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I'm using an SPA2000 and it was set to a trapezoidal ringform at 25Hz by default. Setting it to sinusoidal at 20Hz resolved the issue and CID works 100% of the time.

I have a pair of Obi202s at my store and they both had those settings set correctly from the factory, so your Obi110 probably does too. I should point out that I have an SPA112 I use here at home for a business line and even when I change those settings I still can't get the CID to come up on TV, and I've tried this with both and Acanac VoIP accounts. I haven't played around with many of the settings though (e.g. voltage) so there's probably still some stuff to try that I haven't bothered with.

Either way, I suspect any issues with CID not showing up are related to VoIP ATAs in some form or another rather than the box itself.
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