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post #676 of 722 (permalink) Old 2017-11-10, 04:25 PM
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I think I have this figured out for myself. I realized it started to happen around the time we got our new smart TV. I understand there is some HDMI handshaking that goes on and can cause audio to cut out, particularly with Sony TVs and maybe others.

There is a bit of a discussion about this over on avs forum at 2017 Sony XBR 900E owners thread (No Price Talk) - Page 228 - AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Hope this might help anyone else that comes across this problem.
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Is this the right thread to discuss technical issues with the Fibe 4k PVR? I've got the modem in the basement, the secondary set to box on the main floor and the 4k PVR upstairs. Had issues (PVR connection indicator was red with a single bar) so another installer came and installed another box on the main floor (it's for the video, not wifi). Also replaced the PVR box itself. The signal indicator now shows 4 green bars but I still periodically lose the signal. Last night's RedBlacks game it must have been 5-6 times. Later, watching a show on demand, 4 times during an hour long show.

I had (previously) spent a couple lengthy calls with support without any real improvement. In fact at one point I had no apps/on-demand or home phone for 2 days.

What gives? It's only a 2100 sq ft house, so not a mansion. Anyone else has a similar setup without issues?
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Sounds like your PVR is connected to the modem by wi-fi rather than by Cat 5+ cable - you'll get a solid connection with the latter. (I'm assuming the "box" is a wifi repeater).
It may be that the wi-fi channel is conflicting with others in the vicinity - check with an app on your phone.
More info needed re your setup, but once you eliminate any wi-fi issue, then perhaps a question to "Bell Canada Direct" on another forum may well help.
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Bell offers now wifi pods for these kind of problems.
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wprager, having the same issue looks like. HH2000, Vap and 4k pvr all replaced in the past month and still lose connection intermittent. I'll be engaging Bell again in the near future and let you know what happens.
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@bev _fan the wifi pods are for the home wifi 2.4/5.0Ghz spectrum. The connection between the modem and PVR and other set top boxes uses different technology. It's wireless but different protocol/spectrum.

I have a small home (footprint wise) so the use of WiFi extenders is questionable. During initial installation I was worried about wifi reception in the 2nd floor bedroom, since we stream a lot. Installer tells me that I place a pod right next to the TV box and that will do it. Except I know how WiFi extenders work. I'll have a great strong connection to the pod, but the pod is just as far away from the modem as the tv, so no improvement (ideal placement is half way between modem and tv). The installer was very adamant so I let him install all four, including one just under the TV. Later I tested my access speed upstairs (using my smartphone) and it was just under 4Mbps; I unplugged the pod and it went up to nearly 20. While pods can help, they can also lead to interference (because the number of channels in the 2.4/5.0 spectrum is quite low). I eventually ended up with 2 pods plugged in and tossed the other two.
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post #682 of 722 (permalink) Old 2018-10-01, 11:02 AM
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@Norman_C the PVR is never connected via cat5. Their whole "tv anywhere" campaign rides on the fact that everything is connected wirelessly.

On the initial installation the PVR was installed (technician never asked me) in the family room. I wanted to move it upstairs and was told that I could just swap the boxes. Later I was told that the signal receiver in the PVR box it's not as strong as the one in the secondary box, so it's possible that during the initial installation everything was good. But upstairs in the bedroom the PVR connection icon showed one red bar.

After 1st level support was unable to help me they sent me a second PVR. Unfortunately their instructions missed the step to pair the remote with the new box first (since you need to press a button on the remote to complete the setup). Long story short, they had to send another guy, who when up trying the new PVR, another one from his truck and finally a third one before he could get a green signal light. And this is after installing a second box on the 1st floor (connected to the phone outlet, my best guess is it's something analogous to a renter extender but for their wireless video network).

But even after all that I'm getting fairly frequent loss of connection.

My WiFi is pretty good, even upstairs (it's fantastic in the basement), but it's the PVR that's the problem.
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post #683 of 722 (permalink) Old 2018-11-13, 08:52 AM
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Just an update. It's still happening. Watching a recorded program there are usually 3 or more glitches (playback Sayers to freeze and then a couple seconds later continues, and you can usually tell that the recording lost a little more than the couple seconds delay). I've been mostly watching Prime and Netflix and haven't really had time to spend another 45 minutes on the phone with support. But my monthly bill looks like it's going up (the even mention it now in their ads) and I'm watching more recorded shows. This had got to stop.
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I am having a problem with the colour of the image on two channels, CityTV and Global. When these channels show American programs, like SNL on Global or Family Guy on CityTV, there is this constant flickering of the brightness and the tint. Most annoyingly, every few seconds there is a brief flash of a reddish hue. The problem occurs on the Fibe TV app on my tablet as well as on my TV, so my equipment is not the issue. Has anybody else experienced this problem?
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I also notice this on NBC Buffalo. Watching The Enemy Within at 10 and its doing it.
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Glad I'm not the only one who has seen this. kibosh, did you happen to notice whether NBC was being substituted with a Canadian channel or whether the feed was actually coming from NBC?
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post #687 of 722 (permalink) Old 2019-03-26, 08:58 AM
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No, this was not a simsub . . . definitely a direct feed. I find the quality on this channel subpar already but add in this "feature" and it really sucks. I am pretty sure I have seen this behaviour before but I thought it was always from direct Buffalo feeds . . . I thought the Canadian feeds were generally pretty good in comparison but you had problems with global?
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post #688 of 722 (permalink) Old 2019-04-01, 02:25 PM
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Yes, in fact I've only noticed the problem on simsubs. The most recent occurrence that I've seen was the latest episode of SNL. Was watching on NBC but the feed was from Global, and every few seconds the tint flashed red. Very strange and VERY annoying

And the issue remains when I watch on the actual Canadian channel that is being shown as a substitute.

I took a video to demonstrate the problem.

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post #689 of 722 (permalink) Old 2019-04-04, 10:53 AM
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Yes, that is exactly what I experience. Last night Chicago Med at 8 on NBC was doing it which is not simsubbed (for some reason Global shows Chicago Med on various days but follows the NBC schedule for Chicago Fire and PD).

Just as a note, I am using a 4K PVR . . . I have the video output set to the highest setting.
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Thumbs down BELL cancels promotion discounts

300Mb BELL fiber optics into the house with TV and home phone and HOME HUB 3000 modem.
I had WiFi connectivity problems in one room of our 1 year old 1.600 sqf home.
I called the technical support and here is what happened:
They recommended to raise my speed from 300Mb to 1Gb. That was supposed to cost 4 dollars more and solve the problem. I said that I would want to change it back if it didn't work. that was confirmed. Well, It did not solve the issue.
Then I called again. They wanted me to get the pods and make it a mesh network. For 5 dollars more a month I got 4 pods. That did not change anything either. Only that now out of the 1Gb speed I was getting tiny 25Mb in my house.
So I called again. I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with the tech. Finally he agreed that we should replace the home hub 3000 modem (1 year old).
So, I got a new modem. And everything started to work. I was happy, then.
Until I received the first bill after that.......
my price before was 135 dollars tax in. + 4 dollars for the faster speed + 5 dollars for the pods + tax= should have been roughly 145 dollars.
But.... they had cancelled my old promotions. So now I was supposed to pay 195 dollars tax in. 50 dollars more and not 10 dollars more. And my plan started from scratch over again.
I went through all departments available to me at Bell. They would not change my plan back to what ist was.
The so-called Loyalty Manager was a very bully'ish lady. Her name was Tracy. Wouldn't let me finish my sentences. She offered me a 12 dollar ongoing discount. Not a word about changing back my plan. Lol.
So I cancelled my plan. And she didn't even try to hold me. So much for loyalty department.
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