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Mediaroom Future Upgrades - What do you hope for and expect?

I've had Mediaroom for a week now with 1 PVR and 2 regular boxes. I think the system is great; the PVR software is much better than what is available with Shaw, the menu and guide system is excellent and the size of the boxes is much nicer as well. I also really like the remote a lot more than Shaw's.

However, one of the reasons I signed up for Telus TV was the possibility of future upgrades. The Mediaroom 2.0 software has already been released by Microsoft and I would assume that all carriers of the product are busy customizing and modifying it to work with their systems. Mediaroom 2.0 has a lot of features that look amazing including remote (not-in-your-house) PVR scheduling, access to TV streams via Windows Media Center, Xbox 360, web browsers and smartphones, web-based video content and the transfer of recordings to other devices.

I was wondering what other people would want to see in the next version of Mediaroom from Telus. I don't expect them to roll out all of these features but my fingers are crossed for Media Center and Xbox 360 functionality one day. It would be great to be able to finally use my Media Center PC as a DVR and be able to watch live TV without the need for a cable box, external capture device and those damn IR blasters.

I suspect a quick and easy addition would be the remote DVR control; it would be a simple app for the iPhone and Android similar to what Bell has. I really hope they support Android though and not just the iPhone. I read that AT&T is releasing this functionality for their U-Verse system which is based on Mediaroom as well.
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Anytime PVR is what I am waiting for! Anytime PVR gives you the ablity to go to the beginning of any currently air show regardless of when you start watching tv or what channel you where tuned to. Well thats my summary of what I got from reading about it.

TBD yet again :)
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I've never heard of that being available on any platform; I'm not even sure how that could be accomplished other than massive amounts of bandwidth being consumed and cached for every show on every channel at a given time. Then once the episode is over the cache is cleared and restored for the next show that airs. The PVR would have to have an enormous hard drive and the connection would have to have enormous bandwidth.
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Anytime PVR, if it starts at the beginning of a currently-airing show would just be VOD (i.e., streaming) of programming that is currently being broadcast? It it was instant and stored on your PVR whether you want it or not, then I agree it would take up considerable caching and bandwidth. If the solution is the former, I think broadcast rights is what is holding it back.

It isn't too far from the current VOD offering (I've been only viewing the free stuff) where you can fast forward through the stuff.

As for MediaRoom 2, I'd be happy to upgrade my Vista HTPC to Win 7 after my PVR free rental runs out (in 2 years) and convert it to a STB, assuming Telus does implement it.
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not positive on this but i think if it were to happen telus would have a server running all the shows that could be accessed by boxes for a certain amount of time...makes more sense than each box having to record every show every time of the day. It would definitely be an amazing innovation if and when it happens.
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"Breaking the Real-Time Barrier
Mediaroom Anytime, a groundbreaking feature set of Microsoft Mediaroom, truly enables viewers to watch TV on their own time. In addition to existing Microsoft Mediaroom features, such as on demand, DVR Anywhere, and Remote Digital Video Recording, the new Mediaroom Anytime features take time-shifted TV to the next level. With the new Mediaroom Anytime feature set, you now have the ability to offer your customers the following benefits:

Restart Anytime offers the ability for viewers to rewind or restart the currently airing program from any point, regardless of whether the DVR is recording, or the TV was switched off or tuned to another channel.
Live Anytime allows viewers to scroll backward in the Interactive Program Guide to watch recently aired programs. Programs that have already aired also can be made accessible through the service providerís video on demand library.
Download Anytime extends Microsoft Mediaroom-powered services to more consumers by enabling viewers to download on-demand programming to their set-top boxes so they can watch them anytime regardless of bandwidth constraints. For example, viewers could watch high-definition programs on low-bandwidth networks."

TBD yet again :)
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i hope for mediaroom to cease to exist and for cable/telcos to provide windows media center tuners or cablecards so we can finally have a proper multiroom experience like they do in the states. /end dream
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Five minute skip

Need to have 5 minute forward skip. In fact various length skip forward and backward would be even more useful.
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I think integrating Mediaroom with Windows Media Center like it is in v2.0 would be exactly the same as having CableCards, which will never happen in Canada. All we can do is hope that Telus roles out upgrades to their Mediaroom system as fast as possible and include all the features we want that exist in v2.
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Anytime PVR can be made available - however this will add a significant cost to the backend as multiple additional servers need to be purchased to store this data - I imagine this will be implemented at some time, but expect to see an additional charge for this.

There is also an option to use an xbox 360 as a set top box for media room, this would definately be a feature I would love to see in the near feature!
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AT&T Mediaroom Release 1.6.25331

Here is a clip from a May 20 AT&T Press Release:
Customize More U-verse Total Home DVR Settings. The U-verse DVR allows you to record up to four programs at once on a single DVR — a capability unmatched by cable providers. This feature prevents most recording conflicts, but with Series Priority, you can also prioritize all of your household’s scheduled recordings. The new Keep at Most feature lets you select how many episodes of a recorded series are stored on your DVR, and allows you to store a recording until the date you select. With Series Delete, you can delete all recordings of a series with one click of the remote control.
Since these are changes to the core functionality of Mediaroom, we will likely get them here with the next Mediaroom update (whenever that is). Here is what I have found out about the new release:

Series Priority - The Series Priority screen allows you to highlight a series recording and move it up, down or to the top of the priority list.

Keep at Most - Options of 1,2,3,5,7, or 14 episodes.

Recent Panel - When you press the LAST button, the channel changes to the last channel viewed and a "Recent" panel pops up showing the last 5 channels viewed. You can arrow through the recent channels and see a PIP.

Favorites Panel - Easily add channels to favorites listing (not sure what will be different)

This is everything I know about the new release so I won't be able to answer any questions about how it works. It has only been introduced to a few cities since the end of May.

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I would like a simple change add "auto tune" like I had on my Bell STB. When selecting shows in the future I was given the option to record, auto tune or reminder.
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I'd like episodes of the same shows to be grouped together instead of just one massive list of all recordings. That list can get long fast when you start storing series to catch up with later. I'd like the main list to show the shows I have recorded and when I select a show, then I'm shown all episodes recorded.
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All my series recording tend to fall under the same heading, if set as a series recording. At least with MediaRoom.
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Maybe there's some sorting setting I need to change. I'll look into that because it's not doing for us right now. Some episodes have the title in the name so I wonder if that's causing the problem.
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