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Reception issues in the rain

... and I'm not talking thunderstorms, I'm talking normal rain.

As long as I've had Shaw Direct, I've noticed that reception during inclement weather is absolutely horrendous. I've had Bell and US providers in the past and while they would go out during bad storms (typically right before, and then come back right as the rain gets overhead) rain was never an issue. Rain kills HD channels, and SD channels often go out too but not for as long.

One thing I noticed right now is as I am watching National Geographic HD has an ECB of 5.5, and it's a perfectly clear night. When I've got PBS HD on in the morning for my son the ECB is around 6. The new G1 channels look fantastic, 10 or so. Happens on both receivers.

Is the sigh simply not aligned very well and needs to be peaked? Is sitting through hours of hold the only option, or can I send them an email about this and see what they say about having someone come out to look at it?
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