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Using own router with MTS fibre internet

I just had MTS fibre internet installed in my home, no TV or phone service. They installed a Lucent Alcatel ONT and a Pace 5168N router. I would like to use my own router. I know that I can enable DMZ Plus mode on the Pace router, but I would prefer to eliminate it completely as many people do in similar situations with Bell, Verizon, etc.

The Pace router is simply configured for DHCP on the WAN port, no PPPoE or anything like that. Plugging my own router into the same port on the ONT does not work, it does not get a DHCP address even with the MAC address from the Pace router cloned. I suspect MTS' network is either filtering by something else in the DHCP request, or there is some VLAN tagging going on (as reported in the Bell forum). I attempted to use a packet sniffer between the ONT and Pace modem but going through my managed switch the Pace router is not getting a DHCP lease from the ONT. It only works when the Pace router is directly connected to the ONT.

I am in the process of finding a plain hub to try packet sniffing again, but I figured I would post here to see if anyone has had success with bypassing the Pace router completely.
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