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I have a similar problem

Hi guys

I'm having a similar problem.
I have a WDTV media player wired to my D-link G3810 Router and my laptop connected wirelessly. They can see each other but i cant stream anything from my PC to the WDTV. However, when they are both wired to tegh LAN, I can.
I figure its the same problem where the wireless and wired networks arent being bridged properly in the router.
Does anyone have a solution (other than buying an additional router)?
I was opening there was some new firmware or a hack that would enable this to work.
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Intermittent wireless network problem


I have a D-Link 3810 gateway that is giving problems with wireless connections. The only wireless device I've noticed the problem with is my 5 year old laptop. On occasion, my wireless network disappears from the list of available networks. When I check the modem, everything appears ok with all the lights I expect to see lit up. Eventually, the network reappears and usually everything works again. However, sometimes the network reappears but I'm no longer able to connect to it. I've tried restarting the modem and the computer, but that doesn't always work. If I connect the laptop to the gateway with a cable, everything works fine, but that's not the solution I'm hoping for. Is anyone familiar with this sort of problem?
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Wireless problem

I have exact same problems with the Dlink wireless. Not only is it not "N", it has a very weak signal and drops out completely everyday - really annoying me. Anyone no a solution? I heard Telus is testing a new "N" modem? How do I go about getting them to switch mine?
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post #64 of 94 (permalink) Old 2010-09-15, 04:27 PM
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Sorry, that is "know a solution"
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Dropping Wireless....

Silly questions but...
1. Can you see your neighbors wifi?
2. What channel is your wireless on?

Wifi is a radio so if for instance your neighbor has wifi and its set to the same channel as yours it can slightly/moderately/severely interfere with yours. I would suggest running a scanner like inSSIDer to find surrounding networks and then changing the channel to 1 or 11 if either is fairly clear and seeing if that helps.

I have 2 Dlink wifi routers running in my place and one is on channel 1 the other channel 11 and I never have problems with either.
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There are lots of factors involved. Where is your router located in the house? What other wireless devices do you have? I had an issue with a baby monitor a while back that cranked out so much RF noise it swamped the wireless signal. I also had a wireless security camera that caused intermittent issues. Some cheap wireless telephones can also cause problems.

Originally Posted by Tedfroop View Post
Silly questions but...
1. Can you see your neighbors wifi?
Only if she's standing by the window.
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I can see the neighbours' wifi, I've used a couple local unsecured networks when mine's not working. Including my network, there are usually about ten networks detected. My wireless channel is set to automatic. I've changed it to channel 11, maybe that'll make a difference.

I live in a front/back split-level house. The router is on the semi-below grade level (the first one above the basement), sitting on a desk approximately at ground level. My wireless 5.8GHz phone receiver is on the main level (one floor up), I moved it there from the lower level when I noticed these wireless problems, but it hasn't solved anything. I can definitely relate to a baby monitor causing interference, or rather, the other way around. I've never really paid attention to the monitor being on when I have wireless problems, but the monitor picks up a lot of interference when the laptop is accessing the internet, or when I use one of my playstation controllers.
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What firmware version does your Telus TriplePlay router have?

Hey guys,

I find this router clunky and buggy, but I think, due to the telus TV IPTV, we're stuck with it, no?

If that's the case, I wonder if I've got the latest firmware and how (if possible) we update it.

I'll go first:

My D-Link TriplePlay has Firmware
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post #69 of 94 (permalink) Old 2010-09-23, 04:11 PM
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I've got the same firmware version.

Looks like changing the wireless channel may have solved my problem. Thanks! (Might be too early to tell though! fingers crossed)
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post #70 of 94 (permalink) Old 2010-09-24, 04:17 PM
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Just an FYI, you are not stuck with the Telus router deal. I just got this setup myself last weekend and found the buggy wireless enough of a pain to seek answers. You can use a normal router right after the vdsl modem. I am using a DIR-825 with Multicasting enabled. I am able to watch TV without issue on one TV, but not on the other. I suspect it has something to do with UPNP and internal multicasting, I will try to get it working tonight. I set disabled DHCP on the Telus D-Link and set it up as a switch so that i can use the Coax component still. Currently my working TV is hooked up via ethernet and the second non working one through Coax, but I don't think my issue is because of this. Basically what happens now is that my second TV will play the picture fine for 10 seconds and then stop (switching to multicast), so I bet I just need to enable the proper ports for the second tv just so that it can too use multicast, as UPNP only opened up the ports for the first TV, but not for the other (since it uses the same ports, UPNP probably confused). I will verify all this and can post up more info if you guys are interested. With my DIR-825 it is rock solid wireless, and somehow I get faster internet speeds too.
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Telus TV Wireless AP Problems

Hi all,

Having a problem since getting Telus TV - not with the TV though...on the wireless network access. The wireless drops very often - i.e. the computers lose the SSID. It comes back a few minutes later. I used to have a Dlink box on my old shaw setup and it ran pretty well without issue for years...

Since getting optik and using the new Telus box, wireless seems to drop very often. Any thoughts...

It *almost* seems that it drops when a new wireless device starts up...but I have not been able to pinpoint the issue quite yet.

It's not the cordless phones interfering as they are 5.8 (my old phones used to interefere with the wireless so I changed them).

Could be a neighbors phone I guess...

Any others with this problem?
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Router issues

Yes, I am still having similar wireless/router issues. The SSID drops completely and my signal disappears, several times a day. This is not just wireless as I have my XBOX wired and it gets disconnected also. I have seen the DLink modem at that moment do a reboot? as all lights disappear and the power light goes orange for a short moment. I called Telus and they came the next day (very good service!) and he said I had a very clean signal (not the problem) and replaced the modem and power supply.
Unfortunately, the exact same thing is happening??? It is not my household/power as the 2wire N-modem was in same location and was wonderful, before I got Optic TV. As well the service rep added a VDSL2? box in front and it's lights do not change.
Along with the the signal is very weak compared to 2wire which gives me wireless signal problems aside from the complete disconnect. I installed. yesterday. my own (old) dlink-g router and it's signal is better, but this won't resolve the disconnects.
My question is does Telus have other modems? much preferably N? I think this DLink modem is flawed or needs a firmware update?
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The 2wire is not an N router.

We can put in a 2wire in Ethernet mode with your vdsl modem and dlink router.

It also helps alot if you put the dlink on channel 11. Its got a weak and poorly designed transmitter and the cheap cordless phones tend to make it drop. (vtech, daytek etc). Changing the frequency helps alot.

Their is not wireless n solution currently launched. Telus is well aware of the limitations of the wireless on the dlink and the problem between wired and wireless devices.

The wait will not be long.
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router problems

Thanks for the reply. I thought the 2wire was 'N', either way it gave me a very strong signal with trouble-free wireless for months at a time, which was awesome.
Good news about Telus aware of the problems. looking forward to their solution.
Having my own router in front of telus router has made this problem much more tolerable - so I can wait.
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telus router workaround


After reading this forum I have a pretty clear indication that I need to obtain and configure a second router to allow my LAN to talk between wired and wireless conncections.

However, I am not very tech savy and in following Marc Ps best practice... I have no idea how to setup a static IP for my second router... I have it hooked up via LAN to the telus d-link, but beyond that I am lost.

Any help here?

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