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Originally Posted by aj55 View Post
I just completed my free preview and am now receiving the Your Pick HDTV package. I really only need to add channel 648 to my current selections and was wondering if this was possible. I don't want to add any sort of additional package, just want to receive ch 648. I couldn't find the info on the website as it is listed part of the movie packages and and having trouble getting through to CS as there is always a wait of atleast 30 minutes.
I have been told that I have to subscribe either to the 4 or 6 movie pack if I want to subscribe to channel 648 at a cost of $14-$16. It's to bad I can't just pay for the one channel i want.

I have been offered Super Channel Package for free for 3 months as part of a promotion which includes 648. So i'll have it for at least 3 more months.
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The Bundle advertised on the Telus website provides 3 month promotional pricing.

The bundle pricing currently being offered by Telus over the phone is a 6 month promotional which I believe is 9 theme packs. The 6 month option makes it more attractive to 'sign up' for a two year contract rate. However, I'm not interested in signing a contract as I hope to preserve eligibility for future 'promo pricing'. Make sense?
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Contract or not, once you've signed up for Optik you're no longer a new customer. Most promos apply ONLY to NEW customers. You must NOT have been a TELUS customer for a minimum of 3 months to requalify as a "new" customer.

Signing up for 3 years gets your PVR rent waived, thats $540 saved. As long as you're satisfied with Optik why would you want to continue paying month by month (no service agreement) as opposed to saving $540 over 3 years. Once your an Optik customer you won't be getting anything else as a promo. After all that's what "promo" means, promotional. Ask yourself, why would TELUS need to promote a service to you when you already subscribe?

The 3 year service agreement is currently available any time no matter how long you have had the service. You have no requirement to take it at installation and can have it applied later. Once applied you will not be released without penalty, that is in the end what a contract is about though is it not?

- another telus TECH
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what Telus offered me

Well, I am moving all of my services to Telus just to try and get the best deal possible. What do you guys think about this?

Package: Large TV so 9 Theme packs with all of the corresponding HD
Alpha Punjabi
B4U Movies

Included Hardware: 1 HD PVR Box
1 HD Box

Free rental over the 3 years.

Optik High speed internet 15mbps
Basic Phone with 1 feature (caller id)

First month for all services FREE
First 6 months = 119 + tax
next 6 months = 134 + tax
every month after the first year 169 + tax

They will be coming after 30 days so I can get my other services cut (which I have not done yet), and then I get the free month, then the billing starts. FYI, each one of the specialty channels, on Shaw, telus or bell, are always like $10/month per channel.

So what do you think? My area is in Delta and telus wasnt available for the longest time there. So i'm guessing they have new infrastructure, possibly fiber optic??
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I am currently researching on whether or not to switch from Bell to Telus Optic TV. I have a friend who just switched everything over and installation completed 3 days ago.

His deal was quite a bit better then the one you quoted, so you might want to speak with Customer Loyalty again....

He basically has the same setup as you but his pricing is quite different.

First month Free
First 6 months = $85 + Tax
Next 30 months = $125 + Tax

All boxes free (PVR + 2 other boxes)
Movie channels Free for 3 months
Your pick HD (9 theme packs)

Hope this helps.....

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Is 6 mos Promo Rate part of Telus Contract?

Thanks for clarification on 'promo' sign up.
In my case I was able get Cisco 430 PVR for <$100. Addiitional PVR should be $ 50 after rebate. This allows me not to sign a contract.

My understanding is 6 month promo rate and free install doesn't require a contract. The current Telus offers above could be presented as:

Six months at $ 85 (promo)
$ 125 for 30 month contract
Free PVR
+ whatever else

I'll take the 6 month promo but hoping not to sign the contract. After six months I intend to be pay-as-you-go with Telus. But I'll be sticking with Telus as I have my phone and Internet.
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Clarifying the Long Term Package Offer

Telus has a couple of zingers that add costs to its long term HD package:

. Does the quoted price include your Theme Pack channels in HD? There is an extra charge to get high-definition signal for A&E, Showcase Discovery etc. Telus advertises ten HD channels but these exclude the Theme Packs. For example, $ 50 per month Medium package is a pricey $ 65 once to add in HD signal.

. Refer to your brochure adn you can see the Telus Sports package is weak. But adding the sports channels is only $ 2 a month and to upgrade to HD signal is another $ 5. Well, actually its $ 12 per month excluding any top up or sports extra.
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falcore123: The "South Asian TV Pack" on Shaw is $15/m for those 4 channels in a package, which includes ATN, B4U Movies, Sony and Alpha
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@ **** Donny

That $75 Your Pick HD package, the one that is now on for $45 for the first 6 months, includes the Essentials, and ANY 9 theme packs of your choice including the HD.

This is a better deal than the medium package as that one is the Essentials, then it imposes 9 theme packs of TELUS's choosing on you and if you want HD for those theme packs its an extra $15, so that's a total of $65 + $15 = $80/month.

So IMO getting to pick your own 9 themes and getting the HD included for $75 is a better deal, and getting it for $45 for 6 months makes it that much better.

- another TELUS tech
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What do people think about the 15-15-15 deal, 15 for internet, 15 for phone, 15 for tv for three years?

15 for tv just includes the essentials, you also get a free hd pvr, and are regular hd box
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I believe the $15/$15/$15 offer is only for the first 12 months then you go to the regular price for the duration of your SA. I installed one of those this morning and read her letter from TELUS. It said it was for 12 months. Either way its a kicking good deal IMO, $45/month for phone, TV, and internet

Also this offer is ONLY available to customer's who are switching all 3 of their services, TV (with Essentials and HD which is the same as Shaw's basic cable and HD), internet, and phone, to TELUS from Shaw.

- another TELUS tech
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Telus' Curous Call from Mumbai

We've discussed the merits of signing the agreement to get the free stuff versus 1) buying your boxes, 2) getting the free install and 3) taking the 6 month promo.

So today I picked up the barely audible call from Mumbai or somewhere. Turns out it wasn't a telemarketer at all but a representative of Telus. He was offering to sign me up for one sweet deal on Telus Optik.

Me: "OK, great...tell me - what is this Telus Optik?"

The surprise - he was offering Telus Essentials package plus Sports in a bundle package with call package and Sports for $ 105. (Ltd time offer - today only - if he could schedule the install). He couldn't give me all the details but I could get them all from the Telus website. However, website would offer me a different and more expensive monthly cost than the $ 105.
He was right. The Sports package is a minimum $ 12 with HD. And, after confirming this wasn't a promotional offer but a long term agreement, I declined.

Another example of why I'm avoiding signing ANY contract with TELUS.
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Mumbai is an offshore TELUS call center. They are telemarketers, they just work soley for TELUS. Make sure you get names and ID numbers from these folks. If you do sign up with them or anyone and you're worried about being tied to a contract, don't sign one. All a service agreement (contract) gets you is as follows;

1 year $5 off STB rental, 2 years $10 of STB rental, 3 years $15 of STB rental. Thats it.

ATM they are offering customers I've spoken to rental credits for one PVR and one regular STB so thats a $25 credit, but I don't know how long thats for or how long the deal is on for.

When someone tells you they are a TELUS representative that doesn't mean they're a TELUS employee. All TELUS contractors for instance display signs on their vans that read "Authorised TELUS representative", but they are managed by Ledcor, they work for TELUS on contract.

- another TELUS tech
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Guy from Mumbai Offers Best Deal But There's a Catch

So, mailed and called Telus Service to discuss the telemarketer (guy from Mumbai) price being lower than the offer available on-line.

Telus customer Service confirmed the guy from Mumbai has lower price. What I'm getting is the $ 45 pick nine package. Telus customer service guy says this is still a great 6 month package. If I don't want to sign a contract the Internet advertised bundle offer is my best package.

However, the Telus Customer Service confirms the guy Mumbai's offer is the cheaper offer. Now, if I want to get this cheaper offer I have to re-schedule Telus' install date until guy from Mumbai/telemarketer calls me back to re-offer.

Told Telus Customer Service I was concerned that after extensive discussions on switching to Telus Optik service I received unsolicited ‘better-than-posted’ offer over the phone. And what gives Telus telemarketer access to my phone line other telemarketers are denied?

Where is the CRTC in this de-regulated circus.....?
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Box Buyers Beware

If you don't want to sign a Telus contract (and why would you) you have to buy the hardware Box. Straight cash, homey.

But you can apply your $ 31.25 rebate (BC phone customers) which turns into a $ 100 credit toward the purchase of the box. The CIS330 is $ 150. Its a simple 50 buck purchase. Well, no.

Telus CSR told me I could not apply the CRTC $ 100 rebate at Future Shop or BestBuy. Instead they advised me to go to the local Telus Mobility store. Telus Mobility stores (two I visited) don't stock the PVRs and won't sell you a PVR unless you place your order through them. (Spoke to Telus Mobility earlier in this odyssey and recall thinking it was a little phone seller store - absolutely clueless).

Back to the CSR who confirms earlier advice was incorrect. (No, I cannot talk to the Supervisor - in fact, the supervisor just left the building during my call.) Would I like to sign up for the three year contract and get the box for free? No. Will I be cancelling Monday's install? Good grief.

Finally problem was fixed with me paying full price and credit applied to my next bill. Now, what was the reason I didn't want to sign the contract for three years with these guys?
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