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Optik and HDMI

So, I was installed with OPTIK service yesterday and have come across my first issue.

We have the PVR (430) hooked up via HDMI to our main floor tv - which is mounted above a fireplace with no way to fish any component cables + Audio down to the mantel shelf that the box was on.

anyhow, hooked up the PVR to the TV via HDMI and now we are getting audio/video dropouts - it happens randomly, the screen goes to snow, and then back. It is pissing me and my wife (more importantly) off.

we called in to tech support and the person that answered was pretty ignorant, telling us they don't support it because there is no standard worldwide (I thought was had a standard, like hsmi 1.3 1.3a 1.4 ect..). She wouldn't tell me any fixes, or anything - no firmware updates, no nothing... basically told me unless its component to dont call back as they dont troubleshoot.

Does anyone here know whats up with it?

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Here's the FAQ on HDMI Issues and a list of things to check. Good Luck.


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I was so glad when I went from Minerva to Cisco when I changed over to Mediaroom (now Optik), partially because the Cisco box has had no HDMI issues at all.

That would lead me to believe that your situation should be able to be fixed.. unfortunately, I have no answers for you, other than making sure you are using a decent HDMI cable & that it's not too long...
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HDMI still isnt supported with the Cisco boxes, and there are still occasions where it (HDMI) causes issues
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Yea, nothing could be done... i checked out as much as i could on it.. in order to have WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) i actually ended up cutting up some drywall above my mantel to fish down some Component and a optical cable to the box. Patched it up last night and mudded it... ill be sanding it when i get home and painting tonight... My rule of thumb is, if it doesn't pass WAF, I can't have it.. so far so good with the service however... loving MediaRoom and can't wait for the remote programming..

Optik sure kicks the old systems ass on quality and performance, I actually think it may be better then Shaw - at least for sure the experience of watching TV is better...

I read up on the HDMI issues and I guess the Telus tech support chick was right about the different versions and compatibility to them, I do wish they could fix it however seeing as HDMI is such a cleaner install.
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Sorry to hear about your problem, I have all my 3 tv's hooked up HDMI and don't have any issues whatsoever. But I'm gald you worked around your problem and didn't cry and give up.
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HDMI Cable from Telus STB


Hoping for help with the following:

1) Had the Telus Optix installed a few days ago and when using the HDMI cable from the Telus PVR anywhere box to a Sony TV it works. However, once TV turned off and back on the cable is not recgonized unless you switch to a different tv input then back to the HDMI. Anyone else had this issue? This was not an issue with our old Telus PVR.

Using Component Video cables for now and it works ok. Trouble is then need seperate cables for the sound from STB to TV as opposed to with HDMI.

2) Telus wired Optix TV through apt using coaxial cable. Does this carry
1080p ok?. Is using the built in ethernet CAT 5 a better idea?


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Hi Blaine,

1) It sounds like your TV falls into this category (from 57's FAQ).
28. Sometimes, especially with some older TVs, you need to power up devices in a certain sequence. For example, it's usually best to power up the TV first, then a STB to ensure a good handshake.
With Optik TV, the STB is never off so there is no other workaround. When your TV is turned on it doesn't initiate an HDMI handshake.

2) There is no broadcast TV signal using 1080p so that is not an issue. The digital signal is transmitted from the Telus head-end to the STB exactly the same whether it is coax or Cat5. If you don't have problems with the picture breaking up or freezing there is no reason to change anything. The only benefit you might see is a slightly faster response to skip or fast forward command with Cat5.

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Originally Posted by Dr.Dave View Post
With Optik TV, the STB is never off so there is no other workaround. When your TV is turned on it doesn't initiate an HDMI handshake.
I run all my HDMI sources into a switch and then from the switch directly to the TV. Separately, I run all audio to my receiver using optical cables. This method does allow control over the order in which the TV is "turned on" in a workaround kind of way.
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Telus Cisco PVR Hanshake issue to Sony S4100 TV


1) Our Cisco PVR box has the "handshake" problem using an HDMI cable. Turn both TV and PVR off and back on and the TV screen is blank. Switch TV input via remote to another TV input and back to HDMI then picture appears!

Using Component Video cables works ok though and picture comes back on ok from PVR to TV every time.

HDMI woked with old PVR box (Minerva?) though.

Others appear to have this same problem with the Cisco PVR?

2) Also, does anyone know if Telus TV carries FM radio feed like Shaw cable does? Telus TV carries Digital radio but a regular FM radio feed?



Last edited by Dr.Dave; 2010-07-14 at 05:23 PM. Reason: I moved your post because it was in a thread that was almost 2 years old and was not about Optik TV.
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1) I haven't had any problems using HDMI with Minerva (SA430silver ) or MediaRoom (Cisco-labelled black) boxes. TV is a Toshiba LCD. It'd take 6~7 secs to sync with Minerva, almost no time with MediaRoom. Looks like it is TV-dependent? My cables are the cheapest of the cheap Monoprice ones. My uncle has MR too and has no problems with his Panasonic plasma using HMDI.

2) TTV carries FM and AM radio stations from major markets in BC and Alberta so it has feeds from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer.
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1) I have read about this problem with a Sony TV (don't know the model) on AT&T in the U.S. AT&T uses Mediaroom and has over 2 million subs. Your TV doesn't initiate a HDMI handshake when you turn it on, but it does when you change the input. I think this is a fairly rare situation. I would suggest staying with the component cables.

2) Telus doesn't carry an analog FM radio signal that you can plug into your stereo. Using the STB you can "tune in to over 100 of your favourite local AM and FM stations on Optik TV located on channels 697-886."
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For the first probelm, I had the same thing with my LG TV and one of my old Bell PVRs. I tried a different HDMI Cabel but still the same. When this happened, I had to switch off and on my TV.

My TV doesn't have any prbolem with the new Telus PVR and the other Bell PVR.
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I had the same problem with my Telus Optik Box. Turns out it was the HDMI cable. Switched the cable and the problem went away. The same HDMI cable would work fine with other setups and equipment but not the Cisco box. Try using a different HDMI cable.
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HDMI issues..

same sort of HDMI handshake issues here...running a VIZIO 32" LCD....first HDMI cable the installer used resulted in a purple vertical bar occupying the right 1/4 of the tv screen...he swapped the HDMI cable out for another, and it went away...BUT, 2 days after he had installed OPTIK, same thing happened again...vertical purple bar..except the rest of the screen was SNOW....so, I swapped the HDMI cable out for some COMPONENT cables I had sitting around..seems to have resolved the issue with no further problems...anyone else finding this?? definitely think there's some weird problems between the HDMI port on the Telus box and people's tv's or something...
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