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I think that for the average home user, the sagemcom is the best option and it's also my favorite to work with.

The wireless on both of these vdsl modems is weaker as compared to the Bell 2Wire modem in my experience. The 2wire modem cannot be used for fibetv product unfortunately.

For more advanced users, the cellpipe seems to be the favorite. However, my workcenter doesn't even stock cellpipes anymore and it may be the same in other areas also.

It's also important to note that the cellpipe doesn't work with one of the two types of fttn slams we use in the field. So even if the technician had both types on his truck to offer you, the only option may very well be the sagemcom due to it being the only compatible vdsl2 modem with some of our fttn slams. Ironically (sort of) the type of slam you really want to be on happens to be the one that only the sagemcom works with, in my opinion.

and finally... I do notice a difference in the responsiveness of the new reciever models vs the old ones. I believe the firmware interface itself is that same(but someone correct me if im wrong), it's just a little smoother on the new models.


(Opinions and ideas expressed in my post are my own and in no way represent those of Bell Canada Enterprises, Bell Canada, Bell TV, Bell Internet, Bell Mobility, Bell Technical Solutions, Expertech, or any other partners under the BCE umbrella)
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My Experience in Switching to Fibe TV - Update #2

Probably my last update unless things change.

I was experiencing problems with my whole home PVR capabilities for the last few days. I have 4 TVs hooked up, one with the PVR (VIP 2262), two VIP 2202 receivers and one VIP 1200 receiver. Interestingly it was the two newer non-PVR receivers that were having the problems. Anything I had recorded would not show up on the list of recordings on the receivers or, if it did it could only be watched for a minute or two before it stopped and the list of recordings disappeared. I called Fibe tech support and after discussing my issues I was quickly moved on to a level 2 tech. After a bit of discussion and resetting of receivers the tech figured it was probably an issue with the IP addresses of the receivers not being recognized properly or being lost. A reset of the modem itself quickly fixed the problem and all is now good.

Just a side note - I pushed my system to the max last night. We had three TVs on while a show was also being recorded. I was using 3 HD feeds and 1 SD feed as well as surfing the internet and there were no issues at all. I never bothered to check my internet speed but I didn't notice any problems. I had seen my internet speed drop to just over 5 Mbps a couple of nights ago when I had all four video streams in use so I imagine it was the same last night. This is consistent with the information in urbang33k's post above (#131).

Once again I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Bell service and support. YMMV and I'll certainly report issues on that front if they develop.
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Internet Speeds with Fibe TV

I thought I would share with everyone my stats on Internet speeds with my new Fibe TV. I love it, picture quality is great, guide is great, what I pay is reasonable.

However, what I didn't know was that if you are a heavy TV user, then you will notice a serious degradation in your internet speeds and sometimes connection is lost altogether.

My speeds, which have been varified by Bell as "what is to be expected"


No TV streams in use: 25 Mbps
1 HD stream in use: 19 Mbps
2 HD streams in use: 12 Mbps
3 HD streams in use: 4 - 7 Mbps
3 HD & 1 SD in use: 1.5 - 4 Mbps

With one or two computers on in the house, plus a couple of Wifi devices online, I have seen my internet connection even come to a complete standstill if 3 HD streams are in use. I have tried to surf using a Wifi connected laptop with all 3 HD streams in use several times, and its next to impossible, the modem/router seems to bog right down to next to nothing. (TV signals seem NOT to be affected at all during these tests)

Its just my wife and I at home, so its really not a big problem, we tend to be either watching TV or surfing. However, if you have a house full of teens or something, I can see this becoming a serious draw back.

The other fustrating aspect is that I was not warned of this, so I spent many hours on the phone with Bell tech support, many of them were telling me this should not be happening. Only after weeks of troubleshooting, and escalation was I told that "no one should have told me this" and that this was the nature of the beast and my speeds were exactly as expected. I was told by one CSR that with a software upgrade in a few months that the # of streams in Fibe will be expanded from the current 3HD & 1SD limit, and with that I might not see these speed reductions after that. (I'll believe it when I see it)

Hope this helps.

PS: I am paying for Fibe 16 internet. Using the Safecomm modem/router

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For the wireless problems, that's not due to your internet speed, but rather than the wireless built-in in the fibe modem/router is crap, get an external wireless router (for example, a cisco/linksys one) turn off the wifi from the bell router, and use the bell device only as a modem. Just by doing that you'll improve reception, coverage and reliability of your wireless internet.

As for speed itself, the speeds you're getting are right according to the number of feed streaming
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Thanks for the info. Forgive my ignorance, but how/where do I hook up the external wireless router?

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The lowering of internet speed due to HD streams in use is what scares me.. We have a big household.. so.. it's likely going to happen, maybe two HD streams at use though and not 3... We will be having FIBE 50 with FTTH. So with that, I wonder if we will still notice a big difference in speed.
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Gary320, there shouldn't any slowdown with FTTH, you should get the full 50 Mbps Internet no matter how many TV streams you are watching. Here's a quote from another thread to confirm it.

Originally Posted by MrWaxx View Post
About 2 weeks ago I signed up for the Fibe trio bundle and IMO a pretty good deal. I know they are rolling out FTTH in the Montreal/Laval area so I assume you must be in the area to take advantage of the offer.


So far everything works great. Ran some tests with 3 HD and 1 SD streams recording simultaneously and still hit the 50 mbps on speedtests.
The reason that Internet speeds slow down on FTTN is that the copper lines are configured for about 25 Mbps. That isn't an issue with fibre to the home.
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Thanks for the answer!

More out of curiosity but is there a reason in particular why some neighborhoods are getting FTTH and others FTTN? What does it have to do with?
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Bell is replacing the copper lines in Quebec City with FTTH. I believe the reason is that a lot of the older lines needed to be upgraded anyway and the fact that they were overhead lines made it about a trade-off whether to use FTTH or FTTN, so they chose the technology with the best future potential. Bell is also installing FTTH in all new developments.

I'm not sure what the exact situation is in Laval.
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Ok, the install went quite well. Picture quality varies by channel but overall seems better than Bell Satellite.

The 1st thing the Tech (Don) did was look for where the phone line comes into the house. It's in the garage -- far side -- and was the original 1967 wiring. So, instead of messing with it, he did a cable run to the inside wall, then took it through the crawl space to where the TV is. Took him less than 10 minutes since he could follow another cable that had been installed 2 years ago.

Very nice fast work and very professional.

The rest was standard proceedure. He did want to use component while I insisted on hdmi (my AR does the switching), and so he installed both. His component cables and my hdmi cable.

Of course, nothing worked, simply because I accidentally re-connected the hdmi cable that should go to the TV to the wrong input. Duh!

I'm impressed with everything, although I find the recording procedure somewhat unclear because there are so many more options. But that will sort itself out by tomorrow, I think.

And, my Harmony 650 works like a charm, after I told it the difference between LAST and BACK.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the LED status lights on the VIP-2202?

It's in the bedroom on a dresser and it kind of illuminates the room at night.

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There isn't a way to turn off the LEDs on the previous version, so I don't think that has changed. I used a small piece of painter's tape to cover the LED (no adhesive residue) and then black electrical tape over that.
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These might help.
Haven't used them myself.
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Anyone know where we can check our internet usage??

Also, does anyone suggest using another router.. or is the bell modem strong enough?
Personally I've noticed my speed go from 20-40.. I have Fibe 50. So far, I've been no where close to full 50.

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Thanks, Dr.Dave.
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