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Ive been hoping for this improvement. Lets see if it gets out to the public for 2014.
I expect it to work as follows:

Gateway to be installed either in a hardware/media closet OR at the main TV room.
connections as follows: Cable in (Coax), Ethernet cat6 (10/100/1000), HDMI (if plugged into a TV).

Receivers as follows: Apple TV, Xbox One, smart TV, media box (various manufacturers) etc.

Im excited and speculating using my own home setup.

Gateway in closet (docsis 3 modem, home phone hardware, 10/100/1000 switch, cat6 wiring, 802.11ac wireless router)
TV in family room connected to 8300HD (may replace it with Apple TV). **wired ethernet
TV in master bedroom connected to 8642 (may replace it with Apple TV). **wired ethernet
TV in Childrens Area connected to 4250HD (may replace it with Xbox One). **wired ethernet (existing wii, xbox360)
Future Apple iTV in the basement (speculation). **wireless 802.11ac/n/g
Ipods x2 **wireless 802.11ac/n/g
Iphones x2 **wireless 802.11ac/n/g
Ipad x1 **wireless 802.11ac/n/g
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