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re: FibeTV questions

Many of these questions have already been covered, but to answer your questions:

1) Yes - Fibe Internet is required with Fibe TV. If you get any internet package EXCEPT Fibe 16, then you get a maximum speed of that package. If you get Fibe 16, you are given what they call Fibe 16+. This means you get typically at least 16Mb down. When you're not watching TV, there is available bandwidth - typically in the area of around 20 - 25Mb, so you get up to that much. Each unique TV stream usually occupies about 4Mb for SD, and 7Mb for HD, so as you start watching TV on your receiver(s), the internet speed will drop as TV takes priority.

2/3) The internet modem (DSL Modem) can be anywhere you want, however, you must be able to connect the receivers via CAT5e or CAT6 (network cabling) or via COAX (typical TV type cable). If you have an existing network in place, you should be able to connect to this, however - some switching equipment will not work as they do not pass through multicast packets, which is what is used to send from the modem to the receivers.

I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about where you say you want to use receivers and internet modem as hubs. Essentially, you get a DSL modem, and this plugs into a typical phone jack. From this, you need to run network cabling or typical TV cabling to connect to the receivers (STB's). Some have said that if you use COAX, you can plug a network cable into the STB, and access the internet that way, but it's not recommended as it can shorten the lifespan of the STB - probably due to the chipset handling the network and COAX port heating up too much.

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Do I need the PVR?

I've gotten a letter from Bell saying that my current TV/internet service (ExpressVu for Condos) is going away and I have to switch to Fibe.

Presently, I route all of my TV through a media PC that does all the PVR stuff that I need through Windows Media Center and controlls the receiver with an IR blaster. Can I set up something similar with a Fibe HD receiver and completely forego the Bell PVR, or do I need to get the PVR in order to get Fibe service?
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I'm pretty sure with Bell FIBE TV, you need to have one PVR.

I think it's because this is where content is stored. This is one area that I'm not too familiar with. Almost every setup I've seen so far always has one PVR.

I'm sure someone else will chime in and let you know if it's possible to have no PVR with Fibe TV.

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I have seen Optik TV commercials and the Guide has actual icons for channel listings, is bell ever going to get that too? it just seems that Bell is taking a little too long to introduce new things to the Fibe TV, such as Remote PVR and the Call Display, all this is already available on Rogers Cable tv. even Remote TV is available through rogers now, I just dont see why bell is being too slow, also I am not too keen on the Facebook application, if I want to be on Facebook I have a computer that I log on to, If i am watching TV I want to watch TV only.
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Where is the Fibe TV Connection?


I am having issues with my Rogers Cable. They came and said the line to my house is not good enough to support what I have so I need a new line drop. As a temporary measure they put a temp line in. I am in a townhouse 7 houses down from the Rogers box so they draped a line along all 7 rear balconies. There is no grass at the back only garages and a road. I know my neighbours are not going to like this even though they tried to hide it under the flashing. It will be 6 - 8 weeks till they fix this. I called to rush them up.

This is not the first time this has happened. When I first moved here 4 years ago I had a temp drop also. They don't seem to do a permanent fix. The line must be under the rear driveway to the garages so I don't know how they replace it.

Anyway 2 days after I got the drop line I got a notice that Bell Fibe is available in my area. My question is where does it come from? The same area that the Rogers box is? WIll I have the same issues getting a line to my house? Will they have to go under the pavement? I'm seriously considering this.


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post #111 of 1005 (permalink) Old 2011-08-05, 12:45 PM
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@Coasterdon, Fibe TV uses your existing copper telephone line.

Fibe TV uses Fibre to the Node (FTTN), which are those Bell boxes every km or so. The "last mile" uses your existing phone line, so no external rewiring should be needed.
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So my Rogers contract has ended and there's a Bell promotion for Fibe TV currently available. I haven't read the fine print yet but I'll do that tonight.

I'm currently using Bell DSL on a grandfathered plan 5Mbps+ at unlimited bandwidth. I see that to get Fibe TV you have to get the Fibe Internet service. The Fibe 25 has a bandwidth cap of 75GB. While I am usually under that amount currently, such a low figure at a high rate of speed makes me nervous of overages. Has anyone successfully talked to Bell about getting a higher cap or even better maintaining their unlimited bandwidth for switch from Rogers cable TV to the Fibe TV service? As I stated I currently am with Bell on DSL but also am with them for home phone and mobility too.
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I had the same grandfathered plan as you and unfortunately, they did not allow that to carry over (at least in my case - I even switched from Rogers!). It's a bummer!

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Some Questions before Fiberop Install (Sept 7 unfortunately)

Hi all,
I presently have in my front room a Plasma Tv, HDMI Reciever, Blu-Ray player, Xbox 360 and for now Bellvu's HD PVR. There are no other present TV's in the house though I may think about the Master Bedroom in the Future. For Internet I have Rogers coming into the Guest Room and directly hooked to my Gaming Computer. Four other computers in the house are connected with a wireless N router. Phone wires (land line not presently in use) enter the other end of the house.

So does the Fiberoptic connection enter the house near the TV and hook directly to Bells Fiberop PVR? And then is the signal transmitted by their modem wirelessly to all your other computers and phone? Will I need a wireless N adapter for the gaming computer I presently have directly connected to Rogers Internet? Also is it possible to watch TV shows on the computers or control the PVR (MS Mediaroom)?

Thanks for any feedback and advice, any details you could give on the Fiberop System would be appreciated.

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@57, Shouldn't the above thread be in the Bell Alliant FibreOp forum ?
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thomsonr, where are you located? Are you looking at FibreOP or FIbeTV?

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Bell Fibe is mostly FTTN, where fibre connects to a box in or near your neigbourhood, and goes to your home on copper wire. In your home you have a gateway modem/router, which provides your phone service, and coax/Ethernet networking for the Fibe STBs and your computers and such.

Aliant uses FTTP mostly, where fibre goes to your home, to an ONT which provides your phone and networking. You have a custom router to manage networking. The ONT usually gets installed in your basement, or outside your home where other services are, with the ONT power supply in the basement or garage.

In either case, the gateway/router is usually installe in living space next to jacks or equipment.
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Although Fibe TV still hasn't arrived in Ottawa, I'm just curious as to what they'll offer?(channel wise), when "IF" they do finally arrive?

Where not nearToronto nor are we in Quebec, so not sure which US feeds we'll get?
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Call Display w/ Bell Home Phone and Fibe TV

if i get both Bell Home Phone with call display and Fibe TV will it display on both on my phone and my tv screen when someone calls?
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Call Display will display on phones and TVs.
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