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NFL, Bell demand federal court overturn CRTC's Super Bowl ad decision | Financial Post

Both the NFL and Bell filed legal action with the Federal Court of Appeal on Wednesday demanding the court reverse the CRTC's decision.

Liberal MPs Bob Nault and Wayne Easter have also asked for a policy reversal before game day.
In October, the court gave the parties permission to file yet another appeal, even though the clock is running down before game day on Feb. 5.

The NFL accuses the CRTC of intentionally delaying the case.

“The CRTC’s legal maneuverings each step of the way have only served to delay this process in an apparent attempt to run out the clock and sidestep the challenge,” it said in a statement Wednesday.

Still, it’s optimistic the legal Hail Mary could persuade the government to interfere with the regulator’s decision.

“The league remains confident that the Government of Canada will act reasonably and responsibly before the 2017 Super Bowl to address this arbitrary attempt by the CRTC to disadvantage not only the NFL, but Canadian broadcasters and the Canadian creative community as well.”

In a statement, Bell noted that unions, creative and business associations and politicians on both sides of the border are calling for a reversal before Super Bowl LI.
A-471-16 NFL appeal
A-472-16 BELL appeal

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The NFL is a corrupt entity. Their word or opinion is worthless. And no doubt that US Senator takes bribes from the NFL or was installed by the NFL to do their bidding.

Just trying to remove that damn setup progress bar.
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Bribes? No no, you mean "campaign contributions".

Congress is one of the most openly corrupt institutions on Earth.
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It looks like things are moving fairly quickly with the appeal. Bell and the NFL are planning to consolidate and expedite the case, as suggested in the last court decision, so there should be a ruling before the next Super Bowl.

Whoever wins this court case will probably determine how this Super Bowl is treated, but there could still be an appeal by the losing party to the Supreme Court, which would make a final decision on how future Super Bowls are broadcast in Canada.
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I think they should just end simsubs entirely. If you watch a show on a US channel you get US commercials. Same for Canadian ones. So if you want to watch continuous ads for Tim Horten's and show previews, watch a Canadian channel. If you want to watch ads for a car dealer with huuuge discounts, watch US ads. Personal choice and problem solved.
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The most annoying aspect for me has always been the pi$$-poor job the network does of the actual switching. They appear incapable of returning to the live broadcast when it starts again. Happened again repeatedly this weekend. Worst was when they failed to return to cover an entire play sequence in the Seattle/Detroit game. The second most annoying aspect happens when a game goes long, but because there's something else scheduled on the Canadian channel that isn't pre-empted because the football game goes long, the American station continues to be sim-subbed until some dolt figures it out and stops switching out the game with whatever's on the Canadian network. Of course, this happens at the end of the game, meaning you often miss the most critical plays. Fix this and I will watch the endless Canadian tyre/Tim/promo ads gladly.
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Agree. If I'm paying for NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC I deserve to get ALL of the programming on those channels, not simply just the show I'm watching.

1) American commercials are more current, sometimes topical, commonly informative, and frankly more entertaining. Contrast that with Canadian ads which are known to be highly repetitive, not informative in the least, and staggeringly boring.

2) Simsub cause issues with PVRs because of the delay usually introduced by the SIMSUBing Canadian channel, sometimes upwards of a full minutes delay. This can throw of the finish of a show, where in it should end at 8:30:00 on the dot, the Canadian SIMSUB delay forces it to end somewhere between 8:30:00 to 8:31:30.

3) Audio quality is usually downgraded from a type of Surround Sound to simply Stereo

4) Visual quality commonly degrades

IMO, Canadian providers offering packages with "American Networks" in them are baiting and switching the product. They wind up becoming duplicate version of CTV, etc. during prime time.

Moreover, the Canadian providers are their own worst enemy when it comes to cord cutting, because I believe that SIMSUB'd content is one of those very subtle but still very responsible reasons that many Canadians continue to cut the cord.
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+1000 to all of the above points colinpeddle

The best part of it is...


So, they are fighting for the right to continue to SIMSUB signals during the Superbowl and in effect sell ad time on these US affiliates that THEY PAY NOTHING FOR!!!!

Only in Canada.

So glad I am done with these thieves... Love my OTA PVR with native and untouched US signals... all 36 channels.
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In this one, singular, particular, rare case I have some sympathy for Bell. They paid a dollar amount for the rights to show the game in Canada based on projected rating numbers and the ability to sell commercial time dependent on those ratings. Those projections will now be useless.

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What seems to be lost in this discussion is the fact there is nothing to stop anyone from wanting to watch the Canadian feed of the Super Bowl and not have sim-subs. By complaining that Canadians might have the audacity to watch what they want, Bell et al are admitting their "product" (i.e. commercials) are inferior to the American ones. I agree with a previous poster that sim-subs should not be allowed for any network. All the money CTV and others spend for Canadian rights to American programming could be better spent on Canadian programming of good quality and we wouldn't even be having this discussion. The irony in all of this is CTV stands for "Canadian TV" but if it weren't for American programming, it couldn't survive.
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Originally Posted by waterug View Post
I agree with a previous poster that sim-subs should not be allowed for any network. All the money CTV and others spend for Canadian rights to American programming could be better spent on Canadian programming of good quality and we wouldn't even be having this discussion.
Don't think the networks would survive too long if they had to do this. No other country which has English as its primary language has to go head to head with the American television industry juggernaut.

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We wouldn't get a butchered simsub feed if Bell Media could show the international version of the game and still simsub. The problem is if Bell choose to do the international feed of the super bowl, it wouldn't be the same as the American feed and therefore would not be eligible for simsub. What we end up with is Bell simulcasting a live broadcast from FOX/NBC/CBS and they do their typical bumper avoidance when the live broadcast resumes which results in a harsh/late switch back to live broadcast. I suppose the other option is Bell could simply live with the bumpers that appear when the live broadcast resumes.
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Don't understand the big deal anyways, nobody is telling Bhell they can't air the broadcast themselves on their channel, people just object to them hijacking the US channel and doing a piss poor job of it also. Coming back late from their stupid tim horton's commercial or leaving the game early because the idiots don't know enough to switch off the simsub.

They could also actually spend money and send their own broadcast team and have their own commentators if they so choose. Instead they'd rather line their pockets with your money by doing the laziest possible job they can covering the game.

In the end it's a last ditch effort by a dying industry trying to live in the past instead of moving into the 21st century.

The demographic they serve is getting older and most younger people aren't just cutting the cord, they are never signing up to begin with.

Will be cutting the cord myself come march when my current contract is up with Cogeco.

They have screwed over consumers for years and nobody feels sorry anymore for these media companies who cry foul as soon as some real competition shows up. They make billions every year off us and then have the audacity to try and garner sympathy from us.

Biggest mistake the CRTC made was not eliminating Simultaneous Substitution altogether. All of these 'so-called" canadian TV channels other than the CBC are just rebroadcasters of the US networks. They make almost zero contribution to "decent" canadian television programs, just produce the same garbage every year to meet the Cancon requirement.

Without government subsidies and protectionist rules they'd have died years ago. Time to let the free market decide, can't compete on a level playing field than good riddance.
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Maybe instead of importing American content which we receive anyway via the proper methods, they should look at importing all of the amazing content coming from England via Channel4, ITV, all of the BBC and Sky.

The USA are not the only purveyors of good quality television.

There's no reason CTV can't show QI or that CBC can't show any of the incredibly interesting programing from the Beeb. Sure, many here may not be overly familiar with the guests on a panel show such as QI or Mock the Week, but that will change with time, similar to how many Canadian's wouldn't have had any idea who Bob Barker was when TPiR began airing in Canada decades ago or who Jon Stewart was when TDS began on Comedy Channel back in 199-whatever.

All this is about is money. Bell wants a monopoly and the ability to continue to bait and switch.

Simsubs should end.
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Haven't had to deal with simsub since I switched to OTA in 2011. Having stayed frequently at a relative's condo to be near the hospital they're in -- and dealing with their Rogers feed and simsub errors/delays/mistakes -- I finally brought an Antennas Direct Eclipse over and slapped it in the window. So no matter which place I'm in on Super Bowl Sunday, I'll be watching the game from Buffalo.
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