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This is all conjecture for when Videotron telephony comes to Gatineau.

I was wondering about LNP or Local Number Portability. Vonage et al only have select area codes that can be ported (819 is not available). If I can avoid the hassle of changing my phone number I will. Videotron is silent on this matter.

Also, what if I make a lot of calls outside of Quebec? I only see the $3/100 minutes option for out of province calls. If I exceed 100 minutes I have to pay $0.07/minute.

What about incoming calls from a different province that are local calls using Bell. For example, calls from Ottawa are local to Gatineau and vise-versa. Yet an Ottawa caller would be charged long distance to Gatineau using VOIP. And if I make a call from Gatineau to Ottawa it would count towards my 100 minutes rather than be local. That sucks!

If you can offer some insight I would appreciate it.
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