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Just switched from Shaw to Telus Optik TV today. Telus just finished putting in Fiber to our whole town of Chemainus BC. They are getting 50% switching to them.
Ya. The Essentials package is pretty pathetic. I'll have to upgrade, but to what???
Got to wait a month for the 50" TV.

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Hi guys, I hope you won't mind if I ask for an advice / opinion by pasting already written post from some other board ?

Here it goes:

Right now I have student promotion with Shaw and I am paying:
15MBit internet is $30 (with student promotion);
TV Personal is $25 (with student promotion);
Home phone for $5 (with two promotions).

First two services are expiring in the middle of the month and total price will jump to over $130.

I am thinking of swithcing to Telus with their 3 months promo pricing where I would get 50MBit internet (must get this because I will need their high upload speed). I want to upload all my photos and videos online for backup purposes. This wasn't worthwhile with Shaw's miserable upload speed but I hope in 3 months of Telus internet service I should be done.
This internet promo will cost me $40/month for 3 months I believe.

I am thinking of getting their TV package mainly because it will cost $20 (3 month promo pricing) and with this cost the add on for unlimited internet becomes $15 instead of $30. Essentially I am going to get unl. internet add on anyways and I believe the TV would cost me only $5 this way.

They are charging $100 for TV install and $5 for rental of the box. In case you have your own STB the install fee is waived and you don't pay rental. I looked on kijiji and there are cheap boxes all over kijiji.

I don't necessarily need the PVR since I will tie the STB into my PC through hauppauge HD PVR. I also have all 6 Calgary OTA channels coming in through HDHomeRun OTA tuner and distributed to Xbox360s as bedrooms STB.
So the TV should cost $15 + price of the box.

Total then becomes $40 (internet) + $15 (TV) + $15 (unl. internet addon). I will have to get my own STB so I don't pay installation fee of $100 and no rentals for the STB.

I am planning to drop the TV service and unlimited internet addon eventually (most likely after three months) to offset the higher (full) price of the internet. After this promotion is finished I will wait for Sept. and sign up for another student promo offered by Shaw. Hopefully it works out again. In the meantime I will just use my OTA setup with dual tuner. My wife's shows and local news are on local channels anyways. As for the sports - I will use Shaw's app on the tablet to watch sport channels my brother is subscribed for.

Does anyone know of any other perks that I am missing on ? I know Telus used to pay for your last bill of service, I know they used to give you pre paid card that would offset the cancellation in case you sign a contract that comes with penalties (As of now I am not interested in contracts). I also know they used to have 6 months promotions (12 with contracts), now they only 3 months (6 with contract).
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You don't have to wait until September. I think both Shaw and Telus offer student promo in early August.

From 2015 student promo, Shaw is 8 months and Telus is 12 months

YMMV in 2016.

Best Buy and London Drugs used to offer refurnished Telus PVR with Telus 3 years warranty for $100 with $100 bill credit. Sometime, they even offer 1 PVR and 1 HD box refurnished combo for $100. I got a combo deal back 2 years ago. With the $100 bill credit, my boxes are free.
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This isn't directed at you darkesha. I know everyone operates in their own way doing what works best for them. Many of the New Customer incentives don't make sense to me.

I recently received the notice of price increase from Telus on my DSL service, my Optik TV service and my Home Phone line. The notice goes on to state that costs of providing service and keeping up with technology are going up and that Telus is doing their best to control these costs but increases are necessary all the same.

I know that some number of customers "Play the Game" switching back and forth to get the new customer discounts from one provider and then they switch to the other provider once the rates go up to the normal amount. Thus I cant help wondering if there would really be a need for this latest across the board price increase if all the expense of the new short term customers were eliminated. Shaw & Telus seem to have managed to eliminate price competition on services so why cant they agree to eliminate the New Customer perks next? This would actually reduce their overall costs of business.

Wouldn't it be smarter thing for one of these providers to introduce long term customer discounts? Apply a small percentage discount to each service that kicks in after a year or two and then increases a little more with each year of continuous service. Long term customers incur the least cost per month to the provider. Rewarding these customers would eventually make it uneconomical for customers to change providers.

I guess that maybe I am bitter with this latest round of price increases since I didn't get anything free when I set up my services. I paid for my phone installation in 1980. I haven't even had a vacation disconnect of the phone service since in the 36 years since then though I did move ONCE since then, probably paying a move charge. My ADSL went in probably somewhere around the year 2000 and I can't remember if there was an installation charge for it then or not. I do know that there was no free laptop or tablet with my service and it has been in service continuously without interruption ever since. Then around 2010 Optik TV arrived in my neighbourhood. I managed to sidestep the $99 installation fee as they had just eliminated it. BUT, I did all the installation work myself on my own time (Telus installer) and once again, no free TV's or anything like that for me and I have never even looked at the competition or what I could gain by "Playing the Game".

Now I will admit one thing. Being a (now retired) Telus employee we do get a perk of a % discount off all of our services. Keeping this discount is a perk of having worked for the company for 25 years or more. I never got a $25 gift certificate for a turkey at Christmas or anything like that from them but we do get that discount on our services which while it is nice it also pretty much prevents us from shopping around, threatening to cancel services in exchange for a "Loyalty Discount" or ... "playing the game".

Does anyone else see a benefit to both provider and customer in ditching the New Customer incentives in favour of Long term Customer incentives?

-- Retired TELUS Employee so I Don't Speak for TELUS --
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When I first moved to BC, I noticed the new customer incentive game right away and was shocked at how lenient they were. They both pretty much encouraged people to do that with their very low 3 month wait time before you qualify again. Telus has apparently reduced the amount of time you receive the discount off contract to 3 months from 6, so that's something. They've also been somewhat aggressive in getting people on the 2 year contracts by giving them free TVs, laptops, Visa cards, etc., but nothing stops you from jumping ship after that's done. I never signed the contract to get anything, and in hindsight, I should have as I've been with them for more than 2 years now and could've gotten a free TV or something out of the deal.

Having said that, from the company's perspective, saying you've signed up X new customers just sounds better to shareholders than saying you've maintained a level number of customers. Shareholders always want growth, even if it's a total BS number. In addition, from a balance sheet standpoint, it's probably easier to account for a planned temporary upfront discount that can be adjusted as market conditions warrant than an ongoing loyalty one that varies by customer and may be difficult to modify. Longtime customers also often have grandfathered plans that may effectively give them some sort of discount over current market rates. I suspect the reason for favouring new customers is more the first point than the second though. There are other ways to reward longtime customers, such as temporary promotions just for them, which provides for cost certainty. Promotions like that are difficult to quantify the success of though, and shareholders may view them as unnecessary expenses. After all, if I've stayed with them for 20 years, I probably don't need an incentive to continue doing so.

Personally, I've stayed with Telus right now because it fits my needs best right now. If I felt the two were interchangeable for my needs (and let's be honest, they are for many people), I'd probably be playing the new customer game too.
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Originally Posted by Gilles View Post
Having said that, from the company's perspective, saying you've signed up X new customers just sounds better to shareholders than saying you've maintained a level number of customers. Shareholders always want growth, even if it's a total BS number.
Shareholders want real growth, which is an increase in the total number of subscribers. That isn't a BS number. Companies report "net adds" (new subscribers minus disconnects) or net change in subscribers (positive is growth; negative is subscriber loss). Telus has had positive net TV adds every single quarter since 2010. See page 11 of this PDF

By contrast, Shaw consistently loses TV subs. Last fiscal year they lost 102,000 Cable TV subs and 38,000 Satellite subs.
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As of March 1 Shaw now only has 3 month promos for new customers.The same as Telus now has.
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Originally Posted by ae_collector View Post
Shaw & Telus seem to have managed to eliminate price competition on services so why cant they agree to eliminate the New Customer perks next? This would actually reduce their overall costs of business.
That's collusion and is illegal.
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Originally Posted by CSA60 View Post
That's collusion and is illegal.
Correct, poorly worded on my part.

One can do it and the other can follow.

-- Retired TELUS Employee so I Don't Speak for TELUS --
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I think they have to pretend they are competing otherwise CRTC will interfere. I see a lot of third party re sellers in BC that are selling Shaw's bandwidth. I am not sure if they are allowed to rent use and resell Telus' Optik services yet.

As far as I am concerned - I believe in voting with my dollars. So if it's up to me, I will not allow to be gouged and if there is a need I will use every rule in the book to gain any advantage. I am very comfortable with $60-80 dollars a month paying for some/all services. I wouldn't mind signing contract that gives me basic TV internet and phone for $70 and promise my 5-10 year loyalty. Unfortunately no company wants to offer me what I want so I will look what's available and play their game.

For example, my cell phone is $49 and it has 5GB of data and unlimited CA talking with all other perks possible (except call fwd). It was marketed in Manitoba buy I learned about it, I walked in the store and ask what I need in order to get a phone out of province and I was told nothing but proof of identity. So my AB license got me fully legal cell phone plan that wasn't marketed in AB but I was fully eligible for it.

I also learned that Shaw if offering student promotion for new or EXISTING customers. They wanted a proof through means of email. I tried my email account and I was approved.

Do we have a moral obligation for paying something more than next eligible guy - depending on your moral standards and amount of work you want to put in. Mine might be low, but again, if I was offered service for price I am willing to pay I would pay it in a heart beat.
I am paying for NBA league pass almost $20 a month. But even that service is an international LP which is not what is sold to Canadians. We get all the games that ARE NOT broadcasted (blacked out games) which is a very important chunk of the games I am interested. And I would have to pay the same amount for this 2/3 package - that doesn't sit well with me.

Anyways - I am fully committed to trying Telus service for those 3 months of promotional pricing. After that I will be switching to Shaw. I am a big fan of the way Shaw does their business. No traps with their contracts, no carrot on the stick for an unsuspecting population, no overage for the internet bandwidth - I quite admire that philosophy. The problem I have with them is the price I pay for their service. It's way out of hand, just like our cell phone bills. So I will just play the game.
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I haven't been a Shaw customer for over 16 years but they advertise data caps on their website. Are you sure they don't charge overage?

Also, I am thinking of switching over to Telus Optik but I haven't done it yet. Could you elaborate on the traps in their contract.

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I am absolutely positive Shaw does not charge for overage. I am not even aware they ever called anyone to warn about being over the (soft) cap. I believe caps are there from the beginning of Shaw's internet offering but they haven't been enforced. I believe that if anything - Shaw will give you a courtesy call and offer you to change your tier but I have never heard they terminated anyone nor they have ever charged anybody (not like Telus).
As far as contract traps with Telus - what I meant is people usually accept 2 year agreement as something that is worth X amount of dollars for Y amount of services (channels).

When this balance changes - usually dollars go up and channels go down, you see how Telus is not a good company to give your bussines to (I have friends who confirmed this behaviour). I only had their services 3 months and that's only because I wasn't able to negotiate a good deal with Shaw without quitting them first.
I dislike Telus period (only based on the stories I heard about them and not through my own experience). And I really like Shaw's way of non contractual, freedom to customer, no overage way of running their business. The only beef I have is the price, and for that I vote with my dollars. I will come back as soon as I get offer I am ready to pay.
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Am I blind or there is no way of editing posted posts ?
I wanted to include my screenshot of Shaw's internet usage.
My internet allowance is 150Gb I believe, and I have been with Shaw for last 12 years (minus three months):

Telus will also tell you that you have right to try their service risk free for 15 days (no contract lockup) but they will not tell you that if you do cancel it in this time frame you will be paying installation fee (before $79 and now $100 I believe. I don't think that's fair either.

They are just very very sneaky and I condemn that kind of sneaky and predatory behaviour.
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I've ever been on a contract with Telus. . I've even wanted to lock in a deal. But they never ask me to go on a contract.

Optik PVR, Pioneer 1528-K, 58" Panasonic 3D TV, Xbox360, PS3, Panasonic 3D Bluray Player, Definitive Speakers, SVS Sub
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As far as I can tell, Telus does allow you to sign up with no contract, you just don't get the same perks as you would if you sign onto a two year contract. And although it still difficult to make a direct comparison, it seems to me that there isn't a significant difference in price - if anything, Telus might be a slightly better value (this can be subjective though).

I can confirm that Telus does charge you if you exceed your data cap. They've been doing it for about a year. Kudos to Shaw if they don't. I have 250 GBs on my plan and I have yet to exceed it so this is not an issue for me.

As for price increases and channel changes, they all do it. That's one of the reasons I left Shaw for Bell Satellite so many years ago. Now Bell has become the worst of a bad lot and therefore I'm looking for a new provider.

Of course the Hardware barrier to entry makes switching providers somewhat expensive and Telus makes it very attractive with its offers of free equipment rental. Until recently, Shaw has had the advantage because Telus only offered a maximum of 2 simultaneous 2 HD feeds to your home at a time. Now in many areas (including mine) Telus offers 5 HD feeds, so that advantage is gone. I've looked at the two and Telus seems to be a better value to me. So I'm going to switch when they come out with pick and pay at the end of the year (although I'll reassess at that time). I don't want to be switching again 3 months later so I'm pretty sure I'll be signing on for a 2 year contract.
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