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Dr. Dave, you mean they could check my modem for error rates? If it's the guide or data stream, wouldn't other people be having this problem? Have you seen or heard of this before?

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Barb, I meant if there are errors on the line, the data could be corrpted causing the problems you mentioned. I've had problems like that with MTS occasionally.

If the guide data or the encoders at the head-end were at fault, then everyone would have the same problem on the same programs.
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BarbG: I saw the same sort of errors a while ago. The oddest part was that when I went to look at ithe problem a few days later, all was well! Recorded show played perfectly and the elapsed time bar was accurate...

See: "Strange PVR repair" thread that gave a few suggestions...
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John769: thanks for the info. I read the 'Strange PVR' thread and it sounds like the same problem. Mine always shows .01 minutes recorded and the indicator never moves beyond the minute mark. But your right, sometimes a couple of days later it does seem to correct itself. I got smart and started taking pictures to show the techs! The other thing I noticed with this problem is when you press select to choose a recording, the summary displays, and then at the end of the bottom line it shows the 'original air date' and after that there is no program length. The good recordings all show the program length after the original air date. That's another indication of this particular recording problem.

Oh well, the 'enhanced' tech is coming out tomorrow and I'll see what he has to say. If it's anything enlightening, I'll post it.
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The Bell tech replaced my old white modem with a new black modem yesterday. Last night the problem recurred so I know it's not the PVR or the modem, so it's back to square one.
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Originally Posted by Barb G View Post
The Bell tech replaced my old white modem with a new black modem yesterday. Last night the problem recurred so I know it's not the PVR or the modem, so it's back to square one.
Hey Barb G,
Yeah it is all a mystery, It seems that Bell just does not yet know what the problems are, they seem to send out Tech's and more Techs and nothing gets fixed, I been having Picture problems for almost 6 months now, had 8 techs come out to my place within the last 6 months, they rewired all of my place, and still the problem persisted, they came back exchanged the modem cause that was supposedly causing the problems, and yet nothing happened, problem still exists, They they thought Oh yeah lets send out someone to exchange your PVR and the other 2 STB's well 6 months later still having same problem, To top it all off, I called them last week to upgrade my internet to one of their new packages they have and guess what? the rep tells me that it does not show on my account that I have internet????!!!! what?? I told the guy how is it possible to have Fibe TV without their internet??? he does more cheking into this problem and sees that my internet is active and working, but just does not show on my account??? go figure!!! I am having a really hard time dealing with these people, so I called yesterday cause I am now FED up and totally frustrated and I told them to cancel my Internet and Bell Fibe TV.. I just had enough, Im sorry no TV service that I watch on maybe 3 times a week worth this frustration and headaches... Im done with them...its a shame Bell cannot give us the customers the help we need, I was told 3 days ago that a Supervisor was going to call me the next day, well he never did.... Anyways I wish everyone all the best with their Fibe TV..
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Let us know what happens.If they ever call you back.
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Well, here's the latest. I called Bell and was escalated to the 'resolution' team. What this agent did was to have my pvr setup deleted from my account and added back in again. Apparently that refreshes the setup etc. He got permission from his supervisor to call me back tomorrow night to see if the problem recurs. And the saga continues...
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Originally Posted by Dr.Dave View Post
@Red River, there seems to be an issue using HDMI with Sharp Aquos TVs on the Mediaroom boxes including Fibe TV. This has also been reported with VIP12XX boxes on Telus, MTS and AT&T in the U.S.

HDMI is a complex 2-way protocol and there can be incompatibilities between 2 different devices, particularly when one does something that the other doesn't expect.

From your post, it sounds like you have the Sharp Aquos TV plugged directly into the VIP2262. Is that correct? You should be able to use component to resolve your problem. You'll need the 3-cable component video plus the red/white cables for audio. Be sure that the HDMI cable is unplugged. It should be impossible to get the H1005 error if there isn't an HDMI cable.

Also check that that your VIP2262 is set to 720p or 1080i. Press MENU, select SETTINGS, Television, Screen Aspect ratio and high definition.
thanks for a quick reply Dr Dave. I called Sharp and they said it's my PVR because their latest firmware(which I have installed) addresses HDMI issue.
anyhow, I have an update on this. looks like I was onto something when I asked about the remote switch order.
I've discovered that when I just turn on the TV with my remote there's no error message and instead it askes me to press Select to watch TV and then I use the Bell remote select button. everything works fine. I can also use the Bell remote to switch the TV on and then point it away to wait for the Select message to come up and as soon as I press Select the PVR switches on and everything works. no errors.
I am wondering if this is going to be the same if I switch the PVR before the TV
stay tuned.
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@Red River, glad you got it working with HDMI. Like I said, HDMI is a complex protocol and while both Sharps and Mediaroom work in most cases, they don't seem to work well together.
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5.1 on Oasis and EQHD

For some reason, Oasis and EQHD, are always coming up on my AV receiver as in stereo mode.. I connect to it via an optical cable, but HiFi and GeoHD, always come up as 5.1 on my receiver... When on ExpressVu, all those channels always broadcast in 5.1.. I have my Receiver set for surround sound, as it should be, and the majority of other channels in HD come up in 5.1....... Now I would expect that the ultimate picture quality of Oasis and EQHD would be broadcasting in 5.1. I called Bell, and they checked their TV also, and they said it was coming up as stereo on their end too, but that is just the way its suppose to be, but I dont buy that for a second.
Anyone else having this issue.. It just doesnt seem right.
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I just moved to Bell Fibe this weekend. Right off the bat, I see problem with the close caption. Close caption is erratic. Sometimes the letters are jumbled or mixed. Some other times the timing is bad, too early or too late. Yet some other times, the text is dropped for one or two sentences.

These are the problems I never encountered while with Videotron. Is it normal for Bell Fibe to act this way?
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I don't see the issue with CC, the only time I've noticed a delay is during a live feed, eg. CBC news, there's a 3-4 second delay on it, this is normal.
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Agreed, cc works well for me. I have it on continuously and am dependent on it, and I've never seen cc delays other than on live broadcasts where delays are inevitable.

I have had problems with CC on Mad Men episodes on AMC, where cc works for a minute or so and then goes away for a number of seconds, with the pattern repeated. It's been annoying, but that's the only place where I've had any problems.
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Hello guyz(galz),

Been using Bell Fibe for over a month now and i am experiencing the 'audio glitch'. No serious pixelisation so far and Internet is damn fast 50mb/sec

Samsung LED 55in TV connect by HDMI to the Motorola PVR

Any hint on how to fix the audio glitch ? My wife driving me crazy about this ;-)
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