will also have with other providers no matter who you go with, they all have their pros and cons. But the service is totally awesome and maybe you should give them one more try, maybe ask them to speak with someone in retentions and see if they can offer you a deal to keep you, im sure they would do something to keep a happy and satisfied customer.. I found that a couple of times I had issues with customer service too, and we will find them everywhere, but then you find that one rep that will take care of the situation for you and then you start to realize that it can all be worked out, I hope you get this resolved and if you go elsewhere hope all goes smooth for you, its a shame that this happens.
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post #80 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-08-09, 06:38 PM
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Thanks for your well wishes. My last phone call was Bell's second chance, and they screwed that up too. I'd been with Fibe for about a year and a half. I had almost no problems with the Internet/TV service, and constant problems with their billing and customer service. The only thing they consistently got right was when I would call in to change my programming choices.

I've been with Rogers, and Shaw Direct in the past. I can't remember having serious customer service issues with either of them.

I already signed back up with Rogers, the only real alternative at my new address.

Long live the console war! Buy 'em all! Just don't give Sony any of your Personal info!
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post #81 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-11-25, 10:55 AM
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Well, I've had my fill of Bell.

So, after taking 10 months to get my billing issues finally resolved, I now have yet another issue.

My discounts were set to expire in Nov. I called in Sept. to renew or apply new discounts for the next year.
I had a detail chat with them specifically regarding my Internet, because I was grandfathered into the Fibe 16+.
I ended the call with only setting up my TV discounts to cover until Nov. 2013, I advised them I'd call back when I sorted out what to do with my internet, as I really didn't want to move to 15/10 (I'd only get 3 meg upload based on my location anyway).

I called them back on Sept. 28th, discussed again my needs, and the fact that I didn't want to move off of 16+.
I was advised by retentions/loyalty the best option was for them to reapply all of my discounts on the internet and keep the status quo until Nov. 2013, I agreed, spent nearly 25 minutes on hold while he called over to his "other department" to ensure that all of the discounts were applied and would take for the next year.

Fast forward to my bill received on Nov. 23rd.
My bill for some reason is way higher then normal, upon investigation, I see there's NO discounts on the internet at all, my Fibe 16+ is being billed at $85/mo.
I quickly call, make a note to the new guy I speak to that, I called on Sept. 28th, and this was all worked out. He advises me that all my grandfathered discounts are expired and he can't add them back under any circumstances. I note to him my calls, he tells me he can see the notes, but unfortunately, they are not able to honor them, his system "will not allow them to place the discounts on any grandfathered plan".
He advises me that "my only option to get cheaper internet was to switch to 15/10 and although I'd get less download every month, it would be $49.95/month and not $84.95.
I asked him why they couldn't honor what the last loyalty CSR put me on hold for 25 minutes to get, he said that, those discounts were in fact in the system, but the system wouldn't apply them to a grandfathered plan, and because of that there was nothing he could do.

So.. I wrapped up the call telling him I'd make a few calls and get back to them as this wasn't acceptable, and I'd either cancel, or drop the internet to zero rated.

I hung up the phone and called Electronic Box, and ordered 60/3 from them.
Once it's hooked up and running, I'll be dropping the internet to zero rated.

I will say this, Bell's service is great, it works fantastically, their billing, that's a whole other mess.
Over my 1 year of service with them, I didn't receive 6 months worth of bills, many months the amount of the bills were not consistent with the amount they should have been. The amount of people that don't follow up with them must really be crazy.
Checking my phone logs from the last year, just sorting out my billing issues, I spent over 30 hours on the phone with them.
I will keep them for my FibeTV, but never again for any other service.
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post #82 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-02-18, 06:01 PM
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I got to ask does anybody know what the hell is a Digital Service Fee? Except a cheap money grab. Bell billing is so hard to keep track off that I barely bother anymore I just check the total to see if it does not vary much.
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post #83 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-13, 11:21 PM Thread Starter
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I'm paying a $3 Digital Service Fee, too. It appears on the TV portion of my Bell bill. I was paying the same amount under the same name to Rogers, before I switched. Yes, it's a cheap money grab but I doubt we can do anything about it.

I should update my situation - a little less than 2 years after I was the OP on this rant thread, I've made the jump to Bell from Rogers. The current promo with the free PVR finally persuaded me. I've been relatively satisfied. Most of my HD channels are noticeably sharper than they were with Rogers, and I have a big increase in Internet speed with Fibe 15/10, especially uploading. I was on 5 Mbps DSL before - Teksavvy, not Bell. I love Teksavvy and hated to leave them but Bell Internet is a prerequisite for Fibe TV, so I was stuck. I love having a PVR. If Rogers had offered me one when I said I was leaving, I probably would have stayed with them.

I've ended up with a few less SD channels than I had with Rogers, but more HD channels. I ended up going wtih the so-called "Better" TV package (plus TMN movie channels) because the undocumented Fibe "Select" package I was originally sold didn't give me a few channels I found I couldn't do without.

Overall, I'm not saving much money over what I was paying to Rogers, but I have more HD channels, faster internet and a PVR. I guess I'm ahead, on balance. In any case I'm now committed to Fibe for another 1 year and 9 months, assuming I give back their equipment if I leave at that point. I get to keep the equipment if I leave another year after that, but I assume it would be useless if I went back to Rogers or something.
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post #84 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-19, 05:52 PM
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Missing first Run Shows

Stupid interface. I am trying to record first run shows but if the guide has no information the PVR thinks it is a rerun and skips it.

Default should be fail safe and record the show if it does not know what the episode is

Bell needs to get after its suppliers and get them to fix the guide and PVR programming or they will be loosing business to the competitors soon.

Additional: How do you record a recurring show manually . I want to record the Monday night movie every week since they are playing the 007 series but you cant do that.
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post #85 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-20, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by victorvdc View Post
Stupid interface. I am trying to record first run shows but if the guide has no information the PVR thinks it is a rerun and skips it.
And you think this makes the interface stupid?

Bell needs to get after its suppliers and get them to fix the guide and PVR programming or they will be loosing business to the competitors soon.
I had the same problem when I was with Rogers, so switching to them would not help. But I agree that the suppliers of the guide need to do a better job of classifying programs correctly as first run or rerun.

I routinely check the scheduled recording for the up coming week. If an expected show, with first run indicator, is not scheduled I check it with Zap2It to see if shows it as a rerun or first run. I have not missed a recording in a long time.
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post #86 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-24, 02:10 PM
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Month 3 into my service and Bell has yanked my free HD PVR because I only have 2 services with them

I only had 2 services when I signed up with them and the free PVR was part of the promotion that for me switch. Now they are trying to bully me into signing up for a 3rd service.

I'm remembering why I ran screaming from Bell over to Videotron a decade ago and it looks like I will be going back to Videotron assuming they offer me a promotion.

I had almost changed my mind about Bell...
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post #87 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-24, 03:31 PM
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dunlop, the free PVR rental requires a 3 service bundle - TV, internet and phone (either landline or cell).

(3) $0 rental based on $15 monthly rental fee, less a $15 monthly credit. Available to new Bell TV subscribers with continued subscription to three eligible Bell services; see The receiver remains Bellís property. You may terminate your rental at any time provided you return the receiver (early termination fees on programming may apply). Receivers may be new or refurbished at Bellís choice.
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post #88 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-24, 03:41 PM
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I know , but I was offered it free as part of a promotion to get me to sign up. It was credited on my first 2 invoices and was pretty much the reason I switched over (whole home pvr). I cannot understand how they are able to change the terms of a deal much less THREE months in.

I owned all my hardware for Videotron/ElectronicBox and sold it all. When I switch our of bell I will be out significant money. I'm just thankful I am in Quebec and they are not able to lock me into a contract
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post #89 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-24, 04:19 PM
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DR Dave

That must be knew?

Because when I signed up in Oct 2012 I got(have 3 services)(based on a 3 year contract)

1 PVR free $13.86/month then credited $13.86/month
3 HD receivers month rental. $5.53/month/receiver.

After 3 years they become mine to own.

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post #90 of 179 (permalink) Old 2013-03-24, 05:22 PM
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dunlop, sometimes Bell and other providers have special promotions where they send out mailers or have door-to-door or phone campaigns to sign up new customers. When a provider has just installed services in a new area, they will often have even better promos just for that new area. If you were specifically told that the PVR was free even if you didn't have 3 services, then it's possible your service wasn't set up properly on Bell's billing system. If you have proof of the promo you were offered, that would strengthen your case.

MCIBUS, it sounds like you got one of those special promos for new areas. Bell changed from free PVR to free rental effective Jan. 27, 2013, although I'm not sure what the special promos are now. Here is the leaked memo (which was posted in the satellite forum).
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