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post #361 of 717 (permalink) Old 2012-10-22, 12:41 AM
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My great experience with Fibe TV (Bell *REALLY* seems to work hard to annoy people it seems)

1- Called up Bell last month (do not remember exact day, Sep 25 I am guessing). On phone over 1 hour, multiple transfers between departments, and never even got chance to speak to Fibe (I spoke to literally every department though, home phone, cell phone, satellite twice, etc). Annoyed I finally just ended the call.
2- Called back later that night (stuck in traffic so no rush) and after another good 20+ minutes (back to satellite again) I am finally transfer to a rep who claims they are a Fibe specialist and can fix everything. Oh wait, you have Fibe internet but your retention plan is no longer valid, now for same speed / data allowance you must pay +$10 extra every month. Oh and we can not use your existing 1 Bill account we must create a new one for you (?) And since new 1 Bill account has only 1 service (Fibe) you must pay $99 setup fee + rental fees for all hardware (when every ad says free PVR) at this point I told her forget it.
3- Went into a local Bell store to see if any better luck. Actually ended up speaking with the manager (as all reps were busy) and he says yeah no problem of course you can keep existing discounts & services and still setup Fibe. Ok so try to sign me up... 2+ hours in the store (we were there after closing time) until he got done doing what he needed to do to make it happen. Tells me install date for Sat Oct 13th & they should call me to confirm. Apparently Bell systems are all messed up and they are in contingency.
4- No call from Bell (surprise surprise) so I call them on Oct 12th and am told they were overbooked so can I reschedule install next week Oct 20th
5- Waiting on Oct 20th at home entire day, no calls no techs. They gave me a time frame to arrive and with about 30 minutes left phone rings; its an automated message saying that TOMORROW is my install date! I call them back like WTF and am told that they are (again) overbooked & sorry
6- Fine Oct 21st rolls around and a tech shows up. Everything should be good right? Well he showed up unprepared (so I must now go over to Bell store to buy missing parts he was supposed to have supplied, they sent out a TXT to techs in area and none had parts). And to make matters worse, 11PM at night & TV / internet still does not work (as apparently today they had an issue with activating box and there is a known network issue in my area)

Obviously I am going to get some kind of credits (already implied to me to call back when it finally finished) but the level of customer service is unbelievable at Bell these days
Never seen a business that works so hard to not take your money
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Back to NFL Redzone again. They still haven't fixed it.

I'm not subscribed to it but 1449 full screen channel is viewable while the smaller low quality preview isn't.
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post #363 of 717 (permalink) Old 2012-10-30, 01:03 PM
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Sorry to hear you had so many issues. I have had fibe tv for two years now and did not have all the problems you had.
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I’m not going to call Bell for such insignificants problems, but I notice in recent days that CBC Montreal is at position 205 in SD and at 1206 in HD. Also Metro 14 is available in HD at 1208 but even though the SD counterpart is supposed to exist, there’s nothing on 208.

And personally, after three month with Fibe that’s the only complaints I can come up with
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I have CBC Montreal at 205 and 1205. I'd check again. We should all have the channels at the same numbers. It doesn't make sense that you wouldn't. Are you in Montreal?
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post #366 of 717 (permalink) Old 2012-10-31, 11:08 AM
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I'm in Quebec City. And I just double check CBC SD is at 205 and CBC HD is at 1206.

My guess is that it is a mistake in the guide for the entire Quebec City region since the channel number change, but nobody cares enough about CBC around here to notice or to complain.
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post #367 of 717 (permalink) Old 2012-12-08, 10:17 AM
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Bell Fibe IP associated with a DNS Cache Poisoning alert

I have received an Alert from my ESET firewall about a DNS cache poisoning attack coming from the IP

Curiously, I noticed that Bell Fibe TV is using the IP on my network.

Not exactly the same IP, but the coincidence is strange. Did anyone else receive this Alert? Is it anything I should worry about?
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post #368 of 717 (permalink) Old 2012-12-20, 10:20 PM
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I’m in Quebec and when I subscribed to Bell Fibe Tv I knew I wouldn’t have TSN HD and Sportsnet HD unless I agree to pay an extra fee. And I also knew that I would never pay for that additional fee because it looked to me like a fraud. TSN is in one package, Sportsnet is in the other one, I have RDS HD for free, it’s only a way to get money out of my pocket. So I refuse to participate.

But now, since LCN and Prise 2 are available in HD, here’s the thing, TSN and Sportsnet are the only two (or six) channels I care for and that I don’t have in HD. Well, I also have Sundance Channel but the thing doesn’t exist in HD so I understand.

So here’s my complaint, people from Bell media, I don’t watch your channel anymore because Bell Fibe TV is selling it to me in SD, in 4:3. Anyway, paying for HD, I mean, it’s not like it a novelty or something.

Maybe tonight i would watch Basketball, but in zoom 3 it looks like a Monet painting.
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Originally Posted by kav2001c View Post
(Bell *REALLY* seems to work hard to annoy people it seems)

Made a brief but annoying call to them today. Got Fibe installed yesterday. Went pretty much without a hitch...just some minor recabling for one of the STBs. I had ordered the 'better' package + time shifting, but after the tech left, I realized I didn't have any of the time shifting channels. No big deal...I called today to get them added. Dialed Fibe support and got billing for some reason. They couldn't help and told me to call to Bell TV support. After 20 minutes on hold there, they transfered me back to Fibe billing (who could now miraculously help me.) After that, it took less than five minutes.

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Good to hear that everything worked out in the end, I have to say that I have been with Bell Fibe for about 2 - 3 years now and I have never had any issues with the Billing or Tech support, they always seem to be eager to help, I have never had one that gave me attitude or a hard time, I usually call the 1-866-797-8686 number and I am taken right to them.. but have to say with all the new technology available today the phone systems can sometimes screw up and divert your call to someone else.. I have been a Happy customer of Fibe and would never give it a second thought to leave them. I like the fact that now we can log into our accounts online and add or remove channels or change packages all online and on my own time and convienience, no need to call them anymore to make changes to my line up, and it works wonderful within 5 minutes of making changes the new channels appear on my TV... Keep up the Good Work Bell...
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post #371 of 717 (permalink) Old 2013-01-24, 09:11 AM
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Had Fibe Bundle now for 5 days. Have been disappointed for the most part.
1. Main reason is despite all kinds of tweaking with the TV's setting I am not able to get as good an image as I had with Videotron.
2. Not too pleased with the fact that in order to get certain HD channels like Golf and TSN I need to buy theme packs.
3. Closed captions(which I need 24/7) are not adjustable as they are with Videotron where you can select Fonts and semi-transparent or transparent backgrounds.
4. Not related to Fibe TV but I'm unable to access as many Call of Duty servers as I did with Videotron.
5. Customer service is already driving me nuts. When you go to the Support page and wish to chat with an Agent regarding Fibe, once you get connected they say they only handle Bell Satellite problems and I have to phone Fibe. I also had all kinds of problems registering for MyBell.
6. So far I can't change any of my programming choices in Perhaps due to just having started with Bell?
7. No rentals available in 3D or even 3D channels.
8. Couple of minor issues are no clock on the PVR front and no choice of favourite channel that starts when the unit turns on.

I'll be contacting Videotron and inquiring what is required to get back with them and what's involved to cancelling with Bell.
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post #372 of 717 (permalink) Old 2013-01-24, 09:57 AM
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Bri, few thoughts.

1, shouldn't be an issue, I've moved over 8 people in the last 16 months to Fibe, most has Samsung TV's and they all agreed it was much better then VT.
2, Unfortunately, you need the TSN/TSN2 theme pack on top of the channel, most people opt for the 4 pack of themes, this is only the case for TSN/TSN2
3, CC is an issue, I would call back in, and press the option to go to billing, then ask the billing people if they can forward you to level 2 support. Level 1 support isn't generally located in Canada, and it will be hard for you to reach someone that will understand the problem. Bell has the ability in Mediaroom to give you the same options that VT had regarding CC.
4, (I don't have COD here on my PC) There should be a setting somewhere to redownload the list of servers, it will generally show you the closest and fastest servers, of course this will change when you switch ISP's, you need to redownload that list, you can also try changing your computers DNS servers to and and see if that makes a difference after a reboot.
5, Agreed, it's a huge piss off for me as well.
6, This is normal until your account is fully setup, may take a full billing cycle.
7, There are 3D Rentals, they are few and far between, but they are there for sure, and there are channels up from time to time, 3D golf I've seen pop up twice for a weekend.
8, Agreed as well, I had to put a clock in my livingroom for this reason too.

On the Videotron front, if you opt for that, might want to checkout Electronicbox, very solid ISP, in fact you can move your net to them and stay with Bell anyway, they use Videotron for the last mile, and the connection is always good.

On the 3D channels and rental front, if it's up for free, like the gold stuff has been, it's worth it. As for renting a 3D movie from PPV or the rentals, IMHO, I'd not do it, I'd just rent them and watch them via bluray. 3D provided by all PVR's is SBS and highly compressed, for the amount you're going to pay for it, rent it from a superclub for the same price and get 10x the resolution.
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Bri in Mtl. Keep me up to date on your progress and what you end up doing. I was about to switch over to Fibe but points 2,5,& 8 worry me. My friend has had Bell Fibe for 14 months and has issues like loss of internet and TV signal. Her modem has been changed once already where the tech told her they gave her the wrong one to start with! Billing issues for her took 8 months to clear.
She has told be to hold off for awhile before I switch. However, Fibe appears to have so much to offer but now I am wondering if it will be worth it.

Keep the status updates coming! Us videotron users are very very interested.
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post #374 of 717 (permalink) Old 2013-01-24, 11:39 AM
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Hi Bri,
I can help you with getting directly to Customer Support Level 2 as I have a direct number to them, and you by-pass all the other people before them, this number works great as you go directly to level 2 support and trust me if anyone can help you, it will be these tech support people. They are amazing. I will send you a private message to you later today with that number as I am at work right now and that number is programmed into my home phone.

Now for Rainey,
I can tell you that I have been with Bell Fibe TV for 2 and a half years now, I probably had issues with them for the first 2 months I had Fibe TV, but then again they were fairly new to the market with the Fibe Service and so issues were expected to happen at the beginning, but I have to say that ever since then I have not had an issue with the service, I am a very extremely happy customer and I truly love the service, one has to try it out to experience the difference between Cable and Fibe.. like day and night.. Maybe your friend is in an area where it is fairly new and things need to be ironed out, I hope things work out ok for her... I personally would never go back to Rogers.
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Originally Posted by upsdriver View Post
I can help you with getting directly to Customer Support Level 2 as I have a direct number to them, and you by-pass all the other people before them, this number works great as you go directly to level 2 support and trust me if anyone can help you, it will be these tech support people.
Looks like you already gave the number a few posts earlier. I tried using the 2nd level support number for a programming inquiring but it was deemed to be insignificant as I was quickly patched back to level 1. Still much better service if you get through.

A couple more cons with FibeTV would be the lack of PiP, no slo-mo and no sleep timer. On the upside though, the Bell PVR is about a half the size of the Rogers unit, I can record 1 SD and 3 HD programs simultaneously and the guide is more extensive and can search dates a couple weeks ahead.

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