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Should have started with internet. It is self-install on any Telus land line. Rather than wait for having someone come to install it.

Assuming you are not a Shaw shill, if you want to take a chance on their internet service, go ahead.
The problem is that I live in a brand new building and have been told its all fiber optic connections. I asked early on in the mess if they could simply install an interim plain old ADSL connection, but was told it wasn't possible.

I'm not sure what a "Shaw shill" is, but judging from the hostile tone, I think you're suggesting I'm making this up?
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If you are a genuine customer and not employed by Shaw, my sincere apologies are offered. You'll note that this forum is full of Shaw employees slamming Telus to defend Shaw's pathetic product, service and price. (I'm not nor have been an employee or been associated with either company, other than being a very dissatisfied former customer of Shaw and very satisfied current Telus customer).

I also note in your post previous to this that you life in a brand-new building, while in your first post, the previous occupant had Telus TV.

FYI: From the Merriam-Webster dictionary

vi \ˈshil\
Definition of SHILL
: to act as a shill
: to act as a spokesperson or promoter <the eminent Shakespearean producer…is now shilling for a brokerage house — Andy Rooney>
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post #153 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-07, 02:36 AM
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Let me clarify: the building is 1.5 years old. The previous tenant was in the unit for 1.5 years. The use of "Brand new" was subjectively relative.
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First invoice with Optik TV on it arrived today.

Received my first invoice today since switching over to Optik TV late last month. Unfortunately the billing errors I was anticipating after dealing with Telus all these years materialized.

Despite calling in a half dozen times with questions, and negotiating different things with the customer retention rep before switching, it appears all her notes did not make it to the billing dept. I was charged $5.00/mo rental for my PVR when it should have been waived. I had negotiated from 3 years to 2 years and since it is $5/mo per contract year someone hadn't made the correct adjustment.

I was also charged $100 for two X-Box installation kits and only credited back $50. This was for the one I already owned, but I had also negotiated the kit fee for the free X-Box (also 2 year contract) to be waived too.

So I called them up and eventually got to talk with Brian in the customer retention dept. and he was able to view the notes that had been entered by the CRR that I had done the dealings with. He was very helpful and applied the $50 kit refund right away and said I'll receive the $5 PVR credit on my next bill.

I mention all this as a reminder to folks that it's EXTREMELY important that you make sure the rep(s) you talk to record what it is you are negotiating. In fact I had asked for an e-mailed/faxed summary statement of all the things we had discussed but she said she was not able to do that and that all our conversations had been noted. I guess they were because Brian was able to view them and confirm. And apparently first level CSR's are not able to view these notes, only reps in the retention dept. are.

I'm sure most are already aware but I asked Brian the question today just to confirm. What happens to the (free) equipment and my invoice once the contracts are up? His reply was that the X-Box is mine to keep and that the PVR can remain a free monthly rental if I agree to a new contract. Perfect!

I'm loving everything about the switch so far, with the small exception of not having the SD channels resize to full screen on the fly. I know it's not my TV because Shaw was able to do it. I hope Telus can fix this with an update in the future. Otherwise the SD quality and certainly the HD quality are on par with what I was getting with Shaw.
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I was scared of the billing issues with discounts etc too as that used to be a huge problem for me, but on the first bill everything was perfect!

As for resizing the SD channels it can be done by the box. If you search the forums you will find it, also look in the manual. I'm not trying to be difficult I just cant remember what to do off the top of my head.
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post #156 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-10, 12:38 AM
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Hmmm. If someone else could point to a link that explains how to resolve the resizing issue it would be much appreciated. I have the PVR set up to display 720p. This displays the HD just fine, but the SD channels display at their native resolution only. This results in varied frame sizes and black bars. My TV (newer Samsung) has the stretch and forced fill options but those just end up distorting the picture or messing up the HD feeds when you flip over to them. Am I missing something obvious here? I didn't experience this with any SD or HD feed when I was with Shaw. Either feed always filled the screen in the proper aspect ratio.
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post #157 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-10, 01:15 AM
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Have you tried pressing the "Enter/option" button on the bottom right of the Telus remote, it brings up various screen sizing options in a menu that pops up in the right hand third of the screen.
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post #158 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-10, 01:36 AM
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Yes! I actually came back on here to report that I just figured it out by reading the manual online and going to test it and then I saw your post. Thanks. I should have just RTFM in the first place but I thought it would be more obvious in the settings menu. You indeed need to press the option button as you mentioned and then it gives you 5 options. Normal, stretch and zoom 1, 2 & 3. Stretch seems to work just fine for me with no visible distortion of the aspect ratio. Almost all SD channels are now full screen with the exception of a few that have black bars across the top and bottom. I suspect those are HD shows just being displaying that way on a SD channel. All the HD channels display fine with this setting. I'm a happy camper now.
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Hi, I am really interested in getting Optik TV, but I have yet to understand something and a call to telus did me no good, so I was hoping you could all help me.

What does the modem have to hook up directly with?

For instance, Can I have the modem in one room connected to the phone line and a cable outlet, but have my hd pvr, stb and xbox in three separate rooms?

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The modem must connect to the phone line, from there it can be run on either Cat5 or Coax to the rooms that require TV or Xbox. Existing wiring will be used and is prefered if good quality, otherwise new wire would be run (usually exposed). Computers are either wired with cat5 or wireless.
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post #161 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-11, 04:22 PM
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My modem is in the basement, and everything is connected from there. How? I don't know, but the tech guy will figure it out.
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post #162 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-14, 12:59 AM
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Is it posable to have the Xbox 360 (running as a stb) hooked up wirelessly to the network?

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post #163 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-14, 02:09 AM
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Wireless? No.
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post #164 of 719 (permalink) Old 2010-09-15, 06:31 PM
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What is the penalty-free cancellation period(if one exists, I hope)? I'm sure everything will be fine but I have Shaw till the 3rd of October and Optik is getting installed on Friday the 17th. Thanks!

My small grips with Optik TV are:
- No CBC Toronto HD (CBLTD)
- No HDNet
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Optik upgrade went well

Hi all, Back to report the upgrade from Minvera to Optik went well. TELUS tech replaced the ADSL modem, router, and the TTV SA 330 STB (Minerva) with the Cisco 430 PVR (Mediaroom). They also had to replace the POTS splitter with a newer one. Only minor snag was getting into the townhouse telephone room – Tech didn’t have the right key – had to find someone on strata with access. Configuring everything went well, now have wireless (handy) in addition to wired LAN. On the PVR, make sure you set the Audio settings for your system. It defaults to “Stereo”. I had to change it to “Surround” to get 5.1 audio on the optical output. Tech says we are now on 2HD/1SD profile. Speedtest (Vancouver server) results as follows:

Old system: (Telus ADSL and Minerva):
Ping 150 ms, Download 2.9 Mb/s, Upload 0.75 Mb/s

With Optik: Ping 119 ms, Download 14.4 Mb/s (TV off), 5.6 Mb/s (one HD channel on), Upload 0.82 Mb/s.
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