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Receiver (DSR-530) went dead

At about 9:20 tonight, my receiver went dead. No green satellite, no red satellite, the clock worked, no picture, no on-screen menus, nothing. Did a front panel re-boot. Unplugged it, waited and plugged it back in. Nothing. Thought for sure another 530 died on me. Phoned ShawDirect to support, and as I was waiting --- about 20-25 minutes from last re-boot it started up spontaneously. I have been a longtime owner of 530's (I think this is the 6th one) so I have experienced just about every failure mode in the book, but I have never even heard of one dying, and coming back to life after 20 minutes. Makes me wonder if there was some software upgrade going on, or something like that. Did anybody else experience difficulties? (Or maybe another 530 is on its last legs)

Steve S.

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