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Video On demand issue with Asus rt-n56u router

Long time watcher first time poster. I just replaced my D-Link routers for an Asus rt-n56u and I have since lost VOD access. If I switch it back to the D-Link (even with factory restored settings) I can access VOD with no issues but as soon as I throw the Asus in the mix I lose access. The receiver (dsr-605) gets an IP address and I can see it in the ip table but I cannot access VOD, I have done a receiver reset and uplugged it for 10 minutes (as recommended) but still no VOD. There is so little useful info on the service and requirements on the Shaw Direct site, no port info or any useful t/s info. Anyone have any suggestions? I have been considering dropping my sat service maybe this is the straw that will get me to finally give up Shaw (even though I don't believe this to be an issue with Shaw Direct) or live TV altogether.
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