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Originally Posted by jeffaustin90
The other thing that BBCanada dropped the ball on were the twists/power shifts. They were unfair to the contestants, and (inexplicably) allowed terrible players like Suzette and Gary to get second chances. Honestly, who the hell voted to save Suzette? But that's not the big issue. The bigger issue was that BBCanada ALLOWED this twist to even happen, especially without the houseguests knowing beforehand. We didn't NEED to save a houseguest from the block, and we didn't even want to, especially in just week 2. It was completely unnecessary and honestly it ruined the game for me a little bit, and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
You might not like this, but I have no problem with the twists you mention.

For as long as I've been aware of Big Brother, they make bold claims to 'expect the unexpected'. Yet they're never done anything even mildly 'unexpected'.

Finally, via these BBC twists, they happened to actually do something unexpected for once.

And the clues were all laid out in case a smart player wished to take advantage: With Suzette, they showed early on that Canadian viewers/voters could affect the game. Then they gave a huge clue with the foreshadowing prank of pretending Tom was being readmitted to the game. All the players knew there were ongoing 'power shift' events. So any players whining at the end that someone was coming back should realize they missed all the clues.

To me, I find it interesting that they broke through the conventional boring game structure and expanded the game play out into the whole nation in a somewhat meaningful way.

Ask yourself - which of the following is more legitimate:

(a) a player being rewarded for tossing a plinko chip and having it randomly fall into the highest point hole?

(b) a player being rewarded for going way outside the game's traditional tiny boundary and forming the strongest connection with hundreds of thousands of viewers?

Sorry, but I scoff at all the bragging of players "dominating" challenges when very few of the challenges involve any skill, strategy, or stamina. They're mostly carnival games plus spandex plus mud/oil/slime/condiment for effect.

The Canada voting challenges on the other hand could arguably be the *most* legitimate challenges ever done on any edition or season of Big Brother.

Frankly I commend them for doing something slightly original rather than crank out yet another boring and restricted season where everything is preordained and predictable.
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