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Originally Posted by Dr.Dave View Post
Hi type_hks

The Xbox is free with a 2 year internet contract. It is yours to keep and use however you wish. You have to provide your credit card and if you skip out on your contract, the credit card will be charged.

You will need at least 1 PVR or STB. You can't have just an Xbox for TV. The $5/month is for the Optik software for the Xbox, so if you have just 1 TV you can get a PVR or STB and you won't have to pay the $5. You can get free rental of an HD STB with a 2 year TV contract or a PVR with a 3 year contract.
Thanks for the quick response Dave,

So then its
37/mo for high speed + xbox
23/mo for optik tv
and 2 year contract and get the free rental like u said
so its a total of 60 bux.

Can I bargain for deals since I'm a new customer or is it already discounted?

Is there any other bundles that you would recommend?
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Optik TV first month is FREE.

New client promotional prices:
Optik TV Essentials $3/mo. from months 2-3
Free HD from months 2-6

Optik High Speed $20/mo. from months 1-3.
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Mediaroom 2.0 client will support this feature. If you look the xbox is aleady running a 2.0 version, its the pvr client that needs to be updated. Kind of silly if you ask me when there is a 250gb ( or 4gb) hdd sitting on the xbox that could be used as a pause buffer
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I think that those of us that are receiving a free rental of a second box should get the xBox set up at a lesser fee and with no monthly charge. Why would I pay $5 more per month if I can just keep the free rental? I would think it would be to TELUS's benefit to get some of the free rental hardware back as it would keep costs down.
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I like how AT&T charges it, $100 one time charge for the kit/remote and no ongoing monthly fee.
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Xbox can record after all?


My Xbox (2 y plan) is recording tv shows when I:

1. unplug power
2. plug power back
3. click record quickly after PVR comes online

This goes on for a couple of hours but after that it just refuses to record (I have only 1 STB and no PVR). My question is does anybody know if I could just pay some xtra fee and get full PVR functionality on Xbox? I mean, it is obvious it can record; it looks like it is disabled but not immediately after the reboot. It can be deceived into recording for a while.

I have 3 recordings sitting on my Xbox HD that I made this way and they are accessible from STB as well...
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@vxtv, are you saying you've been able to play the recordings on the STB?

The reason this feature isn't enabled is because the Xbox isn't dedicated to the TV function. It wouldn't work well if you're playing an Xbox game and trying to record TV programs and play them back on STBs at the same time.
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No pvr ?

Interesting I didn't think TELUS would let you have no pvr. Anyway despite the xbox having a hdd it does not support recordings ( yet I'm told holiday 2011) . All recordings go to a pvr node and then are streamed back to the stb.

The xbox client is super fast and with the free xbox deal TELUS has I'd recommend to everyone going with one pvr and any stbs use the xbox.
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Xbox as PVR

Yeah, it was the deal at the time - Xbox and one STB which in hindsight was a mistake. I did not read the small print where it says that Xbox cannot be used as a PVR although it streams well to STB (when it works) even when Xbox is used for other things...
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Question regarding Xbox360 channel guide

So 2 days ago I got Optix internet and TV put in.

Nothing special simply a PVR box upstairs in the bonus room and living room TV running through my Xbox360.

Now I like it so far...I do...BUT...I am really REALLY hoping this can be changed inthe menu or something....BUT here is the breakdown.

Iphone APP - Menu guide shows a little box with "CTV EDM" and the little CTV symbol

PVR box upstairs - I go to the guide and it is the same. It shows the TV channel as a little Icon, just like the Iphone APP


On the 360 in the the living room Where the Icon for the channel should be it is simply gray with say "CKEDMT" which means CTV Edmonton. every channel has its own weird letter code rather than A. The symbol or B. simply saying CTV Edm.

Can this be changed?? so it looks like the one upstairs and the app?
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Slight stutter when watching Optik TV on XBOX 360

Hello all,

I've recently switched from Shaw to Telus mainly for the free PVR and faster internet. Everything has been going pretty well for the first few weeks that I've had it. PVR works, quality is good, haven't had any downtime yet.

I do have one small issue though...when watching TV on the XBOX 360 (new slim 250 GB free from Telus) I get a slight stutter throughout. Every 10 seconds or so there is a slight...I'm not sure how to describe it...hesitation, maybe. It seems to be happening with everything, live TV, recorded TV, doesn't make most TV unwatchable but it's very annoying, especially with sports and football (where it is very noticeable). I'm pretty sure I didn't have this problem before the recent XBOX 360 dashboard update.

Is anyone else having this problem? I'm using an entry level Panasonic 720p plasma that I got for free with my house. It's connected to the TV with HDMI and I'm sending audio via optical out to my all-in-one receiver/DVD player unit. I'm connected via ethernet and the connection is good. I can play on XBOX LIVE and there is no stutter in-game or when streaming media from my PC.

The only things I can think of to try and eliminate this problem are to use component instead of HDMI, remove the optical cable, or try wirelessly connecting (none of which I've tried yet, hoping to see if anyone else has had this issue).
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I have noticed the same thing on my XBOX 360 during hockey broadcasts. There is a slight stutter or picture shift. I do not have the same issue with my main Telus PVR box and I only see it on certain sports broadcasts. It was happening before the dashboard update and I am currently using component cables and my tv is a Toshiba.

Haven't done any real troubleshooting with it yet...
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Does the Xbox have to be connected to coaxial/ethernet for TV features or is it wireless? I remember the phone rep telling me it can be wireless but I want to confirm as I'm planning my setup before the tech gets here next friday.

Also, I'm signed to a 3 year TTV contract and a 2 year internet contract. Is the $5/month Xbox fee tied down to either of these? I'm thinking of canceling it as I'm getting a free PVR and a STB rental which should be enough for my household.
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Xbox needs to be connected via Ethernet. No wireless allowed for TV connection. You can only go wireless if you plan not to use the Xbox as Set Top Box.
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@Eternith, see post 7 for the details. Your free Xbox is tied to your 2 year internet contract and nothing else. You are not required to use it as a STB and you only pay the $5/month if you need the STB software licence.

If you don't plan to use the Xbox as a STB, I would suggest changing you order prior to the install date.
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optik , xbox

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