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DB4e and DB8e use PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Baluns, which are VERY lossy in Hi-VHF Band, which is something NOT modeled by 4nec2:

mclapp M4 Super-4-Bay (9.5x9.0) is an easy DIY (from scratch or a kit) with exceptional UHF performance with better than 9 dBi in FORWARD direction on Hi-VHF and SWR between 4 and 14:

You can buy an inexpensive 5, 6 or 10-Element Hi-VHF Yagi or Log-Yagi Antenna....or using dimensions below, build a simple DIY Hi-VHF Antenna that can be combined with a UHF antenna using VHF/UHF Combiner (aka UVSJ) including Circular Loop with Loop Reflector (or Screen Reflector like A-D C2), 2-Bay Bowtie with Reflector Rods, Hi-VHF Bi-Quads with Reflector Rods, Hi-VHF Yagi's and others:
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