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post #16 of 179 (permalink) Old 2011-01-20, 03:59 PM
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Dr. Dave's got it; I didn't realize you weren't subscribed to the channels.

I can certainly confirm that, yes, you can record TMN/HBO/etc...

For the record: you still can't record the fireplace/aquarium channel
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Thanks, Dave.

I've never seen that message while skimming through "the guide" before, so it struck me as odd. I did wonder if a change in programming or terms of service had occurred with Bell. If not, then hopefully all shall remain well for those with subscriptions to said channels.
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BTW, my apologies if I freaked anybody out. Oops! : )
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post #19 of 179 (permalink) Old 2011-01-22, 02:22 AM
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the sad thing though is that it really seemed plausible .. i think that says alot about the image of the industry in general !
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post #20 of 179 (permalink) Old 2011-01-22, 06:13 PM
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That is true, the scary thing really is that they COULD do something like that. I doubt they would given the backlash they'd get, but the aquarium channel proves the technology is in place to block recording of a program. In addition, your STB has to get permission from Bell's servers to play anything that you have recorded (why you can't watch your recordings if your Internet is off).

Reminds me of when amazon remotely deleted books that people had bought from their kindles (Orwell titles, nonetheless!)
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Angry When In Ottawa. I ain't getting any younger

The only rant I got is Fibe TV isn't available in Ottawa yet.

I'm guessing at least 2-3 years away min maybe longer.


If Fibe TV was to be available tomorrow, I'd jump at the chance to switch from Rogers.

Of coarse I would still need to sub to Rogers because of the Two year contract I'm under but would sub to just basic.

As for the channel line up. I basically see what Rogers presently has in Ottawa(excluding some ethnics), the only ones I'm not sure what would be the 4 US Nets Fox,NBC,CBS,ABC? where they would be from(same as Toronto or Montreal or something different?). As for PBS I'm guessing it would be PBS from Watertown as that the #1 PBS station in Ottawa(remember the Rogers fiasco a year or so ago?).

Come On Bell I ain't getting any younger here. I want to see Fibe TV before I retire from work?
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post #22 of 179 (permalink) Old 2011-09-17, 07:44 AM
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Bell Fibe TV online problems

Has anyone tried watching movies through Bell Fibe TV online On Demand? Doesn't work for me (I end up in account number circular hell) and four tech calls have failed to fix the problem.
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Angry Lost my free PVR & STB promotion - seemed like I got screwed!

Hi all,

Like many of you early adopters, I got hooked in last August in the Beach with some nice promotions. FibeTV was new and only available in certain areas and being so sick of how I was treated by Rogers, I jumped at the chance to rid myself of them! At the time, there were these Bell ice cream trucks on the boardwalk selling 3yrs free PVR and STB with a new subscriptions. It seemed like a good idea at the time. But by the time I got to the installation, I was told I only had 2yrs free PVR & STB since I had to switch my cell phone over to bell as well to qualify for the 3rd year. I wasn't prepare to do that, but even though the deal soured a little, the idea of the whole home PVR was enough for me to take what they offered anyways. Even leave my great old grandfathered Bell Sympatico internet deal for the new Fibe6 internet plan with a lower cap.

Well a year later, the lost of 25Gbps bandwidth (which was used as a selling point) to be capped at 6Gbps, some PVR growing pains, lack of any real free "On Demand" programs and the initial estimate of $94/month for TV, Internet & phone ballooned to $160/month - I now discover that I no longer have my PVR & STB credits on this months bill. It seems like its been a slow simmer over the last year. I called them up and was told that I only had the free PVR & STB deal for 1 year only - since I only started 1 new subscription service with Bell. I told them that was not what I was assured of last year (but now I look back on my records and nowhere is it written down that its free for 2 years - even old bills just say PVR &STB promotion credit). After putting me on hold for 20mins to transfer to a supervisor, I was told that it was after 9pm and none were available to take my problem. So I was told that I'd have to call back. The problem is, without any written documentation, how do I explain my case? I owned my Rogers HD-PVR before hand, but have subsequently given it to my parents now. Should I call Rogers to ask what they'd give me if I switch back? I'd hate to lose the whole home PVR function when switching back to Rogers (who are just as crooked!) I just feel so taken advantage of! Argh!

It seems as though Bell and Rogers are always a frustrating headache waiting to happen! Any suggestions would be welcomed. Has anyone also experienced anything similar with their FibeTV promotion?

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post #24 of 179 (permalink) Old 2011-09-24, 01:40 AM
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sounds like Bell lol ....

i had a similar issue when i subscribed last year after i couldn't get the channel package i had been assured was possible. turns out - get this - that the printed documentation as well as the one available online was any of the fine print that was "supposed" to be there. CSR's i kept calling were confused as they apparently had a different version of the documentation than what was available to us. i had to go through at least two supevisors and then someone above them to make sense of it. in the end, they just told me that it was a "marketting team mistake" and that they'd "look into it" ...

they gave me some credits and kept the service, trying to make sense of why this company somehow didn't seem to actually want my money. but right then not even after a full month of being a new customer, i just gave up on Bell as a company and won't be thinking twice about switching when something worth it comes along ...

and now, im afraid that this will happen to me too, as i was also offered the pvr for free for 2 years, but (obviously) did only one new subscription (how could you even do more than one ?!) ..

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post #25 of 179 (permalink) Old 2011-09-27, 11:22 AM
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Well after spending another hour on Sunday, I was finally told that my promotion was eligible for 3yrs and they told me they will e-mail promotions and billings to get that sorted out on my next bill. Unfortunately I got a voicemail message the next day (yesterday) that after looking into it, I was only eligible for 1yr and that has expired! That wasn't the terms I was promised when I signed on though - do I have any reason to call back? I feel like I'm just given the run-around and if they make me spend enough time jumping through their hoops I'd give up. I feel like they lied to me.

They originally promised;
-3yrs free PVR and STB - now I only got 1 (since they said it was only one new service)
-25Gbps download when all TVs were off (yes the sales guy actually told me that as an added benefit) - now they're capped at 6Gbps
-$94/month all in - now its $200/month all in (incl. bell home phone, fibe 6 internet and fibeTV)
-occasionally the programmed series would not record (ie; Survivor: South Pacific this fall)
-I'm experiencing picture breakup/pixelization and sound cut-out again

I wonder if Rogers has a whole home PVR function by now? What a waste of my time!

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Another Sunday afternoon and 90mins on the phone later being on hold with "Retentions" and all I got was another -$10 off a month - but whoever told me about my initial offer was "mistaken" as they kept telling me. I've spent over 3hrs on the phone with various reps - what a hassle! Plus I am told that even though my promotion was for one year, I am still on a 2 yr contract with them so I would have to pay $99 disconnection fee if I chose to leave now. I just hope Rogers comes up with a whole home PVR by next year! I feel so hosed and abused by Bell right now! What horrible service.

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Thinking of Ditching FIBE TV

Well, It seems that I will be ditching Fibe TV, I have been comparing the two providers for cable in Toronto, Bell Fibe TV vs Rogers Cable TV, Rogers HD VIP Pack is way more of what we get on Bell Fibe TV, why does bell limit all the channels to Theme Packs? With Rogers I will be getting practicly all the channels I get on 8 theme packs plus many more channels for $78.00 a month, I just dont like the way Bell is making us order all these theme packs to get one channel from each pack that we really want, why dont they bundle theme packs together and call it FIBE VIP pack where you get tons of channels, anyways I am just finding it that I am paying way too much for so little... maybe someone else feels the way I am feeling about this, please share your comments to see if I am the only one who is feeling this way..
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post #28 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-02-28, 06:40 PM
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My Rant

2 hour tech support call. I switched from videotron to Bell. Bell's image quality is better in my opinion but my rant is on the sound. It's low. Some stations, I have to blast my TV to 80-90 for decent volume and through my 100 watt AVR, Galaxie music service sounds like crap, lacking bass with my volume on my amp close to max 0Db. So I asked them to raise the output through a future firmware, they reply, nothing is wrong and they want to send a tech over, maybe switch the box, instead of admitting the low output volume of the pvr's or their signal.. In the end, i told them forget that i even called. Goodbye! I'm running hdmi to the TV and optical to the receiver. Switching between stereo or surround doesn't change anything on the AVR. I said goodbye when he asked me to use RCA cables.
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@wzdj - The Bell Fibe recievers have a volume control of their own - it could be that it's not turned all the way up. Turning it up can be challening though if you've programmed your remote to control any device other than the PVR for volume control - which most people do.

Read through the remote control booklet you should have gotten - it says in there how to do this.

The sound works perfectly well for me and I'm sending the signal through HDMI from the PVR to my receiver.

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post #30 of 179 (permalink) Old 2012-02-28, 10:37 PM
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I set at 25 which i believe is max for the pvr. So i programmed the volume button to control the pvr and max is 25 but when i lowered it, it had no effect until I reached 0. So i raised it to 1 and i got full volume.1 through 25 had no effect on pvr output volume. What gives?

Update , I'm with tech support and I've been told that HDMI is not supported, even though my problem exists with optical out also. Can you help me secotton? Can you program your remote to the bell reciever volume and try what i mentioned above.

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