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Tried both...

Tried both once I found decent HDMI cables at a decent price (Zalman cables from Memory Express -$25 for a 6' cable). There are occasional handshake problems with the Cisco box connected HDMI and none with component cables. But the HDMI problems are all or nothing - picture or no picture.

My O!play box takes longer for the initial handshake depending on the output mode and despite the fact it only plays recorded programing it has had the odd handshake drop.

If you have had your tv for a while it may be a good idea to clean your connectors before using them for the first time.
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I've experienced that "handshake" problem since I first got optik installed about a month ago ( although I didn't know it at the time).*

I have a Sharp quattron lcd and cisco 330 STB connected via HDMI. Basically, if my TV is off and i power off my STB using my remote, the box seems to go into this "sleep" mode where it is unresponsive. The link light is solid, the HD light blinks every second or so. Nothing will turn it back on unless I reset the STB.*

Initially I thought it was my PVR box. The Telus tech came back out a few days after install, couldn't figure out why, and simply switched the box. The problem continued so I've been dealing with the techs on the phone.

The problem continues to this day. However it was only in the last few days that I found out about this handshake problem between some TVs and STBs. Reading more about it, I'm certain that's my problem. *I've troubleshooted the connections and settings on the TV with no luck. My last try would be to use component cables as many other people on this forum and others have said. It sounds like technically there is no drop in picture quality using components as much as some sales person would have you believe. I'm fine wih that as long as I can still connect my PS3 and watch blurays using HDMI with no handshake problems.

I'm just curious to find out if anyone knows if Sharp is addressing this issue?All the forums and posts that I've come across blame the STB. But couldn't this be resolved by some firmware upgrade on the TV end? I've even read that Microsoft's Mediaroom could be the culprit, in which case I addume Telus would have to provide a firmware update for the STB. Anyone with insight on this?
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@Kungpow, I've read about the Sharp Quattron on the AT&T U-verse forums and that's a common problem with these TVs. AT&T also uses Mediaroom and has over 2 million subscribers.
Basically, if my TV is off and i power off my STB using my remote, the box seems to go into this "sleep" mode where it is unresponsive.
Does the problem happen if you turn off your TV using the power button on the TV and don't turn off the STB?

From what I've read, the HDMI protocol requires the TV to send a signal when it powers off, which some Sharps don't. The STB continues trying to reestablish the dropped HDMI connection which is why the HDMI light keeps flashing.

Here are some things you can try:
  • If you have the STB plugged into HDMI input on your TV which uses "Audio Return Channel" try using a different input. This is usually HDMI input 4.
  • Turn off all Aquos Link features using your TV menu.
  • Update your TV firmware to the latest version.
  • Switch to component cables which will definitely solve this problem.
Let us know if any of these work.
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Anyone connecting the Telus Optik HD PVR (430) to a Pioneer Pro-141FD using HDMI?

WOW TV is here! NTSC RIP!
Shaw Direct/Bell TV/Telus Optik
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@Dr Dave

Thanks for clarifying things for me. I suspected the Sharps had some issues with the STB from the Uverse forums, but I wasn't sure if that was a valid blanket statment for all their makes, or if only certain users based on their particular setup.

1) In regards to your question, I have tried keeping the STB on while I turn the TV off. The results vary. If I turn the TV back on right away (within a few seconds), then all is well. If I turn the TV off (with STB still on) and walk away for say 1/2 hour or even a few days, then one of 2 things happens on the screen

a) The screen is blank and shows flashes between 480i and 1080i - like it's searching for a signal
b) The actual TV signal comes through for a split second, then an error message flashes on for another split second (too fast to read) then blank, repeat sequence...

2) I have tried plugging into all HDMI ports. I started with 4 and have moved through the ports up to 7, which it currently resides.

3) Yup. Aquos link is disabled along with some auto poweroff features

4) Firmware. This I haven't tried but will do so tonight or in the next day or so. I was hesitant to do the update as I could only find the firmware upgrade on the Sharp USA site and not Canadian site, but I don't think there's a difference or shouldn't void the warranty (I hope).

5) Component cables. I'm pretty sure this will be my solution until this issue is resolve (or if it will be resolved...). I didn't have my component cables handy over the weekend so I dug up some old RCA cables and connected both (short 2 to 3 ft run). The picture looked decent and I was able to turn both systems off and on without a hitch after leaving it overnight.

Someone in another forum mentioned keeping the HDMI plugged in and should solve the handshake problem simply by having the components plugged in. This didn't work for me as STB was not responsive and both component and HDMI input ended up having issues getting a picture on screen.

At this point, my only working solution is having the component cables plugged in. This makes sense, as during my troubleshooting phase, I unplugged the HDMI cable from the back of the STB and turned off both TV and box for a few days. I came back and turned the STB on using the remote with no issues whatsoever. However, I had major grief trying to get a picture after plugging the HDMI port back into the STB. It might have been my sequence while turning things on and plugged in? Anyways, the final fix was to reboot the STB again - not too practical.

I'll try the firmware update soon and see if that helps with the HDMI link. Thanks Dr Dave.

I'm all ears (as I'm sure many others are) if anyone hears of any new updates with this handshake issue.
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post #21 of 58 (permalink) Old 2010-10-04, 02:58 PM
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Kungpow, thanks for the response. It sounds like you have this problem every time you turn the TV off for more than a few seconds. It doesn't matter whether you turn the STB off or not (which makes sense since the STB is never really off).

HDMI is a complex two-way protocol and it sounds like the root of the problem is the Sharp Quattron is doing something unexpected when it is powered off.

Last edited by Dr.Dave; 2010-10-04 at 03:13 PM.
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Sony LCD and Telus Cisco box handshake


I resorted to using the component video cables from the Telus STB to the TV and it works fine. Telus had advised to manually name the HDMI connection in the TV setting to the STB, but the handshake issue remained. Would only recognize the HDMI cable if input on tv switched from HDMI then back to HDMI!

Do get 1080p with the component video cable ok.

HDMI cable worked ok with the same TV and previous Minevera Telus box though!

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I have my Optik PVR passing through a Sony STR-DG720 7.1 Reciever and have no handshake issues. However, whenever a program is on in only DD2.0(Stereo) and not 5.1 I can barely hear anything. It is MUCH worse on SD channels, I have to turn my volume way up and if I forget to turn it back down when I switch back to an HD channel I almost go deaf. Anyone else with an AVR experiencing these problems? It can't be the AVR because I had NO issue with Shaw HDPVR. Yes DD2.0 is quieter than DD3/2.1 but you should only have to change the volume by 1 or 2...not 20-30. The first HDMI cable I used didn't even work with 5.1, all I got was a loud screeching sound. I swapped for a different one and no problem, except for the almost muted sound when in stereo and not surround. Even applying a codec like Pro Logic IIx to stereo sound BARELY increases the volume level which is odd...it has to be the source, not my AVR.
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@WetCardboard, have you tried optical audio to see if it makes a difference?
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post #25 of 58 (permalink) Old 2010-10-06, 12:08 PM
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I tried a component/optical combination and the sound level is still the same. I also tried swapped out my network cable for coax cable to see any diff in pic quality and it didn't help.
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@Dr Dave,

Are you aware if a HDMI-DVI connection will have similar handshake issues? My sharp has a Dvi port which I think I can utilize...

I can connect an optical audio cable to handle the sound for the time being
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post #27 of 58 (permalink) Old 2010-10-07, 10:57 AM
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@Kungpow, I have read that some AT&T users have used HDMI-DVI successfully, but I haven't heard of anyone using it to solve this specific issue. It might fix the problem depending how the HDMI/DVI firmware works on the Sharp TV.

Let us know if you try it.
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Cool Wow I can't believe all the issues with Optick tv

I'm amazed at all the problems with Telus Optick TV. I was looking forward to replacing my Bell HD PVR 9200 receiver for this new service from Telus, but it seems that there are too many problems with it. Maybe by next year they might have the problems solved but until then I won't be ordering Optick TV.
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Every new type of service has growing pains, regardless of the industry you talk about (Internet, phone service, TV service, etc). I'm switching to Optik on Monday (October 11th) and have been a Shaw PVR user for about 2 years. Just the features alone are making me make the switch, and even though there are some minor issues with Optik, it's not keeping me from making the switch. It's a revolutionary platform, Telus is one of the first in North America to provide it, and the interface and speed, all from what I've read, are amazing.

I would say you shouldn't hold back and switch now, unless one of those minor issues is one that affects you in a major way.

I can't wait to get mine on Monday!
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Gorky, maybe you're getting your impression from the forum, but I am not having any problems with my Optik at all. I'm sure problems arise, but in general I think it's pretty good. I'm also sure others would agree with me.

I just went to VDSL from ADSL and now have 3 HD streams and 1 SD and there are no problems at all so far, but even with the 2hd/1sd setup, any problems that came up were resolved reasonably quickly.

The key is being lucky enough to never have to call in...

FYI, I have the PVR connected to an Onkyo receiver via HDMI, then a Panasonic Vierra 50" plasma and although I have had a few issues in the past, they have all been resolved and the new setup is great.

Speedtest.net says 24.79 down & 2.18 up. Last night I was recording 4 channels while my wife and I were watching 2 different recorded programs, everything in HD except the one recording in SD.
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hdmi , optik , telus

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