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post #61 of 179 (permalink) Old 2009-11-04, 10:53 AM
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I think you will find that "burge" has connected both feeds from the DPP LNBF to the 9241 and it still did not work. he does NOT have a DPP44 switch, just the LNBF.

It has to be, the seperator or LNBF that is causing the problems because as i just said, the 9241 does not function correctly when connected directly to the LNBF.

I also think you will find that the switching is done using a 22Khz tone, not 2Ghz but I could be wrong.
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post #62 of 179 (permalink) Old 2009-11-05, 02:24 AM
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Thanks Pinza. You are correct. I have tried the different permutations and combinations. It will be down to trying a new DPP Twin as I've ruled out the separator by connecting as you said "directly from the DPP Twin" to both of the connections and also tried just one connection and tried adding the separator to one line in and then the other line in.

It's a bizzare problem because the troubleshooting to this point does not call out any specific likely problem. When some gear works and some doesn' leaves you completely puzzled.
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Since the receiver powers the lnb that has to be the only thing left. Maybe the lnb needs more juice that the 9241 receiver just can't provide?

Please do report back because it is an unusual problem.
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post #64 of 179 (permalink) Old 2009-11-06, 03:03 AM
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I agree. The power issue is something I have been wondering for a while. I ignored it only because I have had a 6131 connected to the Twin when the 9241 was connected via the separator. I've got my fingers crossed that it is a finiky Twin causing the problem. I will report back once the new Twin arrives.
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Originally Posted by Pinza View Post
I also think you will find that the switching is done using a 22Khz tone, not 2Ghz but I could be wrong.
From my understanding of DPP gear that's correct - it uses DiSEqC signalling which uses a 22kHz carrier, but I was referring to the DPP requirements for cabling and other components:

· Materials used in a DISH Pro or DISH Pro Plus installation must be rated to 2150 MHz and pass DiSEqC 22 KHz tone.

DP and DPP "stack" the signals so you get even and odd transmitters at the same time on the wire, that's why the cabling has to support 950-2150 MHz rather than the older 950-1450MHz for a non-stacked signal. More info here:

Every item between the receiver and the LNB has to be up to snuff, so one badly crimped F connector could be enough to give you flaky results. As others have mentioned, the problem in this case doesn't tend to follow anything other than the 9241/DPP-Twin combination, so inadequate power from the 9241 could be the issue. Still, that should be rectified with the 6131 connected since I believe that the DPP-Twin doesn't care if it gets power from port1 or port2; none of the documents I've read mention it being important, just that a DP or DPP receiver is required on one or the other if a legacy receiver is present.

Originally Posted by Burge
6131 + 9241 (with separator) + DPP Twin = 6131 working, 9241 not working
Just out of curiosity, does it work with the receivers connected the other way around? This would indicate that the LNB isn't getting sufficient power from the 9241 and is fussy about which port gives it power.

· 9241 (with separator) + 6131 + DPP Twin

I mentioned my DPP44 switch oddness not to suggest that's it's directly applicable in this situation (since Burge doesn't have a DPP44), but to indicate that something that shouldn't have made a difference got things working in my case. Moving the living room feed from one DPP44 to another shouldn't have changed anything, but it got my living room receiver working through a DP separator when I went from a single tuner to a dual tuner.
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post #66 of 179 (permalink) Old 2009-11-10, 01:43 PM
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Thank-you for helping.

I have two lines that enter the house from the dish on the top floor of my two story house. Both lines terminate in a closet on the below ground basement of my house. From this termination point, two lines go to my home theatre and a third line goes all the way back upstairs to the top floor of my house.

My home theatre used the 9200 (now the 9241)
My upstairs bedroom uses the 6131.

The distance to the 6131 is actually double the distance from the dish (because of the round trip) than the 9241. This makes the issue even crazier.

I have tried flip flopping all of the receivers around and no matter what the combination, the 9241 exhibits the same symptoms.

I must have the 9241 in my home theatre because its the venue where I need the PVR and dual tuner mix. It's also the shortest run to the dish.

Pinza is sending me another new DPP twin to try out. I hope it arrives today since the weather is windy but not currently raining.
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post #67 of 179 (permalink) Old 2009-11-14, 12:08 AM
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Problem eliminated but not solved....

Pinza graciously provided me with a new DPP Twin LNBF to try worked. This has elminiated my problem but still leaves the mystery of the old LNBF unsolved.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help. Special thanks to Pinza for spending extra time with me to try and fix this and sending the gear to test.
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post #68 of 179 (permalink) Old 2009-11-14, 01:18 AM Thread Starter
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Thanks for update. I have a feeling the lnb was requiring more power that the newer receiver just couldn't give.

Glad it's working and that we have members like Pinza who go way out of way to help out.
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I have a standard size Bell dish currently. Will the Dishpro Plus Twin LNB work with that dish or do I need to replace the dish as well?

Also, I'm looking on ebay to purchase one. Any other suggestions on where I can find at DPP Twin LNB and a Dishpro Plus separator?

One last question, based on my review of the above postings, the Dishpro Plus Twin LNB will work with a Bell receiver 9241. Someone please confirm.

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post #70 of 179 (permalink) Old 2010-01-22, 08:12 PM
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The DPP Twin will fit fine on the standard Bell 20" dish. E bay is you best place to buy. The DPP Twin will work fine with the 9241.

One more thing make sure you buy a Dish Pro Plus (DPP) Twin and not the Dish Pro (DP) Twin LNB as the DP Twin will not work with the DPP seperator.
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post #71 of 179 (permalink) Old 2010-05-23, 01:17 PM
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Moving - Upgrading to DPP Twin LNB and DPP44 Switch


I felt this was the most appropriate thread, as my questions incorporate a few topics. I'm a long-time lurker, and I've spent many hours reading the site; sorry if my questions are answered elsewhere.

I'm moving next month. I presently have only a 9200 receiver, but will be looking to acquire another 9200 or 9242 for another room, and possibly a third HD (non-pvr) Receiver. My present setup includes the Bell 20 (actually measures closer to 20.75) inch dish, with two dual output LNB's running 4 RG6 cables to an SW44 switch (I realize that the switch is not needed for my current setup...I got rid of some old rental SD receivers).

The new house is pre-wired in a home-run configuration with RG6. I didn't want to run additional wires, which is why I bought the DPP items I mentioned in the title. I'm just looking for some reassurance, so hopefully I can AVOID dealing with Bell Installers or Customer Service as much as possible when I move:

1. The DPP Twin LNB -- Will I need a new mounting yoke / bracket to mount it to the Bell dish, or do the outputs match up exactly with the y-shaped yoke that the two dual output LNB's are on?

2. My existing dish -- I'd like to leave the dish and the SW44 for the next occupant. I know that Bell will send an installer to put up a new dish and install an SW44 behind the dish at the new house. What do you think the chances are that the installer would just point the dish for me and walk away, leaving me to mount the DPP LNB and run the wires myself? It's a brand new home and I don't want a technician who doesn't care about aesthetics putting holes in unsightly places. Not to mention they will probably want to run 4 wires from the dish, when I will now only need 2. Or should I just buy a cheap sat finder, and take the dish when I move, and skip the free install?

3. The home-run wiring terminates immediately next to the household breaker panel. If I mount the DPP44 switch inside the same cabinet, what are the chances I'll run into interference issues / signal loss?

Thanks to anyone who responds. This is a great community, and a very well-run forum. Kudos to members like Hugh, Q, and Pinza for their always timely and authoritative advice.

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post #72 of 179 (permalink) Old 2010-05-23, 08:33 PM
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well it sounds like you have it all covered but are just looking for reassurances.....

1. The DPP Twin mounts perfectly into the 2 "D" shaped openings on the "Y" Yolk.

2. As DPP is currently being rolled out by Bell Tv in certain areas, you might be lucky and get an installer to mount the LNBF for you.

3. I see switch's of all shapes and sizes mounted close to breaker panels and have yet to experience any problems, it would be advisable to ensure the system is grounded though.

What I would do, if the installer will not use your DPP LNBF or if you just want to follow the path of least resistance, is to have the Installer mount the Dish and 2 x Legacy LNBF's, then use 2 x SW21's at the Dish and run 2 lines into the area where your breaker panel is located. At this point, have a small TV available and get the Installer to set up your 9200. That will all be done Free Of Charge as a Move promo.

Then when he drives away, swap out the LNBF's for your DPP Twin, using the 2 lines feeding into the house to then feed your DPP44. Take the 9200 into its final location, add the Separator and away you go.
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post #73 of 179 (permalink) Old 2010-05-23, 11:47 PM
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Great advice, Pinza, thanks. Glad to know that the DPP Twin LNB will fit the usual Bell dish mount. I'm going to call bell and terminate my service (I'm not under contract) and see if they offer me a retentions deal (different thread, I know ).

Thanks again.

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post #74 of 179 (permalink) Old 2010-11-18, 11:22 PM
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On Q's first post it says, "The lnb has two outputs and one input from another satellite which allows three satellites on each output".

This sounds interesting - What can I do with this input? Is it for combining another dish aimed at a different bird?
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post #75 of 179 (permalink) Old 2010-11-19, 04:58 AM
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On Dishnetwork, where as you know Bell get all their equipment (OK, it is Echostar, the DPP Twin was originally used on the Dish 500 "Dish", which is identical to the now standard Bell 20" (51cm) Dish.

It was aimed at 110 & 119, then with Dish having extra HD Channels at 61.5 or I believe mirrored at 127?, you could add a Dish 300 (Bell 18") Dish, fitted with a DP Dual LNBF, aimed at one of those locations and run a line to the Input of the DPP Twin.

Result is 3 orbital locations, all combined down the 2 Outputs, right into the Receivers or into a DPP44 Switch etc.

It was thought that when Bell announced the launch of Nimiq 5, going to 72.7 degrees, we would be doing the same thing but Bell fully leased Nimiq 5 to Dishnetwork, so right now the Input is redundant.
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