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Solved - bell 9241 hard drive replacment

SEP 26. 2013

Hello, I was looking all over for help on a hard drive replacement. I got three new 9241 boxes from bell and they all stutter and skip during HD recordings. The worst was when trying to play a hockey game 1 hour after it started, and then speeding through the commercials and intermissions until I caught up in real time. That's when the skipping got bad.

I pulled the box apart and found a crappy Seagate hard drive. Years ago they were the best, since 2008 they are the worst. So I wanted to put in a new drive.

I tried some very fast solid state drives, and some of the best quality Western Digital drives, none worked.

It seemed that the firmware only accepts certain drives and not others, and this sucks.

The original drive was a Seagate pipeline 320GB, 8MB cache, 3GB/SATA. Apparently Seagate and Western Digital have a AV drive series that are good for security cameras. They have a long life and don't power down. Most speeds of the drives are 5900RPM.

So I bought a new 1TB Seagate pipeline drive. It has 64MB cache, 6GB/SATA. There are other tech specs that make the drive faster, but all I want is the skipping to stop, and these PVR boxes are just plain old computer mother boards, with a CPU, and a hard drive, and a BIOS - OR - FIRMWARE that decodes the bell signal and has the menu driven system in order to do its job.

So the weakest link in this system was the poor hard drive. If anyone knows what model of solid state hard drive can go in then there is no problem. I put them in server computers and they have been running 24/7 for over 5 years, no problems. The best ones to get are Intel 520 series and the Kingston Hyper X series, all others may not be of quality. This is how all future PVR system will come, I just wish I could put one in my system.

If I do not add to this post then you will know my problem is solved
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