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@sherds - It is silent, don't think there is even a fan in it. Other than the large bright blue clock it is a decent looking little box.

@yyzlhr - There are 8 tuners. I set up 8 programs to record at the same time while watching one on a 4642.

The responsiveness of the guide is awesome. Even though it is similar to the old version, it isn't as bad because it works.

Taking back two 8642's to run one 9865 and two 4642's. Since there are 8 tuners I can record a live program on the 4642's to enable pause, fast forward and rewind functionality!!! Couldn't do that in the past as the 8642 couldn't handle it.

Still hope that Rogers unlocks the ability to utilize unmanaged devices at least within the home via wifi. I am sure as long as you have Rogers internet this will become an option in the near future. Then let's see if they push it to devices on the internet....

Limited use but loving it so far.
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