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@dgreener - sorry to hear that you are not happy with Fibe TV.
Point 3 - To view only the channels you are subscribed to - in the "Menu", go to Settings>General>Customize Channel Guide
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"They offer 1500 channels, so i have to scroll through all of them..."

Am I missing something? The Guide on my TV currently lists a total of "only" 574 channels, including radio stations. Are there another 1000 or so TV channels that I'm not watching?
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574 is it, including EVERYTHING. I think the previous poster was just using some hyperbole to make his point.
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My Fibe Install Experience

I decided to switch to Bell Fibe for Internet, Home Phone and TV. So far I love it. Great picture and great guide. No problems so far. Here are some comments on the install.

1. Originally supposed to install all 3 on Nov 27. Told that the phone would have to be done on the 28. No problem except the guy arrived on the 27 and said for some tech reason he couldn't install. Took a while to get info on why. Was fixed by Nov 29 and install was moved to Dec 2.

2. Install on Dec 2 took 4 hours. Rewired a lot of the house. Good job. Everything worked ok. After they left I found out the alarm system didn't work anymore. I called the guy who installed (had his number on my phone) and he came back at lunch on Monday and fixed it. Just loose wires.

3. For some reason they told me I had to order the home phone on a separate order and now I have 2 phone lines. I am getting one cancelled but it seems the home phone people don't talk to the Fibe people. This one has been the hardest to fix.

So far so good. Only negative is no FX so no American Horror Story.


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Bell Fibe... new service, same old poor service

I was approached to move to Bell Fibe service (by a door-to-door rep). "Bell Fibe" is a new service; I was offered "significant" discounts in order to sign-up to the latest & best Bell "Fibe" services (Aug, 2011). I have spoken with 10 customer-service reps since my subscription; EVERY time I called, the attending agent told me that their "system" was down/slow and to please be patient. I was calling regarding "On-Demand" services (Fibe TV movies) as continually quitting out on me; the response was that this is a "known & onging issue". As well, Fibe TV customers are unable to see (exclusively) the channels to which they subscribe... the only option (as told to me by several CS reps @ Bell), is to manually add (from their near 600 channels they offer), the channels to which you are subscribing (so not actually "your" favorites, but a work-around to a "known" flaw to the new Bell Fibe TV service). I was told that they would "get back to me". Bell sattlelite was better than Fibe (and even THAT was poor).
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jodaoust, I've had Fibe now for 7 weeks, I've never seen this issue you speak of, my service has been flawless. I've used the on-demand service quite often and never had an issue. I did have one sync issue that required a system reboot, but this happened after a power outage.
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"nitra", you say you have never experienced "this issue". I made mention of several issues (Bell CS reps as admitting to constant server performance issues @ their end, Bell CS reps informing me of ongoing complaints regarding clients ability to access their own selected (packaged bundle) FIBE TV channels (without having to see ALL of Bell's provided channels, the new system doesn't allow you to discern between your selected channels and ALL of Bell's FIBE channels). Soooo many other issues with their services. I have more specifics, but don't wanna flood this blog. They have admitted and obvious kinks to work out. Wish U luck with them :->
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jodaoust, perhaps I should elaborate on my response a little.

I have not seen the "On-demand" issue you are speaking of, I've used it in Montreal 9 times since my install, it's always been flawless.

As per your channel issue, this is not an issue, it would take you all of 10 minutes to customize your guide. That was the first thing I did, I removed the channels I didn't want to see and that were duplicates. After that, I setup the favorites. This channel/guide issue as you mention is a non-issue imo, granted with Bell satellite there may have been a switch that would only show you your subscribed channel, I find the guide customization of Fibe to be far superior. When you're in customization mode, you can see if you're subscribed as you scroll through the channels, if they're black, you don't get them. With Videotron, there was no customization whatsoever.

I will say there are a couple of things that could work better, the ability to change the guide/ui colours would be a big +, faster system boots etc.
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Most of the discussion here is about the TV part of the service.

What about the Internet ?
I checked the Bell site for the various "packages" and was shocked at the CAPS on the Internet usage.
In other words, the usage CAPS are incredibly LOW.
With Rogers I am currently enjoying a 95GB/month cap.
With Bell Fibe - their BIGGEST package (Fibe 16+) is capped at a mere 75GB !!

This is draconian at best !
What are the "overage" fees for their Internet ?

The shocking part of all of this is that compared to the USA, who have "standard" caps of 250 GB/month with many providers - even Rogers at 95GB is too low.
What is Bell "thinking" by offering only 75GB ?!

Regarding the actual delivery of the "service" - does anyone have technical details about how this is delivered to your street, your home, and within your home ?
In other words, they call it FIBE TV because they are trying to impress you that they are using fibre optic cable to bring you gobs and gobs of bandwidth - right to your home.
Is this the case, or is it only fibre (maybe) to a distribution point in your neighborhood, then it is run over some other (copper) medium to your home ?
I'd be curious to know how they are (actually) doing it.

Lastly - since a pure fibre-to-the-home solution (should) be able to offer you high bandwidth - you'd "think" that this would enable the absolute highest quality (uncompressed) HD video, and tons of Internet bandwidth.
Obviously this is not the reality - however I wonder how close to a perfect scenario Bell has come so far with you folks who have it.

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I'd be curious to know how they are (actually) doing it.
Here's a thread on the topic and the link in post one is to an article on the topic on Digital Home. In the vast majority of cases it's FTTN or FTTC, not FTTH, with the "last mile" being twisted pair.

Bandwidth Caps are already discussed in various other threads and should probably not be discussed here since it would take the thread off the main topic, which is Fibe TV.

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I've had problems with on-demand movies (via TMN or MPIX) dying on me over the last few weeks (ever since I had the movie channels added back to my package), so jodaoust is not alone.

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Are you guys both in Toronto?
I wonder if it's only an issue there.
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Yes, I think we are both in the Toronto area.

Long live the console war! Buy 'em all! Just don't give Sony any of your Personal info!
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Update - I haven't had any on-demand video freezing problems the last few times I watch TMN or MPIX movies.

Long live the console war! Buy 'em all! Just don't give Sony any of your Personal info!
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FYI: I'm in Montrreal and I been expereincing one (1) SD channel tha gets "Signal Loss.." messages. It seems to be like a Satellite signal loss. It comes and goes.

But, any recordings done are done correctly.

Channel 562 - Disney XD (SD feed)

It seems to work correctly today.
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