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Originally Posted by dcracer View Post
Has anyone with the diamond package successfully been able to exchange an 8642 pvr for a 9865 pvr?
Yes, but it was a nightmare.

After spending over an hour in the store, and being sent away empty handed, I spent a good while on the phone, and the rep was able to do it... sort of. Ultimately they had to remove my "diamond discount" and find a (somewhat) equivalent discount to another one of my services. In this case, I was going to save X% on my internet, and it was "within $10" of my original package pricing. (edit: They then added the box, and I was able to go back to the store, pick it up, bring it home, and it plugged in and worked without issue. All the store did at that point was hand over the box)

Of course, when the bill came, my cost was nothing like my Diamond plan, and there was an early termination fee of some sort. On that follow up call, I was able to get it sorted out, and fixed (although I'm still paying a few bucks more a month then I was, but it's relatively negligible).

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