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post #46 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-05-08, 03:31 PM
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I think i figured the problem in my case. Yesterday, Chaos played on MPIX HD and everything was loud except for dialog. The broadcast wasn't in 5.1, so my reciever played the content in Prologic mode but dialog was very faint. I switced the vp1232 audio mode to stereo and problem got fixed. Reciever still played the content in Prologic mode as it should. So this leads me to believe if you select the audio mode on the vp1232 to surround and the broadcast isn't in dobly digital 5.1, then the vp1232 does not do any downmixing on the optical out port.
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post #47 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-07, 12:13 AM
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Billing Rant

I’ve been trying to remain composed over the last several months while trying to get this resolved, but it’s gone from bad to worse, and no sign it will actually be fixed. Please excuse the long rant and sum up of this issue.

Called in at the end of Oct. once Fibe was finally available in my area, booked an install, FibeTV+Internet+Dry-loop
Install came, everything worked well.
2-3 weeks later, I get my first internet bill, it’s pretty much correct, but no bundle discounts and the TV account is missing.
Called in several times to get this resolved, was advised that I should make a payment to keep the TV account in good standing.
I Pay 3 billing cycles in a row over the phone with my credit card, still not having seen a bill for the TV
Finally, my Feb. bill comes, now it’s suddenly in French, but the TV account is finally attached.
Credits are still missing, call in, credits for the last 3 months are applied.
They tell me, they’ll fix the French, and get it in English, it will take 2-3 more billing cycles.
Suddenly, my TV account is removed from the one bill again
I now have a new TV account, in French….
My internet bill is still in French.
Next billing cycle, I call in, pay again by credit card, ask again about the conversion, and why I can’t see a TV bill.
I’m told it’s in process, 2-3 billing cycles it will be fixed, this goes on until April, the entire time I’ve not seen a TV bill, yet I’m paying it.
April rolls around, finally, TV is back on the one bill, in French….
I call back… they cancel the account again, and the process repeats.
My one bill with internet is still in French, it’s canceled, they remake it.
Now, May, June one bills, page 1 is English, page 2 is French…..
Still no TV bills…. June 6th, I get a call from collections regarding one of the canceled accounts.
I’m about to outright lose it on the guy that called me, I call back the manager that’s dealing with my account, tell him this happened, he makes notes on all 6, yes SIX accounts, and sends the collections department a mail not to call me for 3 months while this gets fixed.
I make another payment June 6th to cover the May TV bill, that I’ve still not seen.
Call the manager back, he swears he’ll call me back June 27th, it’s now July 6th, and I’ve not been able to get him.
Today, I get a call from collections again, now suddenly I owe $253 on the TV account.
I’m at a client’s house installing a laptop when they called me on my cell, I advise the guy on the phone, to read the notes on the account, I pull up, and give him all my account numbers, he tells me he doesn’t care what notes are on the account, I either have to pay today, or I have to make arrangements to pay in the next 2 weeks.
He’s now being a belligerent a-hole, I’m sitting next to an elderly lady, trying to get off the phone. He said several times, I owe Bell $253, and he has to make the arrangement to get it, I gave him the extension of the manager that’s supposed to look after my account as well as his full name, I ask him kindly to read the notes on my account.
This goes on for 20 minutes until I make a credit card payment after he tells me he’s submitting it to the credit bureau unless they get payment in 2 weeks.
I make a credit card payment just to be rid of the guy.
What’s actually owing on the account, April and Junes bills, I made a credit card payment on June 6th to cover the May bill, but the April bill wasn’t yet merged from one of the many canceled accounts.
I should have owed $96 x2 months, total of $220.75 taxes in, and that’s not including the missing bundle discounts etc.
Somehow, that amount is now $253.
The Internet account/Dry-loop has never been an issue, it’s been on pre-auth payment since day one.

So, here I am, month 9, billing issues not resolved, notes all over 6 accounts, no fixes.
When I called in to billing tonight to try and reach my manager, the guy I spoke to said I never should have been called from collections, it’s more than clear on my accounts not to call me, management is handling it. He sent the manager an email and said I’d get a call back in 24-48 hours.
I have 14 hours on the phone calling Bell dealing with this, I checked my phone logs.
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post #48 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-07, 11:31 PM
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buddy do what i did, cancel it all and go back to rogers, its not worth the aggravation, bell is ridiculous
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post #49 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-15, 01:11 AM
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10 months later.... Finally resolved.

Credits offered, $9/mo for the 10 months there was an issue.
All overages credited back that were mis-charged for the last 10 months.
$75 one time credit for my issues.
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post #50 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-18, 09:38 AM
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I just received my first FibeTV bill and, much to my surprise, there were no errors.
Even the bundle discounts were applied correctly. I guess miracles do happen!
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post #51 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-18, 07:10 PM
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my 3 receivers downloaded software update saturday.
since then, volume level output has dropped drastically. where before 20 was sufficient, i have to crank it to 45-50.
Anyone else?
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post #52 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-23, 10:19 AM
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I did not notice any update (I never check the software numbers), though I did a reboot during the week so it may have changed something at that time, but now that you mention it, I did notice the way lower sound level. Count me as 2.

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post #53 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-23, 02:07 PM
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i complained to tech support, they downloaded a patch to me, said its a known issue,
it didnt fix the problem. they said 2-3 weeks before the bug is fixed.
time to ask for a rebate!!
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post #54 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-25, 10:49 AM
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I have had Fibe TV for 8 months and I have no complaints about the service. I think it's great. Bell billing on the other hand is a complete nightmare. I have NEVER had a correct invoice. Finally after 8 months my last bill was correct except for one item. When I signed up I was supposed to get 6 months of Internet free. I had Fibe 6 and got 2 months free. Then I called and upgraded to Fibe16. I then stopped getting the free months. I called and was told it would be fixed. So now my bill is ok except I did not get 4 months of free internet. So I called them again. Big mistake. I was told I would get 6 months free starting in July for 8 months total AND have my bundle discount increased. Great right? The next day my tv service stopped completely. After 2 1/2 hours on the phone it was back. I was told whoever "fixed" my bill changed me to DSL and deleted Fibe TV. Now it is back and I am supposed to get the 6 months free again (less several hours of my life) but I can just imagine what my July bill will look like. They also do not have Fibe 16 anymore so I was switched to 15/10. On my online account it says I have OIBTN internet. No idea what that is. their billing dept is a complete joke. Although I must say the support was helpful. The woman kept saying "Oh my god this is a mess" and agreed it was their fault.
I dread having to call them again.

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post #55 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-25, 12:42 PM
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Oh I am so furious today...

With the Olympics coming, Bell opening several channels for the raw feed of the games, just like what it did in Vancouver. Bell Satellite, that is. I called the customer service today asking about those channels. After about 30 minutes for them to find the answer and for me to be transferred around, came the answer.

None for Fibe customers. Just tune to the established channels.
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post #56 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-25, 09:57 PM
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I heard they were to have some software in the app menu for the Olympics that will be better than Expressvu
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post #57 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-25, 10:31 PM
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and a fair bit of on-demand content of the Olympics too.

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post #58 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-26, 06:28 PM
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After my rant yesterday, today I found that Bell Fibe opened the Olympics channels. Channels 1195 - 1199 are Olympics 1 to 5. I hope that later they will air the raw feeds. As of today, those channels are just simulcast of, respectively, CTV (Toronto), TSN, SN-O, RDS, V. Also, there is channel 1213 which shows CTV, TSN, SN-O, RDS and V together in one screen with CTV (CFTO) be front and center.

I guess I am happy now. But still, I can not believe the fact that the customer service representative did not know about the channels just one day before they were launched.
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post #59 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-26, 09:09 PM
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The app is there too. You have to look quick cuz it disappears. There a little prompt at the top right of the screen (found it on 1212 and 1400) to tell you to press select to open the CTV Olympics app.
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post #60 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-07-27, 12:46 PM
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For what it's worth, the CTV Olympic (and equivalent French RDS) app is now showing up for me in the main Fibe TV app list, and can be gotten to by pressing Menu and going to Apps.

Also, the Interactive TV button on the remote now brings up a new app launcher on the bottom of the screen. It doesn't give you access to anything you can't get from pressing Menu, but should be faster and a bit more visual - it has icons for each app. And yes, the Olympic apps are listed there as well.
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