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Q about Lee_Roy's comment: if you are connecting via ethernet to the telus router/modem that is handling the DHCP then you have to turn off DHCP on the Time Capsule/Airport Extreme and make it into basically a switch/access point.

1) So in this set up, is the wifi coming from the Time Capsule or the Telus modem/router?
I want to use the Time Capsule as the router because it is supposed to be faster.
2) How do you turn off DHCP on the Time Capsule?
3) When I set up the Time Capsule in Airport Utility, i chose to replace the current network but gave it a new password. I also set up a new guest network. But the guest network is not working. The original/current network still works with the old password. What have I done wrong? I connected the Time Capsule via ethernet cable to the telus router/modem. The Time Capsule is backing up my files with Time Machine currently, and the green light is on. Looks like it is connected. Why is the wifi still working with the old password, and new guest network not working?
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