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post #1 of 22 (permalink) Old 2008-10-09, 09:26 AM Thread Starter
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Review: Memory Express

The purpose of this thread is for Digital Home members to review and relay their experience buying consumers electronics at the online retailer Memory Express.

This thread is strictly for reviews and is not for discussion. If you have any questions about what belongs in this thread, then please this thread prior to posting.

When you post, please try to include the following information:

  • What product or service you purchased.
  • Approximate timeframe you ordered the product
  • What location you dealt with if it’s a company with many stores or service locations
  • Your overall level of satisfaction
  • If you had a positive experience, please explain what made it such a positive experience.
  • If you had a negative experience, please read our guidelines below.

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post #2 of 22 (permalink) Old 2008-10-09, 09:27 AM Thread Starter
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Join Date: Dec 2001
Location: Toronto
Posts: 47,716
Guidelines for Posting Negative Reviews

The truth is no retailer or service provider is perfect and occasionally even the best companies can disappoint. Our experience is that good companies have problems but they typically make every reasonable effort to resolve problems.

If you had a problem and are posting a negative review, then please note what efforts you made to resolve the problem and the feedback you received. If you think the efforts to resolve the problem were NOT reasonable then please explain why. Saying you phoned up and talked to some idiot, suggests the problem may lie with the consumer and NOT the company!

No posting URLS or Directs to Competitors will be deleted

Posts containing URL's to competitors or posts saying gee you should have shopped at this retailer will be considered spam and deleted.

We want opinions, NOT sales pitches or spam!

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post #3 of 22 (permalink) Old 2008-10-15, 02:38 PM
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Annapolis Valley
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I have been buying computer components from ME for several years. Several sales reps at big box electronics retailers first told me about them, in fact. Their prices are very competitive and they stock many parts not available at typical chains.

Never ordering online, I can only attest for the retail outlets in Calgary. The staff are personable, knowledgeable but also very busy as the lines often go out the door -- particularly at the Macleod Trail store in SW Calgary. Parking is a major problem at Macleod store but they are moving to a bigger location soon. When you visit the retail locations, you'll find them spartan to say the least so your money isn't going into fancy infrastructure.

I've only returned one item, a processor that didn't fit my PC, but they took it back for full refund no questions asked.

Finally, I should mention ME is the only retailer that have taken my name for an out of stock item that actually did call when the item came in.
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post #4 of 22 (permalink) Old 2008-10-15, 03:16 PM
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Calgary
Posts: 1,700
This is basically the only outlet I get any parts from anymore. The service is excellent, and the return policy is first-rate. Prices are comparable to any of the online retailers, but I happen to live in the city so I am lucky there. They will also put items on hold for you with a simple phone call, and will call when out-of-stock items come in that you have been waiting for.
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post #5 of 22 (permalink) Old 2008-10-15, 04:07 PM
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Edmonton AB
Posts: 2,319
I love shopping at ME. I know the prices will be the lowest around. Its not for the basic/beginner user though if your buying computer parts, because you just receive your parts in a static bag with no manual or drivers. But those can easily be obtained online.
Knowledgeable staff and a great selection.
My only complaint is they do not stock certain major brands. But that could be because they are more a wholesale type store.

I have a photographic memory, trouble is most times the lens cap is on.
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post #6 of 22 (permalink) Old 2008-10-16, 02:30 PM
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Calgary
Posts: 2,771
Memory Express is excellent on all counts. Best prices and service.
Haven't ordered online because they have conveniently located stores in Calgary. They have almost always had the item I wanted in stock. And they do actually call whenever they receive a back-ordered item.
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post #7 of 22 (permalink) Old 2008-10-16, 02:47 PM
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Calgary, AB
Posts: 4,470
The best PC retailer in Alberta, BAR NONE.
It is one of the few places in Calgary where it is actually a treat to buy from.

I have spent $35000 on PC parts at this store in past 5 years and have never had a complaint. Staff is knowledgeable and eager to assist. Prices are hyper-competitive (except for their overpriced cables which I source from the USA).
They do ship out of province and their prices for shipping are reasonable.

I can not comment on their in house PCs or service, as we only use Dell products at our work, and I'm the on-site A+ Certified technician.

My no-so computer savvy wife received, friendly, knowledge level appropriate advice on buying PC speakers for a Birthday gift for me. She was impressed on their straight forward, competent advice.

When it comes to humility, I am the greatest!
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post #8 of 22 (permalink) Old 2009-06-03, 02:40 PM
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Location: Annapolis Valley
Posts: 420
Calgary Southwest store has moved to bigger and better digs in southeast and there is now ample parking. It isn't just a parts depot but a legitimate retail outlet. Service, selection and prices remain first rate.
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post #9 of 22 (permalink) Old 2011-04-07, 04:47 AM
Join Date: May 2010
Location: AB
Posts: 1,007
I have spent a decent amount if money at ME over the past few years. I even brought a TV from them for a relative a couple of Christmases ago at a killer price. I find outside if sales ME can be more expensive than some of its rivals. For example one store in 5 minutes away for me but I find it easier to buy from another retailer in a different province who could get me the same product for maybe 25% less but with waiting for shipping. From my experience ME doesn't like to price match even though they advertise it.

For example when a popular US online retailer in the same industry came to Canada I went to ME to see I they would price match an AMD x4 CPU that ME were selling for $32 more at the time. The clerk called over the store manager who made the whole process an embarrassing experience for me. I had done my homework, I had previously emailed that morning the store with my intentions of coming by and what I wanted and received a prompt reply saying no problem. So I tell the store manager who gives a huff and puff and quietly curses under his breath. He moved the conversation to the side as the was a big line up in store. I guess he didn't want others getting the same idea, which was ok by me. I did explain I wanted to give the store an opportunity and that I would prefer to spend locally.

Basicaly he made it such an ordeal that he put me off regularly buying there. In my mind I thought I would give the store the option if they wanted my custom or not, because the whole process was drawn out it was very hard to see it as a positive.

I had 2 more similar experiences with an i7 930 processor which memory express had it stock on the day of release at $27 more than 2 other places but the benefit was I could pick it up that day. The other experience was with a GTX 460 graphics card a purchase for a relative on a new pc build I was doing for him. We priced up system and this was the only piece of equipment ME were willing to price match (they sold it for $20 more) then list of parts we went in with were priced at $1150 from competitors and ME's pricing was $1390. Suffice to say we would of been happy with more of a compromise but they basically did not give what they advertise in matching prices on their website. I told them I understood they have the option to refuse particulars but the point felt during the process and discussion it never felt like they actually wanted my business.

The only things I buy here now are really just cans of compressed air (saves issues with shipping) and I check their site out for occasional sales. They do have great boxing day / christmas eve sales though. That TV mentioned earlier in the post was picked up for $1400 in store day before it was selling for $2300 and was an LG 55" LED if I remember was an 8500 series. It seems like they save best discounts for big sales.

Overall mixed buying experience and customer service average to poor in both Edmonton stores for me. I do not mind sharing I was somewhat satisfied in the poll I just felt there is some room for inprovement in a few areas.

Shaw Employee, Opinions are my own unless otherwise stated.
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post #10 of 22 (permalink) Old 2011-04-07, 01:17 PM
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Location: Calgary AB
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Several years ago, it seemed the sales staff knew what they were talking about; which was something that made it worthwhile to go there for. Now, not so much.

- When my father went to get a new AVR, the rep indicated he needed special speaker cables & connectors to plug into the round connectors on the AVR (my father was used to the spring-clip connectors). Luckily he called me from the store and I informed him he didn't need anything fancy. (Note this wasn't a case of "Buy a Monster cables").

- When I needed new HDMI cables, I went to one of the other stores in Calgary and grabbed what I thought were the right ones. I walked up to the sales counter with my cables and asked the rep if these were the correct ones to connect a Blu-Ray player to a TV and he said they were (I specifically mentioned if these were the full-size HDMI ports). Sure enough, when I got home I discovered I bought cables with mini-HDMI ports on both sides. OK, my bad for not being knowledgeable in the first place (just starting to buy my HT gear), but after clearly saying which cable I needed, the sales rep shouldn't have sold me the wrong one.

Overall, it appears my theory of their service going downhill once they branched off into home electronics proved to be accurate (from my experiences). I know profit margins on computers are horrible (which is what probably prompted them to expand in the first place), but in doing so they moved away from what made them worthwhile to me (competitive prices and knowledgeable staff).
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post #11 of 22 (permalink) Old 2011-04-07, 05:27 PM
Join Date: Jan 2009
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I've been very happy with MemEx, I've been a customer of theirs since 1998 and they put those yellow two-page ads in The Computer Paper.

I usually split my patronage between MemEx and NCIX, and the only area that MemEx has disappointed me was when I tried to do a price beat on a NCIX price. They wouldn't do it (on a Hauppauge 2250 tuner card) in 2009 because the tuner card at NCIX has a limit of 5 per customer, even though I only wanted two. For these reasons I found MemEx very disingenuous on their price beat policy, much like Future Shop/Staples/BestBuy, having all sorts of fine print to stop people from being able to successfully use it. I've found NCIX to be much better for beating a competitors price.

Still, MemEx is local and NCIX isn't, so I buy from MemEx when I need something right away.
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post #12 of 22 (permalink) Old 2011-04-13, 11:52 AM
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Wrong Toner

I purchased "Samsung SCX-4828FN Laser Multifunction Printer, Copier, Scanner & Fax w/ Ethernet" yesterday. ($218 with taxes ).After spending two hours I finally got the toner in. However printer kept displaying "insert toner message". I called memoryexpress about the issue, customer service told he may take a look for me. Anyway I drove back and gave printer custom rep., after five minutes he came back told me "I installed a wrong toner". I explained them whatever was included in the box I installed. Anyway customer service started blaming that now I caused a physical damage to the printer by installing a wrong toner, and I must deal with Samsung directly.
I needed a printer asap, I asked he loan a replacement for two days, and I am willing to leave id and deposit. The Answer was "no".

Memoryexpress Customer service = blame a customer

However I was offered to purchase another printer from them...( no thank you very much ).
I ended up going to staples and buying another printer (HP)
I am posting this message to let everyone how bad customer service is at memoryexpress. Hopefully something good will come out of this.....

Store Location: NE, Calgary
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post #13 of 22 (permalink) Old 2011-06-06, 11:43 PM
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Sunshine Coast
Posts: 620
I mostly shop at NCIX but I've also used Memory Express since I used to live in Calgary, great city, go Flames go. Both places I have to rely on shipping but I've found both very good to deal with. Memory Express offers free shipping which is great and before they opened their Richmond, BC store I could avoid paying PST also. After research, I look around for sales of the product I want and often ME can give me the best deal. They advertise price matching but I've never been able to find that option when buying online while NCIX has the option as you are going through the checkout. All in all I give ME a thumbs up.
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post #14 of 22 (permalink) Old 2011-08-10, 09:18 PM
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Calgary
Posts: 36
i have purchased several things from ME ranging from monitors to Mac memory to HDMI cables. i had one bad experience that I will not bother detailing here. what is important is that I did send an email to the company expressing my discontent and was responded to by two owners within two days. needless to say I do not hesitate to continue giving ME my business.
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post #15 of 22 (permalink) Old 2011-11-03, 06:06 PM
Join Date: Nov 2011
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confused salesman

I purchased a new desktop from ME. and was very dissatisfied when I discovered that I was given an OEM copy of windows 7, after I specifically told the salesman I wanted a copy that I could use the next time I bought a new computer. I was assured that it was in the box.. "ready to go". Obviously the salesman didn't even know the difference between "OEM" and purchased copy. To tell the truth, neither did I at the time but was told by a computer friend what a rip off OEM is and to ask for my own copy (accepting that its a few bucks more) .. Boy was he right. now that I have a problem with the software , microsoft offers no support because it is "oem", (whoever provides it is supposed to offer support) and when I contacted ME, the tech guy "Rog", was very rude and basically inferred that I was entering the command prompts wrong(and online fix that doesn't work) . I was simply told I'd have to bring the computer in and that there was nothing else he could do for me. While this may be true, I feel that I wouldn't have the problem in the first place if I'd been given the software that I'd asked for .. I'd at least have online support from microsoft. My complaint is that I had a bad salesman and a rude tech guy.. Now I'm stuck with the consequence.
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