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Roku Setup

Uncle Scotty - I can try to answer some of your questions about the Roku setup and US Netflix. I wanted to access the US material on NetFlix and Amazon etc which I think is what you are wanting. My setup is as follows. My internet connection is distributed throughout my home by my D-link DIR655 rounter. My desktop PC which holds my video library is connected via wire to my router as is my PS3 and my Roku. I have BoxVPN which I use on my desktop PC for my VPN connection needs. My 2 andriod phones and 2 laptops all connect to my home network via WyFi. My first step in setting up my Roko which was purchased in Canada was to register it via the US Roku website. I supplied a friends address in Florida but it was apparent any address would work - you can probably make one up. I supplied my Canadian Master Card for any account purchases and this was accepted. I have purchased a couple of low cost screen savers so I know that the US address with Canadian CC work. At this point I fired up the Roku and was presented wiith Canadian NetFlix and could not access Amazon or any of the other US only channels. I then tried firing up my VPN connection but I soon learned that my VPN was only connecting my desktop computer's IP through the VPN tunnel. Which makes sense since this is the device that I am launching the VPN from. Everything else on my home nextwork was still going through my routers Canadian IP thus anything on the Roku was still Canadian even though I had registered using a US address. At this point I had two options. Connect my router through my VPN. This would place all my devices on the VPN tunnel however most of my other devices are fine with the normal connection and the VPN speed is sometimes much slower then my native connection. It also looked like the setup to have my router VPN'ed was quiet complicated so I decided not to go that route. Instead I discoverd some threads that indicated that services like NetFlix don't check the actual IP of the device for country of origin but they check the IP of the DMS server settings. A quick search of the internet will reveal lots of US based DNS server IP's. I picked one of those IP's and entered them in my routers DNS setting field. So my router is still connected via a Canadian IP but it is using a US DNS IP. This does not seem to impact my overall network performance and best of all when I turned on my Roku and Netflix I had the US content. This setup is also working for Amazon, HuLu+ and most others. There was one US channel that still detected me as Canadian but I don't recall which one. This has worked for me since before Christmas. Hope this helps.
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