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Originally Posted by asifnana View Post
Really... I though they said they would network it using network cables ?....
They can network with coax using HPNA or Cat5 . The STB has both coax HPNA and RJ45 connections.
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My little review of Bell Fibe TV

After a full week using Fibe TV.... time for my little review about the Fibe TV and Fibe 7 service.

Before i start my reivew, i can tell you that i used to work for Bell before and always had crappy service from them in the past... also used to work for Videotron and had TV and TGV Internet with them.

Ordering service:
It was very quick and the agent gave alot of information about the service and price. For the installation (259$ - 200$ promo), i did received 2 phone calls to confirm the date and an email.

Installation was done by 2 tech who came to my appartement and did work for around 3h. they really did a great job... changing all cables (from the pole to my tv). At the end, they did setup my internet and the pvr-hd. they aslo took some time to show me the rope on the pvr-hd. and for sure they do set all your remote on the Fibe TV remote if you want.. It was excellent.

I really love the fact they gave us all the channels for the first month... The tech told me to call Fibe TV after 20 days or so, to pick my bundle... This is really a nice touch... giving you the opportunity to see and make up you mind about the channels you want and may want.

The picture quality is really amazing... at least in HD... because in SD, it's not that great. But with so many HD channels, i barely go watch the SD ones. If i compare the quality in HD... it seems a little better than Illico / Videotron.

The PVR-HD got some nice features. I had a few problems with recording but after a reset, it seems to be back on normal. You can record live, a single episode or a full season (great feature). The guide is 14 days so give you a nice feel of what'S coming up... the search engine is quick and let u search by title or even actor or director names. The guide and menu are in 16 x 9 and HD... Finally Now Bell got the new On demand service who seems to be a nice feature too... I didnt try it yet... but i know i have the TMN, HBO and Mpix on demand with my bundle. I'll probably get the 30 channels + Movies + HD + Basic channels

The PVR-HD have a Tivo feel to it.... and with many future updates... it will be even more amzing in the future.... like sharing tv / recording on mobile and computer (Mediaroom 2.0).

Customer Service:
Like i said before, i always had trouble with Bell customer service... they seems to never know the info or always transfert u.... the tech during the installation told me... for Fibe TV and internet never call the 310-BELL but to call the Fibe number.... So far when i needed to call them... i never had to wait on the line... they took the time to really understand the issues and took the time to solve it.... and they were very polite. I was surprise.

Of course i didnt get the bill yet... usually Bell doesnt have a nice history about billing... so we will see how it goes...

But so far, i have to say, i'm very impress with the Fibe TV service....

And u ?

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very happy with FibeTV

My installation (in Toronto Beaches) was completed a few days ago. Just wanted to share my experience with the installation and TV service (so far).

I'm not normally one to praise Bell, but in this case they impressed me and I am very happy to have moved from Rogers.

First the ordering process, which was the only part that caused me some level of frustration. I was initially contacted by Bell to talk about switching to Fibe, and the saleswoman was very knowledgeable and professional. I had heard of Fibe TV and was already somewhat interested, but nonetheless having a knowlegeabe and personable sales person made all the difference and played a huge part in me proceeding to actually place an order. Unfortunately however, the sales side of things went downhill from here, as subsequent follow up calls I made to confirm details didn't go so well. My order was mistakenly cancelled, I was transferred and transferred, and transferred...perhaps because it's a relatively new product and not integrated fully into the corporate offerings. It seems some depts claim they deal with Fibe TV but in reality they don't know anything about it, and when they do try to transfer you they send you to Satellite TV etc etc...I was also told a few times "it is not available at your address" even although I had an existing order and was contacted by Bell initially...I hear through other forums this is a common problem, different depts use different criteria/systems to determine availablity. I did eventually get all this sorted out and hopefully Bell sort out integrating FibeTV into their systems and support. I also managed to get a $50 credit on my home phone bill for 'loyalty' to offset the $50 installation charge.

That aside, things from here went very smoothly.

The installers arrived on time, and were polite an professional. I was worried about how the wiring would work and how many visible cables they would have to run, but the guy was great, very understanding and accomodating. They ran a new phone line from the box into the house, took time to discuss with me options for hooking into the existing co-ax cables with minimal impact, and at the end of it all my phone and co-ax wiring was way better than it was before they came. They took the time to install new plates and improve what was already there. They had to run one new length of coax cable in the basement, and did a good job of it. I don't know if this is a normal experience with Fibe TV install but I was very impressed (and relieved) with the professionalism. They also took the time to discuss and demonstrate PVR functions etc after everything was connected, although their knowledge of Home Theatre setup was a bit limited. Overall - installation process was great. Total time was around 5 hours.

As for the TV service itself, I am loving it. The interface (guide and search functions etc) are light years ahead of Rogers, and channel switching is lightning fast. The picture is awesome - I thought I had HD before - NOW I have HD. I don't know if this is the case for everyone, but the HD quality is visibly superior for me. The networked PVR functions are great. It's very early on but so far no service interruptions or signal degredation.

I was previously on Fibe12 internet and in order to get FibeTV I had to 'downgrade' to Fibe6. What does this mean? Well, as in other posts, yes I now get over 20mbps downstream, 3mpbs up, and with 3 TV's on it drops to around 14mbps. Some downgrade! And it's cheaper!

In summary - moving to FibeTV was a great move!
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Yes i did notice how the HD quality seems to be better than cable (Videotron for me... or Rogers). But the SD channels seems to be a little worse... but i really don't watch any SD yet....

Love the fact of the 1st month having all channels to play with... The search engine is so nice.... Why going through all channels to find a good movie or show... just seach with the name of the movie or even actor... Great... Love it....

Just got a postcard from Bell telling me to call them soon to let them know what package i do want.

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Tick tick tick...As soon as Fibre is available in Ottawa..bye bye Rogers.

I hope that's sooner than later.

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Once you switch it is like the famous scene from 2001. The bone flying up into the air (being the rogers box/service) then cut to the space station and pleasant music (Fibe).

Just got it set-up yesterday. It is fantastic. Good riddance rogers.
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Well, that bandwidth free ride is coming to an end, got a letter saying that it was a "promotion" and that they will be capping our internet at Fibe 6 unless we'd like to upgrade. It was too good to be true, we'd never get anything for free from Bell or Rogers! ;-)

Has anyone noticed that from the satellite STB, when watching a recorded program on the PVR, sometimes when you skip ahead 30sec, when the picture comes back, there's a loud audio pop/crack? Don't know what to do about it, its pretty intermitten, but it's sure surprising when it does happen.

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@wm_cheng, this sounds like a similar problem:

Is the audio coming through the TV speakers and what are your connections?

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Thanks Dave for that informative thread,

It does sound similar, but it isn't going from stereo to DD5.1, just the 30sec skip from DD5.1 to silence to DD5.1 - but it may be a switching problem. Its connected currently via TOSLINK (optical) right now, either that or 2 channel RCA stereos. The Bell FibeTV STB audio is connected via a really cheap Toshiba HTiB - but I don't think replacing the receiver is in the cards at the moment. ;-(

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My guess is that the HTiB is having trouble decoding the audio after the 30 second skip because there's a break in the audio stream. You might have better luck changing your STB from surround to stereo or try using RCA cables.
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Will do! Thanks, stereo... 2.0 ... what's that, are we back in the 70s again?! ;-)

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Got Bell FIbe Installed

Hey Guys,
just to let everyone know that I had Bell Fibe TV installed in my apartment on Wednesday December 22nd, finally arrived in my area at Dufferin and Glencairn. the installation went really smooth, I had a technician show up at my building and this guy was super great, he was very knowledgeable with the Fibe TV and answered all my questions, the installation was super smooth as the COAX cables i currently had were perfect, so no cables were installed, he just changed all the connectors at each end of all the existing COAX and installed it that way, he then programmed all my remotes to work all the tv's and everything was to my satisfaction.
The only glitch I had was that the same evening the installation took place I had a ringing and clickin sound coming from the HD PVR, which was very annoying and it would freeze the picture so badly, I called up the same tech guy as he left me his cell number if I had any questions, and he came by the day after with a new PVR, swapped it with the old one and so far it is working like a charm, all tv's have perfect picture quality, love the GUIDE and love the record feature from the other HD receivers in the bedrooms, or playback from the other rooms too. It is an amazing service, so far I am so happy that I dropped Rogers cable for Bell Fibe TV.

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Just a heads up for you guys . I know most of you have xbox 360 or PS3 and like ( myself included ) to play some games on xbox live or PSN , if by any chance you play Black OPS , FIFA 11, NHL11 etc , and notice that your nat changed from open to moderate and you tried to reboot your modem and diden`t work ! Dont Reset your modem on the small hole in the back of the same , made the mistake last night and i had to call bell because by reseting the modem immediately reseted the password account and no internet and no TV . Lesson learned .
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I got a basic question about general installation. I am getting a new condo in the summer and its too late for me to ask the builder (rules and penalties and crap) to put in a third phone line jack and/or cable outlet.

Will the Bell Fibe technicians pass the cable from the adjacent room (drill a some hole or someting like that) ? if yes, will they charge crazy $$?

thx guys and gals
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Rogers Comparison

Im moving house and thus get the opportunity to move from Rogers to Fibe TV and Internet. While Fibe appears to be about 20 bucks more expensive than Rogers, Im interested to hear from those people who have migrated service as to wether they think the move was worth it?

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